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liaoning snacks

the tieling gourmet beef fire spoon originated in the tieling area. its inventor was an old man named yang fu. this special snack has been around for nearly a hundred years. although there is a fire spoon in the field, it is very different from the appearance of the fire spoon in the tieling area, and the taste is also very different. it is characterized by golden yellow, clear layer, crisp and not broken, oil but not greasy, crisp and palatable.

majia shaomai is a special snack of shenyang city, which was founded in 1796 by ma chun. use boiled water to boil the noodles and rice flour for powder. use the three parts of the waist, purple cover and three-fork to make the stuffing. add the seasoning and dip in the water. it has the characteristics of bright skin, gluten, loose stuffing and mellow. soft and gluten, loose stuffing and good aroma. its shape is like a blossoming peony, which is fascinating.

in the winter, xiaobei loves to go to the sheep soup hall, and this "small city small lamb soup" is the most famous in the northeast. familiar with the food of their sheep soup, we know that this brand has been established for 20 years, and is the most pure manchu specialty sheep soup. the sheep soup has the characteristics of "four calls". you can't help but know: oil is screaming, hot, roaring, and fat. according to the boss, the small city lamb soup is stewed in a large pot with goat bones, meat and internal organs for several hours. when the soup is milky white, the soup, meat and chopped in the pot. the internal organs are raised. the seasoning is also very particular, salt, pepper, parsley, pepper, monosodium glutamate...

benxi xiaoshi yangtang--yangtang is delicious and beautiful in natural scenery, and the practice of sheep soup is very simple. first, put the onion and ginger slices into boiling water, then cut the mutton into small pieces and put them into boiling water. one hour, 30 minutes of fire, 30 minutes of small fire, salt amount. after one hour, the pan is cooked, and a pot of aroma of the mutton soup is ready. when eaten, the soup is milky white and delicious. i definitely let you drink this bowl and want to drink the next bowl.

niuzhuang pie has a long history and is well known. with its skin thin and large, the outer focus is tender, the fragrance is not greasy, the taste is delicious, and it has been welcomed by the majority of eater.

the scorpion, the evolutionary version of the manchu acid soup, is processed into strips by fermenting the corn. there are two ways to eat scorpions: fried scorpions and soup dumplings. the scorpion seems to be exclusive to the dandong region and is not universal in the northeast. therefore, most of the northeasters are hard to eat, whether it is fried dumplings or soup dumplings. shazizi (the name of dandong people, the same below) is an auxiliary material for fried dumplings. of course, you can also use eggs or meat as an adjunct to stir-fry.

lama cake is a traditional pastry of the mongolian people in fuxin. it is made from high-quality wheat flour, real estate red beans and ghee.

when mentioning "song dafang", friends in liaoning laughed. they didn't like to cook after work. they all bought "song dafang" cooked food to go home. the name "xueyuan smoked chicken" is high on the list.nthe selection of raw materials is full-bodied, tender and fleshy, weighing 1 to 1.5 kg of the northeast long-term high-altitude chicken, placed in a selection of more than 20 kinds of natural precious spices and chinese herbal medicine secreted in the old soup, boiled with slow fire 5 in the hour, the sugar is then put into the sugar for the pure sugar, and finally the 95 degree sterilization is the finished product.

煸 stuffed dumplings are liao cuisine, a delicious pasta with pork and white flour. the skin is hard and smooth, the fragrance is chewy, and the fat is not greasy, and the garlic is appetizing. the old side dumpling filling process is divided into glutinous stuffing and non-stuffed stuffing. the glutinous stuffing is a centuries-old traditional craft, which is characterized by the filling of the juice full, loose and easy to chew, oil and not greasy. the old side dumplings have a history of more than 180 years, but it is a traditional han chinese snack. when i came to shenyang, i didn’t want to taste the “old side dumplings”.

laobian dumplings

laobian dumplings is a well-known traditional chinese han nationality snack in shenyang. it is a specialty of shenyang. it has a long history and has a history of more than 180 years since its creation. the reason why the old side dumplings have long been famous is that the selection of materials is exquisite, the production is fine, the shape is unique, the taste is fresh and mellow, and its uniqueness is to adjust the filling and leather.

the gang gang smoked chicken was founded in the fifteenth year of qing guangxu. the founder yin yucheng encountered the guangxu royal chef because of his good opportunity. he got the royal palace smoked chicken secret recipe, built a smoked chicken square, and named “gangzi smoked chicken”, which was deeply influenced by the local people and the past. merchants favor, known as the top of china's "four famous chickens", screaming in all directions. after years of praise, the only cooked chicken soup is delicious, the smoked chicken color is bright and bright, the taste is aromatic, the meat is tender, rotten and silky, and the eater is full of praise. the smoked chicken color of the glutinous rice is bright and bright, the taste is aromatic, the meat is tender, the rotten and silky, the salty and light, the nutrient-rich, rotten and silky, the smoky flavor, the endless aftertaste.

the bean paste bag is also called chengsha bag, which is a steamed buns with peeled beans. it is a variant of the buns. chengsha bag is a kind of food made from noodles, alkali noodles and sand filling. its characteristics are white, the shape is round, the skin is soft, the filling is sweet and has the unique flavor of bean paste.

kangfu old moon cake series is based on the local, select the northeast specialty nuts, flesh and other fine raw materials, the taste is soft, sweet and not greasy, the shape is exquisite, the flavor is mellow, and it has been enduring for more than 20 years, deeply loved by the northern consumers. . it has become a unique brand of moon cakes and flavor foods in the northeast.