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squid rice noodles, specially selected golden squid, meat is more elastic than white squid, each one pound of fat and golden glutinous rice, after being micro-fried, locks its sweetness, and the fish body is thicker, whether it is eaten at home or feast guest, they are all very sincere cuisine.

fried chicken rolls are authentic minnan snacks. they are commonly known as fried spiced rice in taiwanese snacks. the fried chicken rolls are made from chicken breast, fish paste and rot. the fried chicken rolls are fried in a sautéed pan and fried in a shape that is as long as a duck neck. the fried chicken rolls are crispy and crispy, and they are served with a little sauce. the taste is very special.

the taipa noodle line (taiwanese dialect) is one of the most distinctive traditional snacks in taiwan. the main ingredients are taipa (small oysters) and noodles. for the taiwanese, the taipa noodle line is like the guangzhou people's feelings about the intestinal powder and the wonton noodles. it is also the food all over the streets, but it is the taste of the hometown. a small bowl of seemingly unappealing clam noodles is an indispensable snack food in the night market. the key to good food is the freshness of the clam and the q strength of the noodle. use the characteristics of the red noodle line which is not easy to be rotten. add the soup and cook it. then add the fresh clams and the brined large intestines that have been scalded in sichuan. when eating, topped with vinegar, special sauce, etc., and finally sprinkle some coriander to taste. enjoy it all.

the snail snail garlic is a classic old dish, and it is also a chinese dish that often appears on the table in the chinese new year. as its name suggests, the whole soup is made from snail meat, squid and garlic. coupled with pork chops and winter bamboo shoots, the soup head adds a sweet and sweet soup flavor. q sweet snail meat, soft and small platter, crisp bamboo shoots, soaked in the broth of garlic, easy to stew with a hot pot to cook a whole pot of fresh taste!

the dish is a home-cooked dish, popular in taiwan, fujian, and guangdong. it is mixed with vegetables and fried in the eggs, sometimes adding some onions. the "脯" of the dish is often written as "feeding". in fact, the word "脯" is written, the meaning of "脯" is dried meat, the "vegetable meal" is the dried radish, and the minnan language is used to the radish is the “head of the dish”, so the dried radish is called “vegetable meal”.

mushroom meat chop is a dish made from shiitake mushrooms and meat chop as main ingredients, belonging to home cooking.

egg cucumber is a gourmet food, the ingredients are pork leg meat, cucumber sauce, duck egg yolk. put the twisted meat into the bowl, add the twisted sauce cucumber, rice wine, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, pepper, sugar, chicken powder and stir until completely absorbed. put the egg yolk under the jar and put the mixed meat into the dish. in the can, add steamed juice (about 20 minutes) to serve.

bean clam is a gourmet food, the main production materials are clams, tender tofu and so on.

the charm of the chicken pig's intestines, the color of the soup head, and the glue that is stewed on the head, the scent of the scent of the kung fu dish when the table is served, the ginger is cooked for a long time, and bitten not so hot at all! the chicken is very soft and tender, and the pork belly is very clean and completely odorless. although it grows a bit scary, but because the meat is rich in gum, it helps the skin, so it is not only loved by male friends, but also many women who love beauty. .

pineapple bitter gourd chicken is a gourmet food. the main ingredients are salted pineapple, chicken, white bitter gourd, bonito fish, and dried fish. it has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying. the pineapple bitter gourd chicken belongs to taiwanese cuisine and is also a well-known dish in taiwanese cuisine. it is available in the general market.