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dehou technology cham scattershot side, rumbling universe scared drunken master. deron floor, this world-famous food and beverage industry gold standard yinchuan to germany is booming, profound knowledge, enduring 31 years created a miracle, becoming a veritable yinchuan specialties business card. "ningxia authentic lamb to eat delong house" has been widely circulated in ningxia, ningxia become irreplaceable spokesman for the restaurant industry and city card.

laomaoshouzhua founded in 1888, it is the only one to be included in the regional government "ningxia intangible heritage" list of a hundred years old. laomaoshouzhua through five generations of unremitting efforts, received numerous guests. chinese and foreign guests left a "rich world of the yellow river in ningxia, ningxia number grasping mao", "laomaoshouzhua taste shock the world", "the first western grasping, smelling quick dismount", "worthy of the old back and forth" other twenty this word of praise, laomaoshouzhua lamb therefore truly a food and drink and become a national brand of ningxia and a beautiful national landscape.

xian xian delicious, hehe famous. located in the "frontier lake city" and "chinese restaurant brand" ------- crane floor. ningxia and northwest is the most national characteristics of halal food brand. with its unique ethnic flavors and authentic local cuisine renowned quartet, won wide acclaim from the majority muslim friends and the community. movie star peisi, jiang kun, murphy, the chair, zang jinsheng and many other stars after tasting gourmet crane building is full of praise, gifts word of praise.

guyuan fuyuan industrial co., ltd. was established in 2002 june 28, mainly muslim catering, accommodation, wedding-based. at present, the company administered fuyuan restaurant, fu yuan hotel, donggang pot fuyuan shop, fuk wedding, silver twinings flavor house, fuk branches and vocational training schools, with a total business area of ​​over 30,000 square meters, 700 employees more than, ningxia is one of the five-star tourist restaurant business. over the years, the company"s innovative, mining, improve the lot of muslim dishes, hand cut rou rou, wiped potato, roast lamb sachets, incense fishing for rainbow trout and other dishes and food grains by the customer"s favor, won the chinese food dishes, first name point, and participated in many national cooking contest, won remarkable achievements for the restaurant industry to establish guyuan banner.

in 2006, the red willow barbecue in ningxia come out 13 years of accumulated precipitation, we have repeatedly received domestic and international food and beverage industry"s top masters and a number of g20 summit served as master of cooking, has become "the ningxia people"s food gardens." for ningxia, eating lamb election it right, after all, but have their own sheep ranch in salt lake! and delicious to eat at ease! is the only one won the "chinese restaurant brand," the grill.

since 1988, morse fried chicken on a memorable taste of this land, but also because of her family's chicken, the chicken fried in nanjing jujube orchard in the name of the country are the "flavor."

"du priorities of sheep offal" nearly 40 years of history. 2016 china"s first gold medal travel snacks - du priorities of the list, now is the third generation head, day 6: 30-13: 30 a day, although only half a day, you can eat the sheep offal to shop diners flock. cctv has also introduced do this gourmet shop. today, du priorities of sheep offal has become wuzhong reception of foreign guests sentinel food brand.

ethnic food court, tomorrow is the ningxia industrial co., ltd. has invested heavily in well-built area in wuzhong city currently operates the largest and most representative of a large plain dining restaurant. ethnic food court located in wuzhong wuzhong city government key projects - riverfront district commercial plaza with its central location, the hotel building area of ​​11,000 square meters, is a six-story building, the lobby floor, the national fast food; to the second floor features four lunch with 36 kinds of lounge, hall seating 500, can host 1,000 people dining; five for the features hot pot square, and is equipped with 200 parking spaces large car park, which looks magnificent design, modern and strong ethnic features cleverly combined with relatively embraced the "two museums one center" and surrounding buildings, harmonious blend, demonstrating the distinct features of the new business district of the riverfront district.

huang came to the canal bridge, the first to eat a certain food is stir-fried lamb. notorious yellow canal bridge stir-fried lamb fragrance has been nearly a hundred years. according to the "ping luo food" records, in the republic of china, huang jinbao guo canal bridge of tadaoki restaurant, peripheral stem chen yi shun ranks of the restaurant there is lamb sold. everywhere you looked, yellow lamb canal bridge on both sides of state road 109 restaurant has as many as three to four, from weeks old to thursday, friday, crescent house, in turn arranged, mostly environment clean and spacious and stylishly decorated. according to reports, only 109 national highway to the new canal huang po this period, on just a 800 meters long street, there are sizable lamb restaurant more than a dozen fierce competition, so we are nose to the grindstone for food quality and the environment.

salt lake hotel opened in 1953, here's specialties have roast whole (chinese dish), sour soup leg of lamb (chinese dish), khan steamed lamb chops (chinese dish), salt lake naipi (chinese name point), salt lake jelly (chinese snack), face steamed lamb, stewed lamb, stir-fried lamb, hand-cut buckwheat noodles, rice cakes soft yellow corner angle, farm chicken stew beach, soil fried eggs. hotel salt lake hotel services to build brands, has been named the "national youth civilization", "chinese restaurant brand", the region's "top ten tourism star hotel", the whole "civilized tourist hotels", "ningxia famous restaurant" and other honor.

with the blessing of the yellow crane tower hotel restaurant began in 1946 has gone through 70 years of vicissitudes of history. xinhua"s "yellow crane tower" "with the blessing of living", it was the largest city of yinchuan two restaurant. two restaurant often brightly lit, almost a full house.

the first "subway china" tourism guyuan of ningxia ma wenqing snack spiced lamb head. ma wenqing spiced lamb head ingredients strict selection of ningxia tan. tan is one of five treasures ningxia reputation at home and abroad. natural restocking, tender meat, no fishy smell of mutton, no smell; fat distribution, high nutritional value, is a lamb in need. strong local flavor, rustic farmhouse flavor, tender mellow smell of mutton is not greasy, traditional cooking, bone-in on the seats. unique flavor, enjoy the reputation of one soil party situation.

three 30-year old house is located in shizuishan city in ningxia cold dawukou helan mountain road wenpeng district. shop with full sensual handmade cold, undeclared gluten noodle, allocate and pay his respects and not spicy pepper well-known secret in ningxia. as a green pollution-free local cuisine, it has been warm and delicious memories of many people, men and women are seasons snacks.

ningxia sand lake hotel is located in downtown yinchuan, location and convenient transportation, the surrounding commercial, financial, monuments, various well-known tourist attractions, and convenient transportation. restaurant has 15 ballrooms and size of the package, mainly engaged in ningxia characteristic flavor cuisine, with specialties shahu big head, roasted whole lamb, fragrant palm halogen cattle and other very famous, known inside and outside the region, business meetings, sightseeing ideal hotel conference training.

ningxia zhongwei hongbao hotel hongbao group hotel management company following the ningbin museum, hongbao hotel yinchuan, wuzhong hongbao hotel, guyuan hongbao hotel, guyuan hotels guyuan ancient yan hills has a four-star hotel. zhongwei hongbao hotel is located in zhongwei city district, west of rainbow boulevard, north of riverside avenue, south of the yellow river, east of the fragrant hills park, 20 km from shapotou area, xiangshan airport, 15 km, 8 km railway station, bus terminal 6 km traffic surrounded by octopus. zhongwei hongbao hotel covers an area of ​​76000m2, building area 37600m2, green area of ​​50%

litong district xingyun restaurant was founded in 2004-04-20. shredded chicken is like a man wuzhong cuisine. whether it is chinese new year, or friends-together, shredded chicken on the table is indispensable. wuzhong taste of shredded chicken with spicy, sour, salty based, distinctive taste, aftertaste lasting, cloud hing restaurant legs chicken farm is one of the masterpieces of them. in the selection featured local chicken legs, chicken quality of this delicious chewy, covered in goose fat fat and not greasy, eat up firewood no astringent sense. on spices, red pepper stir increased dry mellow taste and flavor crisp fried, cooked in hot oil and vinegar after the stimulation and a pepper, salt and spicy oil and sesame oil was added, letting sauce where every kind of taste and distinctive features. glowing golden sauce and pour over the chicken, succulent texture along down the river, which penetrate the fat, by chewing, mix the sauce with the chicken so that every customer appetizing, vivid interpretation of the meaning of integration.

miss the old noodle yinchuan old miss food co., a subsidiary of northwest pasta to showcase culture, highlighting their hometowns style featuring pasta shop. miss the old noodle head office is located in yinchuan city center pedestrian street downtown area, the business area of ​​1,000 square meters, is the largest city of yinchuan a noodle shop. hall decoration both simple and elegant, yet fun and stylish. let diners, while the ningxia taste of traditional pasta, but also can feel a deep sense of affection in their hometowns and cultural connotations.

long regarded as a genuine product of lamb rub noodle landmark yinchuan local taxation. rub the face not only a long-term component of the full product family, and chewy chewy noodles, fresh meat, overripe tasty, unique flavor, to pass up. plus there radish soup, tofu and other condiments, rich texture and taste better, soup is also delicious. it is worth mentioning that there are his family yangtizishan and fried chicken, the taste is very good.

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