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liaoning specialty

as we all know, puffer fish, swordfish and squid are called china's "yangtze river sanxian", and the puffer fish ranks first in the "yangtze river sanxian". in history, the people in the past have always been vocal about the puffer fish in the "three dynasties of the yangtze river", but in recent years, because panjin pufferfish took the lead in a path of industrialization, there is a tendency to come up later. the main production area of ​​panjin pufferfish is located at the southern end of the songliao plain and at the mouth of the lower reaches of the daliao river. its unique geographical environment, excellent water quality and rich bait provide a unique natural environment for the growth of pufferfish.

the development of dandongta vinegar has been 80 years old. the brewing industry has the saying that “there is shanxi vinegar in the west and dandong vinegar in the north”. dandongta vinegar has unique production technology and production equipment. it is the longest-running tower vinegar in china with the largest production scale. it is also the only white rice vinegar brewed by the wine liquor circulation fermentation method. at the national food fair, dandongta vinegar was praised as “china tower vinegar first square” by brewing experts and industry professionals. dandongta vinegar is milky white or light yellow with a strong aroma of ethyl acetate. it has the characteristics of transparent color, unique ester flavor, mellow aftertaste, sweet and sour taste.

beipiao, located in the western part of liaoning. here the hills are rolling and rolling. in this land, nature draws a beautiful picture of the fragrance of fruits and fruits. beipiao jinsiwang jujube is a famous product of beipiao, famous for its excellent quality and rich nutrition. open the semi-dry red dates, you can clearly see the sticky sugar of the sticky pulp, stretching and extending two or three inches and constantly, hence the name "golden silk jujube". beipiao jinsiwang jujube is one of the most popular fruits in the domestic and foreign markets. the skin is thin and thick, the meat is fine and sweet, and it is suitable for storage.

the fuzhou bay area of ​​dalian is known as the “hometown of chinese sea salt”. since the qing dynasty, it has been a famous producer of sea salt in china. due to the special geographical location of the sea area, high-quality sea water resources and vast muddy tidal flats, the sea salt produced here is crystal clear and white, and the purity of crystalline sodium chloride is high and the content of heavy metals is extremely low. fuzhou bay haiyan still maintains the traditional sun-making salt-making process, and the production process is non-polluting, retaining the minerals and trace elements naturally contained in the seawater to the greatest extent, and the taste is pure and delicious. the annual salt and sea salt of fuzhou bay salt field is nearly one million tons, which is one of the four sea salt fields in china.

fujia peanut, a special product of changtu county, liaoning province, was named after its origin in fujia town of the county. the unique geographical location and climatic conditions make the peanuts produced, the skin is thin, the fruit is white, the netting is clear, the texture is full, the entrance is fragrant, crisp, sweet, and has high protein content and high glutamic acid content. contains aflatoxin b1 and other quality characteristics.

jinzhou daoguang wugong liquor is a liquor made by the ancient manchu winemaking techniques. the chiseled pine is a scorpion, and the glory of the sun and the moon; the grass of the gods is the song, brewing the grain of the grain. the soul of baishan blackwater wood stone worship, following the craftsmanship of the millennium manchu winemaking, brews the most amazing and mellow water essence on the land of china. when people uncover the dusty wooden wines, the rich chen xiang will be rolled from the depths of the wine sea, and will be intoxicated in the mellow and sweet lingering of jinzhou daoguang wugong wine. .

dalian sea cucumber (formerly known as liaoshen), a sea thorn ginseng produced in the coastal area of ​​dalian, also known as "sea rat" and "sea cucumber", is a valuable marine animal that has survived on the earth for 600 million years. according to the "compendium of compendium of materia medica", sea cucumber, sweet and salty, tonifying kidney, benefiting the essence, taking urination, aphrodisiac treatment, its temperature is warm, and the enemy is participating, hence the name sea cucumber. the sea cucumber meat is tender and nutritious. it is a typical high-protein, low-fat food. it tastes delicious and tastes elegant. it is a famous and famous dish. it is one of the "haiwei bazhen", which is the same as bird's nest, abalone and shark's fin. on the elegant hall, it often plays the role of "pressing the axis" and is regarded as one of the souls of chinese food.

dalian is the main producing area of ​​chinese wrinkled abalone. wrinkle plate abalone, commonly known as "four-hole abalone" and "abalone", is a high-quality variety in baoke and has the reputation of "the crown of seafood". its meat is tender and nutritious, and it has been one of the "bai zhen ba zhen" since ancient times. in the early years of the europeans, abalone was also used as a fresh and edible food, and it was hailed as "soft gold on the table."

the world's treasures are the first, and the jade is the best. xiuyan jade is an important member of the chinese jade family. it is known as the "glory of ancient jade, the treasure of the year". xiuyan yushan raw water reservoir, the texture is tough, delicate and moist, bright and colorful. it has the characteristics of large block size, beautiful color, high brightness, pure purity, good density and hardness. it has been an ideal jade carving material since ancient times.

panshan county, panjin city, liaoning province is the largest producer of crabs in china, and is known as the crab. the panjin river crab is born in the sea, fresh in the fresh water, fresh and tender, with unique flavor and rich nutrition.

black mountain peanut fruit has good quality, round shape, rich in fat and protein, and has high nutritional value. it is determined that the peanut fat content is 44%-45%, the protein content is 24-36%, and the sugar content is about 20%. it also contains a variety of vitamins such as thiamine, riboflavin and niacin. the mineral content is also very rich, especially the amino acids necessary for the human body, which promotes the development of brain cells and enhances memory.

the antler branches are large, fat and tender, the double-door piles are small, the roots are thin, and the upper mouth is thick and long. the velvet analysis showed that the crude protein (cp) and amino acid (aa) content of the "qingyuan red deer" velvet antler were higher than other deer species. human nutritionists have always emphasized that the ratio of calcium to phosphorus in human diet is better than 1:1. the ratio of calcium to phosphorus in the velvet antler of qingyuan red deer is basically consistent with that required by nutritionists, and it also indicates the degree of calcification of antler. low, velvety and tender.

huanren rice, formerly known as beijing rent rice, is produced in huanren manchu autonomous county, liaoning province. huanren county is located in the eastern mountainous area of ​​liaoning province. the environment is beautiful and the water quality is good. the minjiang river basin has always been a key production area for high-quality rice. its rice quality is as white as jade, and the cooking is delicious. as early as the qing dynasty, the rice of the barley was included. royal tribute. after 1949, huanren rice was designated by the state as a special foreign guest, and huanren county was listed as a valuable rice production base by the state.

dandong chestnut is famous for its high quality. its fruit is large, its color is white, its taste is good, it is not cracked, it is easy to process, and its comprehensive value is high. its water content is about 40%, protein contains 5.7%~10.7%, fat%~7.4 %, starch is about 50%, and contains vitamin a, vitamin b1, vitamin b2, vitamin c and various minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc and boron.

the three stone big fruit scorpion trees are 3-5m high, the tree is moderate, the tree pose is half open, the crown is medium, and the leaves are large and thick. female and male plants are different in flowering, with multiple orders and more fruits, with an average of 2.2 capsules per order; the nuts are nearly spherical, yellowish brown, and the nuts are smooth. the nuts are large, thin and full of nuts. the fruit weight is 2-3 grams; the nuts are good and the taste is good.

according to the "all liaozhi" records, gaoqiao chen vinegar began in the ming xuanzong xuande three years, that is, the 1880 years of the penshen year, has been nearly 600 years old. after the inheritance and development of several generations of brewing masters, the red sorghum specialties of northeastern specialty are combined with traditional techniques and modern biotechnology to form a color brown, rich and fragrant, sweet and sour taste, long taste, long-lasting quality. .

taohuatan is a thousand feet deep, and it is not as good as "silver silk". under the taohua mountain in the northwest of liaoning province, next to the longtan mountain spring, there is a long-established and well-known food – longtan mungfan fans. fans use pure natural mung beans as raw materials, complemented by high-quality longtan spring water, refined by traditional fan production techniques and modern technology. it is as fine as silver wire, evenly yarn, white and bright color, strong resistance to boiling, no soup, no sticky, delicious and refreshing, rich in multivitamins, rich in nutrients, disinfection, anti-inflammatory, summer heat, fire function, known as the "china's first powder".

liao schisandra is a kind of chinese herbal medicine, which has anti-fatigue and immune-enhancing effects. since the ancient times, liaoning xiuyan manchu autonomous county has been the authentic origin of valuable chinese herbal medicines such as liao wuzi, which is famous for its thin skin, thick meat, large grain and high medicinal composition. exports to japan, south korea and southeast asia have become featured products in the xiuyan area.

"the mountains of huanren are high, the water of huanren is long, the beauty of huanren is beautiful, and the hazelnut of huanren." here is a fairyland, here is the township..." a song that sings the folk songs of manchu township leads people into the magical beauty and richness of the border town. under the beautiful scenery of the five women's mountains, the blue dragons on the banks of the lake, the large scorpion of the coix seed, the fruit is red, the nuts are full, the shape is elliptical, the body color is sublime, and the taste is crispy. it was written into the song and widely sung, becoming the favorite nut of choice.

in northeast china, there is a kind of nut known as "longevity fruit". in recent years, it has received much attention from the market and the price is high. this kind of dried nut is the familiar pine nut. the chinese pine nuts are the seeds of the precious tree species korean pine. pine nuts are favored by people because of their delicious taste and high nutritional value. they are non-polluting high-grade organic foods. coix seed, red pine seed is characterized by large nuts, good quality, beautiful appearance, rich in fat, protein and carbohydrates, and rich in nutrients. long-term food can nourish the heart and strengthen the body, moisturize the skin, prolong life, is a contemporary improvement of diet and nutrition health care products, is also a gift of gifts between friends and relatives.

china is the hometown of vinegar, opening seven things, rice, oil and salt sauce vinegar tea, since ancient vinegar has an important position in the people's lives. china has a vast territory, rich products, and different climates in the north and south. according to its history, geography, products and habits, various localities have created a variety of distinctive vinegar processes and brand vinegars in long-term production practices, such as shanxi laochen vinegar and zhenjiangxiang. vinegar, fujian red yeast vinegar, sichuan baoning bran vinegar, jiangsu and zhejiang rose vinegar, kazuo vinegar, beijing vinegar, shanghai rice vinegar, dandong white vinegar. among the many vinegars, kazuo vinegar is refined by traditional techniques. it has the characteristics of purple color, sweet and sour taste, rich aftertaste and long-term storage. now it has formed a series of products such as old vinegar, white vinegar, vinegar, honey vinegar, mushroom vinegar, dumpling vinegar and vinegar.

coix seed oil is a dry product of the fallopian tube of female chinese wood frog in coix seed. it is rich in four hormones, nine vitamins, thirteen trace elements and eighteen amino acids, a small amount of carotene and low temperature bioactive substances. huanren oyster sauce is not only of good quality, but also has obvious regional characteristics. the appearance is large and the color is pure, and it has a fat-like bright luster. it has the functions of nourishing yin and strengthening the kidney and stimulating immune function, which can promote protein synthesis in the human body, especially it is the synthesis of immunoglobulin, which has a strong promoting effect on the growth and development of the human body, delaying aging and health and strength. known as "green soft gold."

"ginseng people are the same as praying for life, and life can be the same." who wants to live long and healthy, and listen to my ginseng. the ginseng is the fourth-half glacier relict plant, which looks like a human figure. it is known as the "king of the herb" and "the first of the medicine" and "the nourishing god grass". it is a rare treasure in the world to replenish vitality, rejuvenate the yang, nourish the yin, benefit the blood, and stimulate the heart. huanren shanshen is a good-looking, five-shaped, good-natured, aura-like, delicate and exquisite ring. it has a long and flexible ring, such as a dragon and a snake flying, the pearl points are prominent, the bowls are neatly arranged and distinctive, and they are well-known at home and abroad. .

schisandra tastes sour, warm, and belongs to the lungs, heart and kidney. there is a convergence of solid, yiqi shengjin, the effect of kidney and ningxin. for long-term phlegm and asthma, dreams slippery essence, enuresis and frequent urination, long-term diarrhea, spontaneous sweating, sweating, thirst, shortness of qi deficiency, internal heat and thirst, palpitations and insomnia. schisandra is an authentic medicinal material of liaoning. fushun liao schisandra is famous for its thin skin, thick flesh, large grain, high medicinal composition, bitter, sweet and sour taste. it is known as "liao wuwei". mainly distributed in the eastern mountainous areas of liaoning province. fushun liao schisandra has a long history of medicinal use. it was recorded medicinally as early as two thousand years ago. it is rich in organic acids, vitamins, flavonoids, phytosterols and lignans with strong rejuvenation. it has anti-fatigue and immunity. the effect of force.

“qingyuan gentian” refers to gentian grass produced in qingyuan manchu autonomous county, liaoning province. the gentian grass grown in the northeast is also known as the northern gentian. it is a perennial herb with roots and medicine. its medicinal ingredient is gentian bitter. the gentian grass of qingyuan manchu autonomous county in liaoning province is a local specialty medicine with good quality. the content of gentian bitter is 5-9 times higher than that of the pharmacopoeia. in addition to a large amount of wild growth, artificial cultivation has been started as early as the late 20th century. . by the beginning of the 21st century, more than 3,000 people have mastered more skilled planting techniques. gentian grass has become a pillar of qingyuan chinese herbal medicine cultivation.

kazuo purple sand products are high-temperature pottery made from purple sand ore as a raw material through various processes. the appearance of the ore has the kazuo purple sandware kazuo purple sandware color purple, purple brown, vermilion and many other colors. the texture is fine and hard, and the particle structure is tight. the firing temperature is high and the sintering temperature is very close to that of porcelain, so it is a high temperature pottery. because the raw material contains uniform sandy particles, the appearance of the particles after burning is clear and gentle. because the purple sand ore has a lot of colors, people make full use of the original color of the ore to prepare a variety of different colors of purple sand mud. it is also possible to formulate different kinds of mud materials according to different uses, which is convenient for the production process to meet the requirements of the mud material. the appearance of purple sand products is suitable for engraving, good breathability, natural color, no glaze, good plasticity.

amber is a beautiful gemstone formed by the geological action of the mesozoic cretaceous to the cenozoic coniferous plant. in the historical time and space, amber left many beautiful legends. from the amber incense pillow dedicated to the queen of the han dynasty emperor zhao feiyan, to the "lanling wine tulip, the jade bowl is amber light" of the poetry li bai, and then to wei yingwu's "has been the old god, this is the cold pine liquid." the mosquitoes have fallen into the middle of the millennium, and the poems have recorded the long history of chinese research and the use of amber. fushun amber is a world-famous organic gem. it is more than 50 million years old. she is rich in color and low-key, with bright and soft luster. the texture is delicate and gentle. it not only serves as a low-key luxury ornament, but also enriches the material life of human beings. its unique mystery, magic and unbearable charm bring people a pleasant spiritual enjoyment.

dalian shrimp slices are made with local specialties of prawn, and the prawn tastes delicious. there is no need to add flavoring agents such as msg. it is called “sea fresh” and at the same time, because of the high content of shrimp, dalian shrimp is both nutritious and delicious. it is listed as "chinese famous snack".

the aura of qianshan, the essence of all things, condenses thousands of people, and gave birth to the fruit of anshan nanguo pear. its color is bright, the flesh is delicate, the juice is pure and the fragrance is rich, and it is well-known in the north and south. during the mid-autumn festival, the streets and alleys of anshan are all in the fragrance of pears. “the moon, the pears and the wines have become a fashion. the cultural connotation of the reunion and the harvest is derived. the two sides of the liaohe river are widely inherited. spread to the five lakes and four seas, it becomes a spiritual sustenance for the wanderers to ease their homesickness.

people in ancient times discovered the edible value and health care function of pecans. they called it "longevity" and "longevity fruit". they have been eaten for generations and gradually extended to medicinal and cosmetic aspects. huanrenshan walnut oil is a wild walnut seed kernel in huanren. it has been refined through various processes such as selection, cold pressing and low-temperature refining. the golden yellow has a clear and transparent appearance, and the rich and mellow taste makes people feel good. huanrenshan walnut oil is rich in a variety of trace elements needed by the human body, especially the content of linolenic acid is the most edible oil, and it is a pure natural health food.

in the palace where the sea is asleep, how many precious treasures are covered. "the king of fish" - dalian pufferfish, bright pattern, full of vitality, rapid growth, white and smooth fish, crystal clear, fish skin smooth, thin, flexible, delicious taste, is a seafood good.

china is the hometown of jujube and enjoys a high reputation in the world. chaoyang jujube is famous far and wide. chaoyang is one of the largest red jujube distribution centers in the country. it was once named by the ministry of agriculture as “the hometown of china’s dapingding jujube”. chaoyang jujube has bright color and alike shape, such as agate. the fruit surface is smooth and clean. the peel is crisp and white. it is white-green in white ripening. it is orange-red after coloring. it is thick and crisp, with moderate sweet and sour taste. it is known as “northern agate”.

the liaozhong squid is native to the liaohe and puhe natural waters in liaozhong county. after the artificial breeding of aquatic science and technology personnel in liaozhong county, the industrialized breeding of squid in liaozhong has achieved great success. the squid in liaozhong is long in shape, thick and tall, short in head, dark gray on the back, and gray in the abdomen. because of its tender meat, the slices are garlic-like, the meat is delicious, high in protein, low in fat, high in nutritional value, beneficial to maternal breastfeeding and healing, and has the nourishing effect of jianweiyi, which has been loved by people since ancient times. . the squid in liaozhong has now traveled abroad and went to the international table.

a spring breeze, 10,000 acres of apple blossoms bloom at the same time, how is it grand and amazing scene? in the land of liaoshen, in liaozhong. liaozhong is located in the heartland of the liaohe plain, so it is rich in water and fertile soil. it has both beautiful scenery in the south of the yangtze river and vastness in the northern plains. "liaozhong hanfu apple" is a new apple variety with independent intellectual property rights developed under this specific natural condition. it is a unique local product in liaozhong county. its fruit is large, short cylindrical, straight, bright in appearance, crisp and juicy, not only sweet and sour, but also fragrant and fragrant, and the nutrient content is extremely high.

faku county has a long history of raising cattle, unique terrain and natural conditions, providing superior conditions for the growth of crops and beef cattle breeding. it was once identified as a royal pasture by the imperial court of the ming dynasty, and specialized for cattle and sheep dedicated to the palace. as early as 1904, it was open to neighboring countries such as japan and south korea. the beef produced is good in color, and the marble pattern is evenly distributed. after boiling, the broth is transparent, and the taste is thin and not chopped, fat but not greasy. it also contains high protein and can enhance the body's resistance. in 2013, it was identified as the designated beef for the 12th national games.

liaozhong rose, a special product of liaozhong county, liaoning province, china's geographical indication products. liaozhong county has a long history and a wide variety of planting roses. due to the flat terrain and fertile soil in liaozhong, especially due to the unique microclimate formed by the liaohe river, the sunshine is sufficient and the air is humid, which creates the natural conditions for the growth of roses. it was recognized by the people's government of liaoning province as the hometown of "flowers" of liaoning specialty products. the roses produced are bright, beautiful and rich in aroma. they are very popular among the market and consumers. they are especially cherished by the citizens of shenyang. they have been selected as the city flower of shenyang city. they have won the 6th china flower expo flower display. class second prize, third prize; the second rose flower exhibition in the country, rose fresh cut flower gold award, rose bonsai silver award.

according to historical records, in the thirty-sixth year of emperor kangxi of shanxi, three brothers from shanxi cao came to chaoyang to open a winemaking workshop. afterwards, it gradually developed and expanded, and it was named "quansheng river". quanshenghe wine has been made from high-quality ancient spring water resources since ancient times, thus producing pure and sweet wine. in 1738, emperor qianlong went to shengjing to worship the ancestors in chaoyang. the local officials presented quanshenghe wines. after emperor qianlong's drink, longyan da yue praised him. the royal master's book, "drunken qing dynasty, only has a spring river".

there are three treasures in chaoyang county, sanyan ancient capital: buddha relic, jade pig and lingta. the north tower of chaoyang, which was built in the "three yan" period, is the only pagoda in the country that has experienced the five generations of yan, northern wei, sui, tang and liao. the sakyamuni real relic found in the tiangong temple in tazhong is called the buddha's treasure. the jade artifact unearthed from the hongshan cultural relics is represented by the jade pig dragon, indicating that the production technology, craftsmanship and aesthetic consciousness of the society at that time have reached a certain level. the social life has the prototype and norms of the traditional chinese "ritual" civilization. lingta liquor, brewed with more than 400 years of ancient recipes, is colorless, clear and transparent, and is famous for its pure and pure, sweet and mellow, harmonious body, clean aftertaste, and no alcohol after drinking.

sophora flavescens (scientific name: sophora flavescens), alias wild, good man, bitter bone, earth bone, mantle, hawthorn, is a plant of the genus sophora. growing in an area of ​​1,500 meters above sea level, it is mostly born on hillsides, sandy land, grassy slopes, shrubs and fields. it has not yet been artificially introduced. indications: heat and dampness, insecticide, diuretic.

kangping sweet potato, special product of kangping county, shenyang city, liaoning province. kangping sweet potato has bright color, spinning type and smooth skin. the taste is sweet, cotton, sand, and strong. bright color, spinning type, smooth skin, high crude fiber content.

blueberry has a high health value and is one of the top five healthy fruits recommended by the world food organization. the anthocyanin content of blueberries is the highest among all fruits and vegetables. the most abundant part of anthocyanins in blueberries is its unique purple peel. lingyuan blueberry peel is blue-purple, with a layer of white fruit powder on the outside. the flesh is delicate, the fruit is rich, the taste is excellent, and the nutrition is rich. it is known as the “fruit of beauty” and has the reputation of “fruit queen”.

known as “the capital of sanyan in gulong city”, chaoyang city, liaoning province, is one of the main producing areas of mountain almonds in china. it is also known as the four bases of mountain almonds in zhangjiakou, chengde and tangshan in hebei. most of the apricots in chaoyang mountain are natural forests, and artificial cultivated forests have developed in recent years. almond is sweet and bitter. almond is rich in nutrients. it contains a lot of protein, fat, sugar and phosphorus, calcium and iron. it can be added into almond cream, almond tea and other nourishing products. it can also be processed into industrial oils and can also be used for medicinal purposes.

a unique side of the soil, giving birth to unique rare species. xifeng tussah is a typical representative of "alternative meaning". outside kanto sai, white mountain black water has the characteristics of a hole in the sky. under the control of the hands of the climate, there are more waves and changes here. the spring is warm, the summer is like a flame, the autumn is the tide, and the winter is firm. this unique water and soil with distinct contrasts in the four seasons breeds rare species. xifeng tussah was born in the care and care of god. the silk fabric derived from this, due to the circulation of the blood of the wild tussah, inherits the high-quality nature of the wild tussah ancestors, and has the beautiful appearance and the wild inner heart. the avant-garde contemporary technology makes xifeng silk even more powerful: the powerful visual impact is affectionate, it is quite atmospheric, smooth and luxurious; the gentle touch impact is amazing, comfortable and smooth, warm in winter and cool in summer; beautiful memory impact unforgettable, jewels are as precious as art, and art is as elegant.

liaozhong grape is a traditional agricultural product in liaozhong county. it is a regional specialty product and a traditional brand. liaozhong grape is a combination of natural ecological conditions and traditional cultivation techniques. it has been gradually developed through long-term practice, cultivation and innovation. the grapes in liaozhong are non-nuclear, natural purple-red, and yellow-green in flesh. they are famous for their thin and juicy skin, sweet and sour taste, rich nutrition, and rich rose fragrance.

"liaoning central, ecological water city". liaozhong county is naturally moist and has a unique climate. the four rivers of liaohe river, weihe river, puhe river and huanyang river pass through the territory, have abundant water resources, have fertile black land, have abundant sunshine, and have a unique microclimate in liaohe river. the rice in liaozhong, which grows in this unique ecological environment, is the aura of the heavens and the earth, the essence of all things, the grain is full and the filling is high. rice in liaozhong is full of rice grains, crystal clear and transparent, and the cooked rice grains are complete, soft and oily, and lasting for a long time. the rice is not rejuvenated after cooling and has the unique characteristics of stickiness. it is popular among people as a staple food.

"chaoyang xiaomi" has the characteristics of uniformity, sweetness, deliciousness, nutrient-rich, convenient consumption and wide application. it has certain auxiliary effects for the treatment of liver disease, heart disease, neurosis and anemia. eat more than 20 different flavors of food such as thick porridge, millet cake, dried pancakes, millet casserole, and millet noodles. based on the unique soil, light and water quality conditions, “chaoyang xiaomi” is supplemented by natural water and farmyard manure, and is produced by traditional agricultural farming methods.

chaoyang county has arid and dry weather and abundant sunshine. it is very suitable for the cultivation of mung beans. according to historical records, it has a long history of more than 2,000 years of cultivation and is one of the main producing areas of mung beans in china. chaoyang mung bean is famous for its rich grain and superior quality. its nutrients, taste and color are superior, and it is known as the “green pearl”.

“jianping red bean” has bright color and good gloss; the bean is even and full; it is easy to cook, and the bean paste is soft after cooking. there is a reputation of “ruby” in the local area. jianping red bean is flat, sweet, rich in dietary fiber, it has the effect of laxative, lowering blood fat, regulating blood sugar, bodybuilding and weight loss.

jianping county and its surrounding areas are located at the south side of the middle section of the nuluer mountain range in the yanshan mountains. the terrain is relatively flat and the soil layer is deep. thanks to the unique natural conditions such as climate, soil and water quality, the county has been rich in cereals and other grains since ancient times. the hometown of miscellaneous grains. xiaoping county, jianping county has also been favored by many merchants across the country, commonly known as "jianping millet." “jianping millet” is highly nutritious and rich in protein, crude fat, vitamins and selenium. beige golden, the entrance is sweet and soft after cooking, leaving a mouthful of fragrance, and there is a natural fragrance of jianping, no smell.

the source of “panjin loach” is the indigenous species of panjin. its specifications are ≥15 grams per tail. the quality is characterized by a healthy body, bright black hair, no hard surface after cooking, tender meat, less thorns, no soil smell. each 100 grams of mud squid meat contains ≥ 17 grams of protein and ≤ 2.4 grams of fat.

fuxin is known as “the hometown of jade•long, the beginning of civilization”. it is the capital of agate in china and the capital of the world agate. it is the main producing area, processing place and distribution center of agate resources in the world today. fuxin agate, huaxia treasure, is famous for its large output, variety, color, texture, quality and material. precious water agate agate has long enjoyed a good reputation in china.

jianping county is rich in agricultural resources, and “jianping buckwheat” is one of its main agricultural products. the historical origin of “jianping qumei”, the “buckwheat bowl” of jianping was famous in the qing dynasty. according to historical records, in 1738, the emperor qianlong of the northern zhou dynasty patrolled chengde, and the prince zaraq of the right wing of khala presented the buckwheat bowl to the emperor qianlong. after the emperor qianlong tasted it, he suddenly praised it: “it’s a rare good, only a bowl of soup.” after the feast, the pen is given by the pen: three families. the three “buckwheat bowls” have since multiplied, becoming the best gift for the local bureaucrats and the royal palace of the tribute.

the natural mineral water in gongchangling district is rich in water resources, excellent in water quality and superior in ecological environment. it is one of the three high-quality water sources in the world. in 2006, it was awarded the title of “hometown of mineral water in china” by china mineral water federation.