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south gate in spring cdcc restaurant is located in main road and third street intersection, located in the transport hub and currently employs 30 people. spring cdcc restaurant formerly state-owned enterprises in 1936, public-private partnerships, public-private partnerships starting from spring cdcc restaurant catering company affiliated with changchun city yonghong hotel, and changed its name to third street hotel at the time of the cultural revolution began in 1966. in 1985, the third street hotel affiliation classified as changchun city catering company chongqing hotel, restaurant and restore the spring cdcc of old, since it was launched 60 years of history.

li liangui brand was born in november 1908, it has been a hundred years of history, is a famous old chinese. january 6, 2013, the original flavor li liangui restaurant restructuring, the establishment of siping li liangui food service co., ltd., mr. wen yalong company sponsors and absolute control of the people. existing outlets 18, employees 330 people, stores all over the country. over the past decade, continuous access to china cuisine association, "china top 100 catering enterprises", china chain store & franchise association, "china franchise 120" title. it is a large thriving catering business.

zhenghongqi roast pigeon is a national chain brand of zhenghongqi catering chain co., ltd. in siping city, jilin province. it is committed to the inheritance and promotion of manchu pigeon burning food culture. it was founded in 2007 and headquartered in siping city, jilin province. as the king product of yitong, hongqi roast pigeon is an excellent representative of manchu, one of the four famous dishes in siping, a catering business card of siping city, a new label of manchu cuisine and a new landmark of siping cuisine.

old hall is a white meat dongbei main restaurant, features white meat blood sausage. suannibairou. burning lamp bowl. tiger rou ... the museum is single-handedly founded by mr. zhang hongbin he cooked blood sausage, shape the lamp bowl, a float blossoming soup like petals; white meat paste pick up and back into the tray by hand, like a chrysanthemum. so food, together with the united states, a very refreshed, appetite. zhang hongbin, general manager of desire is: first, let the kanto traditional cuisine flourish; second, to contribute to the economic revitalization of jilin, white meat to throw the old museum accomplishing worthy of the tourist city of ice and snow-class food and beverage companies, too old to let all white meat guests jilin pavilion applauded.

today, after a hundred years of xinxing yuan dumpling making, it still strictly follows the secret recipe of dong"s yuanlong dumpling, which leads to the famous "golden lettered signboard" - xinxingyuan dumpling restaurant.

since its establishment in october 1996, quanzhou shiguo restaurant in yanji city has developed its own unique formula through years of practice and innovation, and has launched various special bibimbap and korean delicacies. 24-hour business, recommended food: stone pot bibimbap, pork bibimbap, stone pot soy sauce soup, dry fried squid ring, spicy fried octopus, rice sausage, seafood cake, etc.

in 1985, due to the needs of management, the internship hotel was relocated to no. 29, beiji street, jilin city (in the former jilin commercial and technical school), and was officially renamed as beiyuan hotel.

hongwei fried powder since 1990, adhering to the pursuit of high quality and value-added service business philosophy, to provide consumers with nutrition, delicious health food is our pursuit, after 25 years, we welcome customers from all over the world with sincere and enthusiastic service. with the development of business, our shop has registered the trademark of "songjiang hongwei", which is called "the first songjiang hongwei fried powder". it is a comprehensive chain store with "fried powder" as its main product and other snacks.

yanji jincheng service building cold noodles co., ltd., formerly known as jilin yanji city service building catering co., ltd., was founded in 1958 and has a long history of more than 60 years. it is mainly engaged in the comprehensive catering and catering industry with yanji cold noodles as the main business, and yanji cold noodles are famous for its high-quality brand and delicious taste both at home and abroad, it is highly praised by customers, and can be called "the first cold noodle in yanji city". it has always contributed to the inheritance of national food culture and the provision of delicious and healthy food for customers. it has been rated as one of the top ten integrity enterprises of provinces, prefectures and cities, a national green and civilized enterprise, an advanced circulation enterprise, and a top ten honest tax paying enterprise.