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who the hell brings together three yunnan snack culture is profound, especially noodle culture! three onions this name is very interesting, of course, contains a lot of meaning, first of all contain a very deep taoism, two, two three, three infinity, and secondly, onions snack is an essential condiment, again, onions there are excellent meaning in yunnan dialect, finally, onions have roots meaning! a selection of three onions all over yunnan, representative of all ethnic groups noodle, noodle yunnan original ten characteristics, classification fine, taste different, each person find their own taste in this city.

hay house bridge noodle, comparable to "state banquet" hot broth is poured into the bowl high, has maintained the original hot degree, the chicken pieces, ham wrapped quail eggs into the soup, then put vegetables, and finally into the noodle. hay house expands to a grand feast bridge noodle snack in the form of meta, featured 16 prefectures snacks, such as: milk cake dali, shangri-la cattle thelephora, chuxiong wild bacteria, according to the first fruits, snacks, entrees, bridge noodle, desserts order to name serving.

jingchenyuan is a woman brand in the true sense. it is operated by ms. gao and her sisters. the accumulation of bowls after bowls is not only the brand spirit of jingchenyuan, but also the soul of non genetic dishes.

the predecessor of jianxinyuan was "sanhechun", which was built in 1906 in the 32nd year of guangxu reign. it is said that it was run by lv gui, a fellow chef in the catering industry at that time, who was known as the "living kitchen king". pottery spoon in the famous shop "changmeiju", lvgui"s shop is called "sanhechun", which means the combination of heaven, earth and people, color, fragrance and taste, and also implies the meaning of "long beauty". however, he did not dare to follow the example of the grand banquet. he judged the situation and took the management of dian flavor snacks as its characteristics.

yunnan renjia catering co., ltd., established in 2007, covers an area of 3800 square meters and has 110 employees. it is the first national green catering enterprise and the first aaa level honest catering enterprise in yunnan province, the first famous chinese catering restaurant in qujing, the top ten characteristic catering enterprises of yunnan ethnic minorities, the food hygiene rest assured shop, and the vice president unit of yunnan cuisine association. art kitchen yunnan family food culture group has become a recognized model of yunnan catering industry! its brand currently has "yunnan family" a kind of ecological private dishes, yunnan family a kind of yunnan folk restaurant, yunnan family a kind of weiyuan, yunnan family a kind of weicai, dishu chongqing hot pot, manba coffee "six direct brand enterprises.

talk guoji must talk about its meaning - "training righteousness," talking about "uprightness", kunming older generation knows that there is an authentic dish kunming "old" hung in the arch is the "uprightness." this is a healthy atmosphere for the southwest united literati love, but also the old kunming part. the store is called "fu chiu house", opened in 1937, and now, the company has its headquarters north door, boat house stores, jinjiang store, welcome the new branch, cloud swiss branches, and a total of six flagship stores grand traditional dianwei yunnan qi guoji hotel.

yunnan old cottage, the name is very characteristic, on behalf of yunnan yunnan, yunnan old can highlight the meaning of the ancient dian country, which gives the store cast a veil of old, very mysterious. cottage generally in the minority, but more remote places only, which makes the wit to think of when liang seven escapement, meng huo who lived in the stockade, so the cottage is a place inhabited by ethnic minorities, yunnan old cottage the name, people look, full of infinite curiosity.

the exquisite plate is like a work of art, which is highly praised by many customers.

kunming, yunnan bacteria wang food co., ltd. is a business to yunnan large wild mushroom-based theme restaurants. relying on the unique yunnan wild bacteria as the main ingredients, combined with local unique mountain mao wild, insects, flowers, with dianwei way; the spirit of "original yunnan cai," the purpose, starting from an awareness of the concept of consumer guide guests and health awareness. yunnan has a very local food specialties and representation.

built in the mid-1930s, xiangyun huiguan was invested by shu yulie, a famous burmese overseas chinese. during the anti japanese war, it was rented to the "flying tigers" as a residence and office. at that time, the courtyard of xiangyun huiguan served as a spare office space for general chennault and his wife, ms. chen xiangmei, and other members of the flying tigers. many new dishes of yunnan origin are introduced in the restaurant, which makes kunming people feel delicious and cost-effective. and outsiders can also eat the authentic kunming "food fashion" elements from the eight bowls of new yunnan soil. recommended food: rural chicken pot, steam pot chicken, potato cake, cold rice noodles, dried beef, yellow beef, potato ball.

cangshan hotel, founded in 1958, has always been the reception window of dali prefecture committee and government. for more than half a century, the hotel has successfully received president xi, as well as the then party and state leaders zhu rongji, li lanqing and ding guangen. on april 13, 2013, when wang yang, vice premier of the state council, visited dali, he highly praised the hotel"s service.

diancai old restaurant, ai three bytes if the selected sentence spring - the spring board if ai, cheng if youthful. this sentence is also "ai if spring" principle of service and cultural ideas, intended to emphasize the always modest, houde as spring landing earth, honest work, magnanimous as the youthful wang chuan. kunming city has several branches, but at golden park's most famous, because the whole restaurant in a quaint old building, old-fashioned courtyard, old attic, antique hall, the environment is really very elegant.

chi hui park mariko chicken restaurant (hot pot), was founded in april 1996 zhanyi county, qujing city, pioneered the unique dishes: chicken soup, spicy chicken, braised chicken, fried crisp meat now, mariko.

near water pavilion is located at the foot of qiumou mountain, the twelve ancient sceneries of tengyue. the restaurant is constructed of catalpa wood in tengchong, decorated with exquisite wooden windows and flower carved lintels, integrating tengchong"s long-standing architectural culture and catering tradition. beside dongsheng, there is a pavilion near the water, which has the style of flowing water of a small bridge in the south of the yangtze river. fresh and simple is a highlight of the dishes near the water pavilion. the fresher the ingredients, the better the taste of the dish. on the basis of fresh raw materials, ensure the original flavor of raw materials.

qianzhenhe was founded in 2005. the first restaurant "qianhe bonwang hot pot" was opened in 2005. up to now, it has experienced 14 years of development and growth. the founder and chairman of the company, mr. li yan, with entrepreneurial courage, exploration spirit and innovation consciousness, led the team to make the company from scratch and realize the steady and rapid development of the company. up to now, ten brands have been opened and single store stores have been established more than 30. under the leadership and development of li yan, the company has already owned "qianhe bone king hotpot", "yaohuali thai food", "zuiyun murian flavor folk restaurant", "dachimen international buffet food", "first time laojie beef restaurant", "dilu hot pot", "sangen onion yunnan snack" there are nine catering brands such as "meimei village" and "buwei". in addition, a "hump inn" with a new compound brand of b & b restaurant bar was established in 2018, and the store is located in jinmafang, the core business district. up to now, ten brands have been opened and more than 30 stores have been set up. gradually formed a diversified, multi category, multi format catering company.

dali bai courtyard dragon house restaurant was founded in may 2007, the business area of ​​2,600 square meters, existing staff of 100 people, is a dali bai architectural style, traditional bai flavor of the main garden restaurant, dragon court bai main features dishes favored consumers. traditional courtyard garden restaurant diplomatic bridges of residential bai, bai listening to folk songs, tasting bai specialties, real sense cozy!

qiao hong chai is located in a quaint courtyard, the wooden house gallery stone tile, blue sky moss, said that this yard the previous owner was a caravan main fact, so qiaoxiang zhaizhu also played tengchong caravan dish.

when the consumption concept of the catering market has changed in the times, fumanlou has begun to change its quality, turning high-end food and aristocratic food into civilian and popular food.

various "sound of dehong" in the national banquet, wedding to choose from, one of the most distinctive green leaves long street banquet jingpo, dai changlong feast is a dehong any other food business can not be copied. at the same time, there is also brought together a delicious variety dehong five kinds of minorities, such as hand pilaf, mountain officer tau, burning suckling pig dai, jingpo big row, guppies and so on.

economic and trade hotel is located in the former site of baoguo temple. it is a good place to get married. at the beginning of opening, it broke the guinness record with 1188 dishes. yunnan economic and trade hotel is a four-star foreign-related business conference hotel jointly invested and built by the state economic and trade commission (now sasac) and "kunming training center of the state economic and trade commission" and the hongta group and the hong kong yingxin group. it is a member of the golden key organization of chinese hotels.

deshengqiao douhua rice noodle is the benchmark in the heart of old kunming people. because the original old shop opened on the edge of desheng bridge named, and because the main food bean curd rice noodles and known.

key river ersi most of meat production, meat selected from three shanghao, dried simmered barbecue diffuse bubbles, add appropriate amount of cold water and the combined local and capon ham, boiled spiced boiled playing mo, pan cover and seal opening stew foot more than 10 hours previous day to day, and thick white fragrant soup, meat from the bone leave shaped and natural. ersi shang hao "yellow sago" to do with local ersi, color white, soft and sweet taste, not brittle non-stick. after rolling shui tang added aohao good soup, and add seasoning serve the meat on the cover ersi. the most famous is the pharaoh river ersi shop.

pu"er jinglan hotel is the best four-star business hotel in pu"er city. it is located in the most prosperous central business district of pu"er city. there are 202 guest rooms in the hotel, including 119 standard rooms, 60 single rooms, 20 suites, 1 presidential suite, 2 chess and card rooms, 3 standard conference rooms, 1 large multifunctional conference room, 8 dining rooms, ktv on the second floor, breakfast and special vegetarian food on the fourth floor the restaurant and has a large sky garden, is the best choice for meeting and training.

heshun people"s restaurant is an old house with a story. the original owner is zhang muxin, a modern giant in tengchong. zhang muxin (1881-1964), founder of fudan bank in hong kong, was once the president of the chinese federation of the international red cross society. he had tens of thousands of cultural relics and ancient books in his family. therefore, he built this building under fengshan mountain in tengchong to collect them, which was called muxin library. now the old house moved to heshun as a whole has become an excellent place to experience heshun culture and taste heshun flavor. heshun people"s restaurant is reconstructed from an old house with a four in five patio and a zoumachuang attic. he has successfully received state leaders and foreign guests on many occasions. the dishes are very local, many of which can only be made by local people.

sherwin dish has been a favorite of many super yunnan, yunnan xuanwei first small dish of pork, ham awesomeness, as well as yellow pond if tofu, blood spicy, pickled bean soup, bean flowers, pots hat tip just mention the name of the dish fish ......, we have already begun greedy! sherwin-williams is committed to dish the money chuang most plain ingredients, delicious most fascinating people, one second circle countless powder. chuang is a focus on money sherwin taste of restaurant, owner of the money used to be the director, for the dedication of all things fresh on the money spent in the village, which takes sherwin performance of the best food!

the miracle of wild vegetable rafting in pu"er, laos branch

kai wah plaza hotel is a landmark building in kunming, kunming is the first five-star hotel. the hotel is located in the center of beijing, kunming road bustling commercial area, close to the kunming railway station, five minutes walk to reach the ring road subway station, and from the long high-speed water through downtown ring international airport, transportation is very convenient. celestial court chinese restaurant with its delicious authentic yunnan, guangdong is famous for, is your taste delicious, entertain business associates or friends of the first choice, and also launched the south china unique taste exquisite dim sum;

yunnan green land hotel has tastefully decorated, fully equipped with all kinds of luxury rooms and suites. the design concept comes from the elegant european-style classical architecture, so that guests enjoy the royal family-like distinguished. this is a shop has many years of old age luxury business hotel. near kunming existing ancient buildings - really qing qing dynasty imperial house square and the site; kunming flower market - fork street flower market (formerly shangyi flower market), city museum, a stone"s throw nanping pedestrian street and other places. the hotel brings together chinese and western cuisine, filled with rich exotic kinsman cafe serves authentic delicious buffet breakfast, buffet dinner unique flavor, much favored by chinese and foreign friends. very traditional chinese yue chinese restaurant, integrate the essence of chinese cuisine, offers authentic cantonese cuisine and classic diancai.

yes, this is a "new world cloud leading the line" cross bridge rice noodles franchise, 26 years of hard work only for this bowl of cross bridge rice noodles praised by everyone.

the hotel is located on the bank of dieshui river, which is the first scenic spot in tengchong county, a national aa grade tourist scenic spot. looking from the window, you can have a panoramic view of the volcano waterfall, the only city in china. with a parking lot of 1200 square meters, it is close to dieshuihe waterfall, guoshang cemetery, li genyuan"s former residence, heshun ancient town and other scenic spots, so it is convenient to travel.

lake view restaurant of kunming cuifu catering co., ltd. is located on the bank of cuihu lake in kunming. it talks about literature and martial arts and tastes the lake. it has invested millions of dollars to create a cultural food space and enjoy kunming. the restaurant presents the world with the style of the late qing dynasty and the early republic of china. the restaurant focuses on cantonese cuisine and seafood. the taste is light and fresh. the restaurant is classical. cuifu emphasizes the integration of cantonese cuisine into yunnan cuisine. this combination makes it easier for more yunnan people to accept, and can bring yunnan"s food materials or cooking methods to the extreme.


green and pot noodle, intended to take the "youth together", which belongs to yunnan green and restaurant management limited"s brand, which has been everywhere in kunming, yunnan. intense light can be both a perfect pot noodle bowl must have the following elements: firstly, soup, cheese bone 24 hours slow fire brewed, after the experience of a milky soup, fragrant, is the best; second: noodle you must be chewy and creamy taste cephalostachyum; third: spicy oil, it is pot noodle finishing touch on a good spicy oil need only put a little bit then play the efficacy of flavored; fourth: meat, eat goods pot noodle know there must be a meat flavor, and the meat quality is also greatly determine whether noodle bowl full of flavor; fifth: the heat, and cook over high heat for a pot noodle, soup, roll, put the meat, feeding , stirring, pot, one go.

"geguoxiang" tea restaurant

jinsha peninsula sea view health hotel is located in 5 erhai international ecological city, binhai avenue, manjiang area, dali economic development zone; it is only 8 minutes" drive from dali airport in the east; it is 2km away from dali railway station in the south; and 15km away from dali ancient city in the north. the hotel is built close to the sea, with superior geographical location. it can enjoy the beautiful erhai lake and 19 peaks of cangshan mountain from zero distance. the natural landscape is first-class, and the pastoral scenery of cang"er can be seen at a glance. the hotel is located at the intersection of bai people"s sentiment and culture and history. it is surrounded by natural villages of bai nationality, adjacent to tuanshan park and dali museum. it is adjacent to the line around the sea. there are many cultural, historical sites and landscapes. flavor snacks and characteristic restaurants are easy to find and see.

cuihu hotel was built in 1956 as a local government state-owned hotel. it is known as kunming emerald, a pearl beside the cuihu lake. it has accumulated the noble spirit of nearly 50 years in the cultural cuihu lake. it has refined and stood out from the rest of the world. cuihu hotel, the first commercial flagship built according to the platinum five-star hotel standard in southwest china, is in the leading position. in 1992, block b of 302 guest rooms was newly built and operated by kyi international management company of hong kong; in 2000, it was operated and managed by hilton international management company; in 2004, block a was redeveloped and the guest rooms of block b were completed new decoration, new cuihu hotel reopened. since then, the quality of the star rated business hotel has been redefined by cuihu hotel.