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the great rescue is one of the most famous traditional snacks in tengchong county, yunnan province. the big rescue is the snack of yunnan’s 18 strange. the prestigious emperor’s name to eat “great rescue” is a kind of fried bait. the method is to cut the bait into small pieces, plus ham, egg, meat, radish, tomato, etc. fried.

bean flower rice noodle is a famous snack in kunming, yunnan. the main materials are rice noodles, tofu brain, etc. the accessories include winter vegetables, monosodium glutamate, and leeks. the taste is spicy. it originated from the folk, and gradually became a unique variety in the snack bar. spicy and smooth, cheap and good, people joked to solve the food, eat and want to eat, love this line.

modern 粑粑, a snack in kunming. a food made from flour, corn or glutinous rice and lard, sesame, diced meat, etc. the word "modern" is derived from french and means fashionable. kunming people regard it as a beautiful meaning. the creator of the variety was the young and beautiful sister of the former kunming lujing road. the sales of the oysters produced by them were excellent. later, people called this snack a modern one. the modern clams are crispy, soft and easy to linger, sweet and not greasy, and have a creamy flavor.

in the bright copper pot, there is a thick broth, white and soft rice noodles, freshly minced minced meat, thick and spicy pure soy bean sauce, and a green leeks, slowly added to the boiling broth.nbefore the pot, the fragrant chili oil is poured up, and a bowl of the small pot rice noodles with the old memory of kunming is out of the pot. it is thick, thick, fresh, spicy, hot, and delicious to the depths of the soul.

the bait block (bait silk) is a traditional dish of yunnan. the "steamed bait wire" is the original creation of qujing. it formed a complete technique and concept in the ming dynasty, and then it has been enriched and improved. the bait block made of rice has a long history in yunnan, which is related to the origin of rice planting in yunnan. the selection and proportioning requirements of the ingredients in qujing steamed bait are very strict. use locally produced boiled bait blocks, hand-cut, and steamed to ensure that the bait is steamed, moderately soft and hard, and has a chewy head. the ingredients of the steamed bait are very rich and quite elegant. the specially prepared sweet soy sauce is carefully prepared with a certain proportion of spices. the sauerkraut is carefully marinated. the chili pepper is from qiubei, the pepper is from sichuan, and the star anise and grass fruit produced in guangxi are produced in henan. washed sesame and so on.

lushan meat bait silk is a unique snack in the daishan yi and hui autonomous county. according to legend, in the past, pi luoge used it to entertain the tang dynasty envoy, and since then it has become famous as a major brand of food culture in nanxun. it is still the most famous snack in nanxun ancient street. the bait silk is steamed, simmered, and simmered by the yellow rice. finally, the bait is mixed with the broth and added to the meat, onions, parsley, etc.

ham 坨 is a unique moon cake. the appearance of ham is brownish yellow, hard shell, crisp and not scattered, so it is also called "hard shell ham moon cake". ham ham, sweet and salty, oily but not greasy, with a strong ham flavor, is a must-have traditional food for the mid-autumn festival in yunnan.

“bridge bridge rice noodles” is a unique food in yunnan’s southern fujian region. it has a history of more than 100 years and was transmitted to kunming more than 50 years ago. the bridge rice noodle consists of four parts: one is a layer of rolling oil covered with soup; the other is seasoning, there are oily pepper, monosodium glutamate, pepper, salt; the third is the main ingredient, there are raw pork tenderloin slices, chicken fillets, black fish fillets, as well as five mature pork loin, belly slices, and shark fillets; the pea tips, leeks, and glutinous, onion, grass bud, ginger, magnolia, and simmered tofu skin; the fourth is the staple food, that is, the rice noodles that are slightly boiled with water. the chicken oil cover, the soup is hot, but not hot.

broken crispy buns are a unique snack in kunming. made from low-gluten flour, lard, cloud legs, and mushroom, it has developed a variety of flavors. broken buns contain protein, carbohydrates and vitamins, which are rich in nutrients and suitable for all ages. because this kind of steamed buns are famous, they have now entered the major hotels and restaurants in kunming from small folk restaurants or large stalls. they can taste the crispy buns in almost all kinds of high-end banquets, banquets, buffets and flavors. .

the flower cake is a shortbread of yunnan's unique edible rose, which is a representative of yunnan classic dessert with yunnan characteristics. most of the flower cakes are sold in yunnan local baking brands. the flower cake is also one of the classic representatives of the four moon cakes of china.

the cake-like food in yunnan is called “粑粑”. xizhou is a kind of snack that is popular in dali urban and rural areas. it is also known as broken crispy. it is a kind of wheat noodle cake with color, aroma and taste. the local bai traditional tradition is the most famous. xizhou has two flavors: sweet and salty, with savory green onion, salt and pepper; sweet cake with ham, diced meat and rose sugar to enhance the taste. whether it's sweet or salty, it's the ultimate natural scent, and the crispy and lustrous taste is full of praise.

the bait wire used in the material of the bait wire is hand-cut, because the hand-cut bait has a burr and is more able to absorb the essence of the material, which is one of the reasons why the bait wire is better. the thick soup is infiltrated into the white bait, and each one is full of ingredients. it is served with fresh green vegetables, and it is full of color and flavor.

the bean soup of pu'er county in simao city is famous for its soft, delicious and sweet taste. it is well-known in southeast asia. the rice is called the intestine powder of guangdong people. the practice of bean soup is to take the local round and full of dried peas. grind into bean flour, sieve it through three sieves, such as starch, put it in a pot and boil it into a paste-like bean soup, then cut the freshly steamed fresh rice into a strip of silk, put it into a bowl and pour the pea batter. soup, plus amaranth, bean sprouts, ginger and garlic soup, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil, oil chili and other condiments, accompanied by a dish of pickled radish or pickled cabbage, which is made into a dried pea soup, after eating

the milk fan is a special snack of dali. it is a kind of dairy product. the shape is more unique. the fresh milk is boiled and mixed with three-to-one edible acid to make it into a thin sheet. it is wrapped on a fine raft and dried. make a variety of dishes, cold, fried, and stir-fry. the palate is swelled and the mouth is ripe.

the broken crispy bag is a traditional snack in kunming. the crispy bun skin is soft and mellow, and it has a feeling of melting at the entrance. if you hold the bag and drop it, it will be broken and broken. the crispy stuffing is sweet and salty, and it is a popular snack for all ages.

the bridge rice noodle is the representative of yunnan snacks. it has a history of more than 100 years. after the continuous improvement and innovation of the chefs of the past, the bridge rice noodle production has been well-established, and it is no longer a simple famous snack. it has become a food culture.

the small pot rice noodle is a large genre in the yunnan rice noodle line. it is one of the favorite rice noodle cooking methods in kunming. it is famous for its delicious taste and unrelenting taste. the biggest feature is: cooking in a copper pot, a small casserole or a small can, cooking only one bowl in a pot, and cooking only with fresh meat.

lushan meat bait silk is one of dali's famous snacks, originated from dalishan county. the meat of the lushan meat bait is distinct, the soup is white and thick, the meat is fat but not greasy, the lean meat is tender and sweet, the bait silk is soft and delicate, and the fragrance is fragrant, it is endless and unforgettable.

bait silk is another rice product in addition to rice noodles in yunnan. the production and taste of bait silk are completely different from rice noodles. the bait silk tastes soft and musk, and the rice noodles are smooth and smooth. the halogen bait is a special snack of kunming. the soup is dried and prepared with various ingredients. the taste is delicious and delicious.

the pictogram pumpkin cake is a special snack made from glutinous rice noodles, pumpkin, carrots, etc. it is famous for its bright color, soft and sweet taste, mellow aroma and suitable for both young and old. the shape of the pumpkin-shaped pumpkin cake looks like a concentrated little pumpkin, hence the name.

jianshui tofu, also known as lin'an tofu, is a traditional and famous specialty in jianshui county, yunnan province. every city has a kind of food to represent it, but if you have read the first issue of china on the tip of your tongue, you will know that jianshui tofu is a list of foods that the foodies are rushing to copy. it is this one. representative of historical and cultural cities.

pineapple purple rice is a special dish of xishuangbanna. it is both a staple food and a dish, and it is relatively simple to make. need a whole pineapple, remove the handle and the long pointed leaves, and cut off the top pineapple cover, remove the pineapple heart, soak the purple glutinous rice for 7 hours, put it into the pineapple shell, cover the pineapple cover and cook until the aroma is fragrant. just fine. the acidity and sweetness of pineapple are combined with the softness and scent of purple glutinous rice. the rice is mixed with pineapple scent. it tastes sweet and refreshing, and contains high nutritional value.