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aomen food

steamed macao dragon fish

stewed dragon squid, the meat is delicate and delicious, the taste is smooth, the fish is long stewed and not old, no smell, it is a high-protein food, rich in nutrients, suitable for most people to eat.

pomfret fish ball

in the book "food", there is a chapter about fried squid balls: the ancient hong kong people, when it comes to eating seafood, there is always a sentence: the first 鲳, the second 鳗, the third 鲛 鲛 鲳 鲳fish is the finest fish in hong kong seafood, when there is no objection. white pheasant and eagle owl have always been the upper-priced fish in the market. although it is chilled fish, the price is often the price of swimming fish and sea fish, and sometimes it is even worse.

eight treasures braised duck

the overlord eight treasures duck is known as the "eight treasures" or "eight treasures" or "overlord" because there are eight kinds of ingredients. “babao duck” originated in shanghai and came to guangdong. the fillings have changed. although the eight treasure ducks are simple in materials, they need high skill to remove the duck bones and retain the intact shape. they lament the master knife's exquisite workmanship! the duck meat is tender and smooth, the filling is soft and soft, and the taste is rich after the soup.

money crispy crab box

the money crab box is a fine dish of the extreme knife. this box skin should use a layer of fat on the back of the pig, then the quick blade is made into two thin slices with uniform thickness, and the raw powder is made into a box shape. after the crab box is made, the shrimp, crab meat and pork will be cooked. the salted egg yolk is wrapped up and placed in hot oil to soak it in golden yellow. when you go to the table, you can still see the vague salted egg yolk. it is too tempting. it tastes excellent, the outer layer is crispy, the inside is plump, the salted egg yolk and the shrimp are fresh and salty, and there are many wonderful tastes mixed together.

braised shark's fin in chicken broth

choose chickens that have been farmed for 5 years, add shark's fin and ham, and put them into a jar fire for 4 hours. the soup is white, the taste is fresh, and the shark's fin is smooth and smooth. it has the effect of nourishing the body and benefiting the essence.

macao crispy pork

crispy pork, originally the main dish of traditional christmas dinner in northern europe. so why is it called macao pork? according to legend, in macau, a macao chef saw that foreigners made meat in a special way. they secretly learned it, but they were not allowed to scrutinize the meat, and they were reluctant to throw it, so they scraped the skin and the family. sharing, the crisp and crisp taste was praised by the family. after being recognized, the chef researched and explored and produced the crispy pork, which was spread in macao and even the pearl river delta, so it was called macao.

boiled cod fish

“烚[xiá]” is a cooking method, but when you cook it with white water, it is called “烚”. ma jiexiu (portuguese: bacalhau) is made from salted salmon. it is the main material of portuguese cuisine and macao-style cuisine. ma jiexiu is a fast food for christmas eve, and his status is very lofty.

焗 portuguese chicken

the portuguese chicken is a dish made by portuguese people from african and indian foods, which is made from whole chicken, potatoes, onions, and eggs, accompanied by curry salt. it is characterized by a rich aroma and fresh and delicious chicken.

dried fried prawns

dry fried shrimp is one of the traditional famous dishes in guangdong. it belongs to cantonese cuisine. it is made from cut fresh prawn and tomato juice. the meat is fresh and refreshing, bright and bright, and the taste is very beautiful. the cooking methods are diversified and beautiful.

ginger onion crab

a crab, that is, a blue crab that has not yet been mated. the crabs are not only sweet and sweet, but different ways of eating have different flavors. the sweetness of the crab is perfectly matched with the ginger onion, and it is delicious when you stir it.

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