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yunnan food

xuanwei's small fried meat, flavor and taste, the scent of garlic and the deep soy sauce accompanying various seasonings exude a unique fragrance from time to time, which makes people appetite and mouth-watering.

the sheep soup pot is a famous food in yunnan. the goats are slaughtered and washed, cut into scorpions of different sizes, placed in a large iron pot or marching pot, and boiled with goat liver, sheep heart, sheep sausage, lamb belly and other pots. then, lick some hot, spicy and fragrant drowning. a group of people rounded the table and the steaming hot pot. the colder the weather, the more comfortable and comfortable it was.

the good tofu is soft and smooth, the entrance is instant, and the stew of broth chicken is delicate, the taste is mild, and it is edible all year round. it is suitable for people of all ages.

daxun is one of the famous yunnan snacks. it is also a representative of the yunnan bait series. it is made of high-quality rice and is generally divided into three types: block, silk and slice. this dish is beautiful and attractive, with red, yellow, green and white colors, and has an excellent taste. the toon is soft and unique.

there are many wild mushroom species in yunnan, and all kinds of wild mushrooms are put into the pot and boiled together. when they are cooked thoroughly, each person comes to a bowl. it is really delicious.

fried bamboo worms, fried bee stings, fried grasshoppers... yunnan cuisine is known for its fried insects. the various insects are fried and fragrant and crispy. the taste is crisp, delicious and nutritious. since ancient times, yunnan people have been hospitalized. the top grade dishes.

traditional yunnan gas-pot chickens must be steamed with earthenware steamers. the chicken pieces that were slaughtered on the day were used. only ginger and onion segments were placed on the stalks. no other seasonings could be placed, especially the water. the chicken soup was completely sourced from steam. the color should be golden and bright, the meat is not bad, the chicken soup is clear and transparent, and the taste is on the entrance, and it is tender and delicious.

chicken carp is the king of wild edible fungi, mainly produced in the mountainous areas of yunnan. its fleshy texture is thick, white, crisp and refreshing, fresh and fragrant, and nutritious. deep-fried chicken chop, cooked with high-temperature fried pu-erh tea seed oil and chicken chop, after 2 hours, this gift from nature will give all diners a thumbs up.

the milk cake is the name of a cheese made by the dali bai people and the shilin sani people in yunnan. it is made of milk or goat milk. it is made of goat milk and has the best quality. it is white in shape and resembles a tofu block. it is very refreshing to eat white sugar, salt and pepper, or to eat in a frying pan.

the mountain official's head is the main dish of the old prince's official banquet. the so-called shanguan refers to the official position of the local officials in the past frontier ethnic areas, similar to the toast. this dish uses a horned bull skull to make cutlery. it is a traditional form that has been used in the past. it has abandoned the "rudeness" of the guests to hold the sharp knife and chew the beef head meat. the beef is cut and cut, and it is placed on the clean and bright and strange cow skull. it is featured with the unique water of jingpo.