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sichuan food

"the bean flower does not need beans, the chicken does not see the chicken, the flower is not the flower." the chicken bean flower product is almost the same as the bean flower. the white one has a light yellow marinade, but it does not contain beans. it is rumored that this dish used to be a royal product in the palace. first, use a thick knife to slap the chicken chop, and you can't smash it. then, together with the egg white, you can make this “chicken flower” that is unique in the world. the taste is light and smooth, and there is no chicken or bean flavor. it is really wonderful.

fish-flavored pork is a common sichuan dish. fish fragrance is one of the main traditional flavors of sichuan cuisine. the dish has a fishy aroma and its flavor is prepared from seasonings. this method is derived from the unique method of cooking fish in sichuan, and has been widely used in sichuan cuisine.

kung pao chicken is made from the ingredients of the cockerel cock and the ingredients such as chillies. this dish is red but not spicy, spicy but not fierce, spicy and strong, and fleshy and crisp. it is rumored that the founder of this dish, ding baozhen, guizhou zhijin, has served as the governor of shandong, the governor of sichuan, and often greets guests with this dish in his hometown.

mapo tofu - a traditional sichuan dish, was founded in the early years of qing tongye. at that time, there was a chen xingsheng rice shop in wanfu bridge in the northern suburbs of chengdu. the chef of the chef was chen liu, the wife of the owner chen chunfu. she is made from fresh tofu, beef minced meat, chili, pepper, bean paste and so on. the tofu she cooked, hemp, spicy, hot, tender, delicious, very popular, people are more and more addicted, the reputation spread gradually, because there are a few pockmarks on her face, it is known as mapo tofu, since then, it has been famous throughout the country.

sichuan famous dish, also known as shabu-shabu meat, is said to be the first dish of the sichuan people in the first and fifteenth tooth festival (improving life). at that time, most of the practices were first boiled and then fried. at the end of the qing dynasty, there was an hanlin with a surname of ling. because of his frustration, he retired his home and studied cooking. he changed the original boiled pork to the first taste of the pork, and then steamed it in a sealed container to fry the vegetables. because it is steamed to cooked for a long time, it reduces the loss of soluble protein, maintains the rich flavor of the meat, the original taste is not lost, and the color is bright red. since then, the long-steamed pork meat of the famous noise city has spread.

the couple's lungs are a famous sichuan dish, created by guo chaohua and zhang tianzheng. usually, the bovine scalp, the beef heart, the beef tongue, the tripe, and the beef are used as the main material, and the mixture is marinated and then sliced. then, with red pepper oil, pepper noodles and other accessories, red oil is poured on it. the couple's lungs are finely made, beautiful in color, fresh in taste, spicy and fragrant, very palatable.

daqian dried fish is a traditional dish in sichuan. it is the home of the world famous chinese painting master zhang daqian. daqian is good at eating the famous sichuan cuisine. he not only enjoyed the reputation of tianfu in his early years, but also spread the dishes to hong kong and taiwan in his later years. the hometown of sichuan’s neijiang river has been a popular home-cooked food.

boiling cabbage is the representative and essence of sichuan cuisine. the production process is more complicated, and the key is to make soup. remember that the soup is an old hen big bone for a long time, and then use the chopped lean meat into the soup to absorb the surface oil and freshen. as long as the cabbage is boiled in the boiled cabbage, boil in boiling water, steamed in a large bowl filled with clear water, and finally pick up the cabbage and put it into the prepared soup. this dish is characterized by a "fresh" word! fresh and incomparable, not a little bit of oil star, unique, wonderful!

ya fish, an important food fish for the zhougong river in ya'an, is known as the slashing fish, also known as jiayu. ancient called acupoint fish. it has the characteristics of more meat, less thorns and tenderness. it is the superior of the fresh cooking ingredients in chuanzhong. du fu, a poet of the tang dynasty, said: "the fish knows that the acupoint comes from the united states, and the wine recalls that the tube does not need to be smashed", and praises the beauty of the yak. "casserole yayu" is a savory and savory type, which is often used for the banquet to "play the stage". in recent years, it has been changed to serve the eater. after entering the mat, the casserole remains boiling, the fragrance is overflowing, the fish is tender and fresh, and the nutrition is rich.

the qingjiang river group is a traditional and famous dish in the leshan area of ​​sichuan province. it is made from steamed fish and ham. the shape of the dish is beautiful, the meat is plump and tender, and the soup is fresh and delicious.