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qinghai snacks

the 尕[gǎ] noodle in qinghai is the most characteristic homemade pasta in the northwest. this patch is not picked up with a rolling pin, but is picked up by hand. because it is mixed with different soups and sauces to form different flavors, some are made into noodle soup, some are made into fried noodles, and each method has its own characteristics.

a kind of shortbread made from fern in the city of fern. potentilla japonicus is also known as ginseng fruit. ginseng fruit refers to the root of a wild perennial herb. the roots of this plant are called fern, also known as yanshou fruit and penglai fruit. ginseng fruit is a good dessert ingredient. it contains 63% sugar, 15% protein, 1.1% fat, and is rich in vitamins and inorganic salts such as calcium, phosphorus and iron. can be used to make sugar and wine. generally use its roots to make porridge, sweet and healthy, delicious and delicious. it can also be used as an ingredient in babao rice and pastries, while tibetans mix it with rice and add ghee to become a gourmet.

in qinghai, especially in xining, grabbing noodles is the most common type of snack. the noodles are made of flour, eggs and edible alkali, and water is added in proportion. in the noodle shop, the store will generally cook the fine noodles into seven or eight matures in advance, and then use cold water to cool them, and put them in the most conspicuous position. such noodles are clearly rooted and chewy. before eating, the clerk grabs the hand and puts it in a bowl, pours it on the long-cooked mutton soup, and then puts it on the noodles, mutton, scalp, scorpion, etc., and finally adds vinegar and garlic. seasoning with leek, salt, and chili oil. a bowl of ready-to-sell grips is made in this way, because the grips are usually matched with the gut, so it is also called "sheep noodles."

qinghai old yoghurt is used as the main raw material of qinghai plateau milk. it is put into local fresh rapeseed oil, sugar and yeast to make pure natural green food through the traditional process. qinghai folks have a saying that qinghai cattle drink snow spring water and eat cordyceps sinensis, so the quality of the cattle is excellent, and the milk produced is also superior. the yogurt made with this milk is no good.

stuffed skin is a traditional snack with strong flavor in qinghai. street vendors selling shredded skin in xining and agricultural towns are everywhere. the stuffed skin is blended with a certain amount of ash and dressing in the wheat noodles, and is made into a hard dough with warm water. after a few times, the dough is finely smoothed, then it is continuously washed in cold water, the starch is washed out, and the dough becomes honeycomb. when the food is placed, steamed into the steamer, and then the starch paste is precipitated and steamed in a steaming pan. the wine is steamed, peeled off from the pan, cut into strips, topped with gluten, vinegar, spicy oil, mustard. , leeks, garlic and other condiments, spicy, cool, soft and delicate taste, long aftertaste. although the stuffed skin is a snack, it can be used as a staple food to hungry and hungry. it can also be used as a dish to serve as a cold dish. both hot and cold, edible in all seasons.

qinghai people are not called hoes, but praised. "馍馍" is just a general term. the people of all ethnic groups in qinghai agricultural and semi-agricultural areas often eat a variety of dishes, such as hanamaki, oil-bag, oil cake, qulian, oily, hearth, hoe (the ancestral ancestor), shabu-shabu hey and so on. they are traditional gifts that are often carried by family members and friends during the holiday season. they are also the staple foods that are difficult to leave every meal. one of the most popular and popular is the shabu-shabu.

"dog pour urine" is a relatively common pasta making technique in the hehuang area of ​​qinghai. the pancake fried with clear oil (canola oil) is called "dog peeing" by the people because of the action of making the oil pan to pour the cake. ".

the milk skin is also called dry cheese. it is similar to the western food called "ji ji". it is one of the famous special products made by farmers in the interlaced area of ​​qinghai farming and animal husbandry. it is the most delicious nutritious food in milk products. its production history has been nearly a hundred years. the method of making the milk skin is to cook the fresh milk into the pot, control the firepower, cook it slightly, stir it constantly, let the water evaporate slowly, concentrate the milk juice, and condense it into a round yellow milk cake at the bottom of the pot. the shade is dry and ready.

sweet 醅 [pēi] is a traditional sweet food that qinghai han, tibetan, hui, tu, sala and other people like. sweet and fragrant, delicious and delicious, mostly jade (ie buckwheat), barley and other raw materials. the raw materials are easy to obtain, and the brewing is convenient. it can adjust the diet and can be used for guests. it is quite popular among the masses. there is a folk saying: "give your mouth, sweet and deserve."

raw lamb meat: a plateau. eating lamb meat is generally only available during the spring and autumn lambing period. practice: slaughter the lambs that have been born for 15 days or so, wash and cut into cubes of 3 to 6 cm, stir fry in the oil pan, add pasta sauce, spicy noodles, ginger powder, pepper powder, salt, etc. when the flesh is light yellow. repeatedly fry until the meat is red. add some cold water, seal the pot slowly, and dry the meat. its meat is tender, spicy and refreshing, dark red and soft.

the mutton of qinghai is exquisite in meat, fat and not greasy, and has excellent taste. especially the most popular among the qinghai people of dulan, chaka and qilian. among them, dulan and chaka are in haixi district. wulan county chaka sheep has enjoyed the reputation of “gongyang” in the court since ancient times. chaka sheep is a semi-fine wool sheep in the qinghai plateau. because of the natural saline-alkali pastures growing around the chaka salt lake, the forage is rich in minerals and has high salt content. with the surrounding medicinal plants such as medlar, cynomorium and astragalus, the tea mutton is delicious, with high protein content and good nutrition.

after receiving the top ten snacks in the first qinghai region of china, the yuebin building in xi'an district, xining city, qinghai province, once again won the first qinghai local special snack competition and the special gold medal snack of xining food festival held in qinghai.

qinglan cake is a famous food in qinghai. it is prepared from green glutinous flour and baked with rapeseed oil and fragrant bean foam. the golden color of the appearance has already mobilized the appetite. the aroma of the cake flutters in the air. it tastes crispy, sweet and delicious, and chews well. it can also taste the sweetness that is unique to the green. it is loved by many people. the cuisine.

there are many names for potatoes, but most people in qinghai call them artichokes. for the artichokes, there are many practices in qinghai people. the simpler and primitive ones are the artichokes, which are cooked in a special thick-skin aluminum pan. the method is simple but retains the original flavor of the artichoke. in contrast, the practice of acacia skinning is more complicated, but through this series of complex processing, the artichoke stuffed skin is also the favorite of qinghai people. to make the artichoke stuffed skin, first use a special iron wipe to grind the potatoes into mud. this step alone makes your arms sore. after all the potatoes have been polished, add a little salt and flour to the mashed potatoes to increase their toughness. if you try another egg, it will be better. finally, the leeks are chopped and cooked with hot oil. the oysters are cut into strips and mixed with leeks. a yam-flavored skin of qinghai people's potato complex can be served on the table.n

huahua is the most popular pasta for hui women in qinghai. it has beautiful appearance, like beautiful petals, beautiful patterns and various styles. it has the shape of pomegranate, lotus and chrysanthemum, as well as pepper, eggplant, garlic clove and bean-like. the main raw materials are flour, eggs, honey, jujube, brown sugar, etc. first, the various ingredients are mixed into the noodles according to their different colors, and then made into a piece of cake, which is then stacked and kneaded into a length of five centimeters. after the strips, cut into thin slices and pan into the pan, and there are all kinds of trees, flowers, birds and animals. the technique is plastic, pull, cut, etc., and then fried. this food has a beautiful appearance and a crispy entrance. it is a rare snack after a meal, and it is also one of the most popular dishes made by hui friends.

qinglan cake is a famous food in qinghai. it is made from green flour and baked with rapeseed oil and fragrant bean foam. the golden color of the appearance has already mobilized the appetite. the aroma of the cake flutters in the air. it tastes crispy, sweet and delicious, and chews well. it can also taste the sweetness that is unique to the green. it is loved by many people. the cuisine.

made with yak milk, the surface is made of creamy yellow stearin, and the skin is softened. the soft and sticky yoghurt is as white as snow as the bean curd. it is aromatic and fragrant. the mouth is sweet and sour.

the fried oil is a unique food of the hui nationality, and it is also the most common and symbolic food of the hui people. on the holidays, there will be oily figures.

藏" tibetan means the fried noodles, the raw material is green barley, the green barley is cold and drought-tolerant, suitable for plateau planting. the surface that is ground out is darker than wheat, but it is more hunger than wheat. the locals fry the green barley and grind it on the stone mill. in the rough noodles, it is fried noodles, and the tibetans call it 糍粑. usually the milk tea is placed in the bowl, then the glutinous rice, ghee, koala and sugar are placed, and then mixed and kneaded into small groups for consumption. the difficulty of mixing fried sesame oil is quite high. when you do it, you will sprinkle the fried noodles on the side of the bowl, and the tea will overflow from the other side. the skilled herders will not. they use the index finger to smash the center of the bowl twice, then pile back from the bowl side. squeeze and turn, mix it in a while. this kind of stirring food is made of cream, flour and other things. it is high in calories and high in nutrition. whether it is going out for shepherd or going out for a trip, the bag must always be loaded with cockroaches. the delicacies of the guests.