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zhejiang food

pomfret rice cake

at the taizhou people's dinner table, small seafood and rice cake are the best cp. the fresh squid is served with soft, delicious rice cakes, thick soup, and one is not enough.

new two brocade stuffing

the new erjin stuffing, the crab meat is the unique nanhu crab in jiaxing. the meat is delicious and delicate. the rice skin is from the pinghu farmhouse. it is smooth and soft, and the color is golden. the fish gluten is selected from the white flower carp of jiaxing qixing town. the meat is smooth and tender.

dried vegetables stew meat

dried vegetables and meat are a special dish with shaoxing pastoral flavor. pork jujube red, dried vegetable oil black, fresh fragrant oil, crispy and not greasy, savory and slightly sweet, this is the flavor of dried vegetables. dried vegetables, commonly known as "mildew dried vegetables", are dried with mustard greens. they are the native products of shaoxing, zhejiang province. they are fresh and fragrant, and they are not easy to deteriorate. long-term residents of shaoxing have homemade customs. “dried vegetables and meat” has also become a traditional dish that the masses love. premier zhou enlai came to zhejiang many times before his death and also loved this special dish with shaoxing pastoral flavor.

fried fish with three shreds

sansi knocking fish is a well-known traditional dish in wenzhou city. it is one of the famous classic dishes in zhejiang. it belongs to zhejiang cuisine. due to its simple production, almost every family can do it. this dish uses offshore fish or fresh yellow croaker. it is cut into fish head, tail and skin. it is cut into needle pieces and dried with starch. it is slowly tapped into thin fish fillets with hibiscus and cooked in boiling water. when cooking, mixed with seasonings and ingredients, after improvement, plus chicken, ham, shiitake and cooked greens, it is now a famous dish. the dish is fresh, white, clear, delicious. rich in local flavor.

hand peeled longjing shrimps

longjing shrimp is named after the use of longjing tea before and after the ching ming festival, together with shrimp. it is a famous hangzhou dish with a strong local flavor. it is crystal clear and has a distinct grain of shrimp. the tea is dotted with it. it is clear and white, with elegant color and delicious taste.

west lake sweet-and-sour fish

xihu vinegar fish, aliased as uncle chuanzhen, song carp, is a traditional local flavor dish of zhejiang hangzhou hotel, the most prestigious dish, which was founded in the southern song dynasty. west lake vinegar fish is usually prepared by using grass carp as a raw material. after roasting, pour a layer of smooth and bright sweet and sour vinegar, pectoral fins erect, tender fish, crab flavor, fresh and sour.

liye lotus seed chicken

liye lotus seed chicken is the traditional famous dish of jiande. the authentic liye lotus seed chicken has the effect of warming the medium and replenishing the essence and replenishing the marrow.

fish heads in qiandao lake casserole

the organic fish head of qiandao lake has always been praised by people. it has a thick soup, fresh and delicious flavor, and it tastes endless.

stewed yellow croaker with bamboo shoots and potherb mustardstewed

the snowy bamboo shoots and big soup yellow croaker is a traditional dish of ningbo, which has the effect of nourishing the body, regulating the anemia, regulating the anemia, and regulating the insomnia. the yellow croaker is fat and strong, the meat is firm, the soup is white and rich in alcohol, and the taste is fresh and salty.

mashed shredded eel

the rotten paste is the famous traditional dish of huzhou. it is said that during the qing emperor qianlong period, the qianlong emperor xia jiangnan road passed through the nanxun tasting and found that the taste was delicious and the aftertaste was endless. therefore, the rotten paste was listed as a court dish, and the dish became famous.