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gan home community lemon duck was founded in the early eighties of the last century, adhering to provide healthy, delicious food of early heart to promote guangxi specialties as the goal, lemon duck playing guangxi dishes. in recent years, gan home community lemon duck constantly improve and perfect their own products and services, award-winning. since 2007, gan home community lemon ducks were given the "most local gourmet food and drink," "the image of guangxi catering shop", "gui vegetables theme restaurant" "guilin, guangxi cuisine dishes," "guangxi brand-name food service business," "gold gui dish award "and" most popular guangxi folk food brand "and" catering nanning old "," guangxi famous restaurant "" world-class green food enterprises "honorary title.

mingyuan hotel, the earliest hotel in nanning involving foreign affairs, was built in 1952 and is located in the downtown area of nanning. it covers an area of 60000 square meters, 51% of which is covered by greens and blossoming flowers. pavilions and ponds are dotted in this garden of south-china style. there is one main building, one wing building and four villas inside the courtyard, more than 250 various deluxe rooms, totally more than 480 beds. among them,

master yu wang sashimi non-material cultural heritage heir, but also making skills heng sashimi heritage base. restaurants in heng fu masters master more than can be called "sashimi industry" gurus. his three pioneering, grinding sashimi knife, two decades from workers on a construction site initially, and now as "sashimi king" heng veritable. in the effort to master more than the rich, in 2015, i master named wang gui sashimi dishes, diners sashimi, has become gui vegetables dishes.

and has been high star diner praise

"chen gourmet" is located in beihai city, guangxi, yunnan road and southwest boulevard interchange, in august 2014 officially opened, the restaurant industry is a north sea well-known brands, which produced the award-winning range of dining in the north sea game, " chen food "is also the north sea cuisine association governing units.

in liuzhou yufeng district remembrance road intersection and butterflies mountain, an antique ming and qing style buildings impressively stands in a beautiful small mountain - this is the liuzhou kam kwai house bakery, so far, nearly 30 years history. there"s about ten baked pastry store, she is the only one in the whole guangxi to cultural heritage of ancient and modern pastry-oriented cuisine museum. dining here, everything with "ancient" word association, from the ming and qing style decor, the cuisine far apart meta, fluttering red lanterns, carved window edge, jiangnan style of the hall, pavilions, antiques like confectionery molds his best to restore meaning of classic chinese food culture, called complement national food and unique cultural heritage.

beihai chenmao beach hotel is subordinate to zunmao hotel group, a listed subsidiary of china telecom group. it is the first four-star hotel in beihai. it is located in the national 4a tourist resort of beihai silver beach. it is the nearest four-star leisure resort hotel to yintan. the geographical location is superior and the environment is beautiful. beihai chenmao beach hotel was opened on august 3, 2000. it is a designated hotel of the party and government organs, a member of the international golden key organization, a member of china"s famous hotel organization, china"s golden leaf green tourism hotel, guangxi"s top ten leisure hotels, beihai"s top ten hotels, guangxi"s remote pension league member unit, guangxi hotel management association"s president unit, and beihai tourism association"s president unit.

yao palace restaurant is located in riverside park in nanning, guilin gongcheng camellia to play the main character, comes guangxi flavor specialties. yao palace was first founded in 2008, from 2009 to the present has been rated as an international tourist food brand, as a representative of guangxi ethnic food culture, not only received cctv and provincial delegations during the previous asean expo, and host to the world"s legendary basketball star people - o"neal. moreover, the unique national characteristics dining environment also attracted by the famous actor xie park, wu gang starring "farmers basketball team" crew to location shooting.

yangshuo beer fish is currently the largest chain store by the government and the national association of cooking and television jointly issued by the impartial and fair gold medal at the only beer fish get units. currently operates four stores, respectively, chinatown chef beer fish food city, west street home chef beer fish taste museum, chef and chef beer fish beer fish shop pinnacle stall, the store good location.

when it comes to huang"s real snail powder, almost all liuzhou do not know. it has been 32 years since she set up a stall in yingshan street in 1987. in these decades, huang"s shop has gone from roadside stall to more than 100 branches all over the country. located in the throne of central guangxi, the head office of huang"s genuine snail powder has gone through its tenth year. in the 1980s, snail powder soup was made with tube bones and snails. now, in order to balance nutrition and pursue health, huang has added dangshen, jujube, perilla and various traditional chinese medicines to the bone soup to synthesize the cold nature of snails.

xinxin hotel is located in baise city, north second road 18-1, according to national standards for the construction and operation of four-star, tourism, business, conferences, dining, entertainment, shopping in one of the garden-style hotel. xinxin local restaurants signature dishes, gourmet blend of a north-south, so you enjoy a variety of delicacies personally in the first-class chefs. xin xin hotel, baise hotel as a subsidiary, passing all kinds of signature dishes baise hotel. for example fairy jump off the wall, big buns, pork and other baise restaurants, local people are familiar with the taste of food.

house foods co., ltd. guangxi, western guangdong new own brand "new western building" from the early 20th century, which is to "wrap chicken" famous guangdong, guangxi and hong kong and macao. chicken wrap, originated in the qing dynasty, dating back more than 150 years of history. as a well-known traditional cuisine of guangdong and guangxi, profitability, "china must" reputation on its national cooking contest held in 1983 in beijing's great hall; driven brand new building in western guangdong, wrap chicken production techniques in 2016 is selected in guangxi intangible cultural heritage, and won the "chinese dishes" title at the 15th chinese food festival.

minggui rice noodles is an old shop for more than 30 years, and it is one of the earliest individual businesses in guilin after the reform and opening up. due to its unique ancestral brine formula and cooking technology, the pink rice flour has a unique flavor, which has become the representative of guilin rice noodles and is welcomed by hong kong, macao and taiwan compatriots and foreign tourists. brine production technology was selected as the intangible cultural heritage. in 2016, the number of diners exceeded 4 million, and guilin ranked first.

early last century, the "petite champagne" set up shop in the center of guilin, the traditional pork, homemade fried dishes, authentic flavors famous all over the city. thirty years time created a "petite champagne" strong "guilin taste." with the "petite champagne" four generations of people dining tradition, now it has grown into a "local food and drink", "tourism and culture catering" based "petite champagne restaurant", "champagne restaurant city", "gui star art theme meal square "three brand five branches of restaurant chain stores throughout diecai district, xiangshan district, xiufeng district high-tech zone and seven major urban areas. "petite champagne" to gui food for the foundation, set sichuan, hunan, director of the heritage of chinese food culture essence of innovation, promote the integration of local specialties, leading the new trend of modern gui vegetables, guilin has become well-known mainstream catering business

hezhou international hotel is located babu district, sitting in prime locations bustling city center, near the city of irs, government, transportation is very convenient transactions, there is paid parking. hezhou hezhou international hotel is the first foreign hotel, with clean and comfortable rooms of various types. rooms are equipped according to star standard, equipped with dry suitcase, clothesline and other facilities. it offers cross-strait coffee restaurant, han sinan us barbecue buffet restaurant, a western restaurant, offers guests well-cooked food.

guangxi taste of square catering investment management co., ltd. liuzhou is a local catering business, signs dishes as snail powder. originated in 2003 square liuzhou taste of the food stalls, after ten years of development, is now owned liuzhou yufeng district square nishi taste of the flavor museum, liuzhou dish food culture museum, restaurant yufeng district museum, open days holiday hotels, yufeng district koyanagi sub-food businesses such as industrial comprehensive hotel catering industrial investment management corporation. the company is liuzhou food alliance president of the association unit, the company's chairman, mr. ni diao yang is the chinese master chef and kitchen china gold award winner.

special dishes: roast beef feet with tin foil (produced by feining), pork brown in bamboo tube (hand-made, boiled for 8 hours with water tank and firewood).

a total of one old friend noodles originated in the 1950s. the former state-owned nanning no.2 catering company opened the first old friend noodle shop zhongshan restaurant, which soon became famous for its authentic taste. after restructuring, they changed their names several times. however, both the former yaguang industrial corporation and today"s nanning yuansheng trading co., ltd., their old friends" flour noodles occupied a dominant position in the history of nanning flavor snacks. they were recognized as "chinese famous snacks" in 1997, and were listed in the second batch of autonomous region level intangible cultural heritage list in 2007, and more than 20 branches were opened in prosperity. many honors have been added to the body, but in the view of wei jianying, the fourth generation inheritor of intangible cultural heritage, they are all made from the most basic bowl of old friends noodles by generations.

september 7, 2017 huanjiang county business council, the food and drug administration jointly guangxi cooking food industry associations to carry out huanjiang pigs specialties display and selection activities in china star hotel.

beihai shangri la hotel is the only foreign-related five-star hotel brand in beihai, which has served beihai for 18 years. "i have a house facing the sea with warm spring flowers" is the most appropriate description of the hotel"s geographical location. there are 364 rooms in the hotel, ranging from 36 square meters to 180 square meters. the hotel is surrounded by picturesque beibu gulf and fishing boats shuttling back and forth. the view from the guest room is very relaxed. it is said that the beautiful scenery is delicious. what shows us is not only the scenery, but also the distinctive beihai cuisine.

standing at the door of shuji on qixing road, a strong fragrance comes to your face. as a time-honored brand of "nanning"s first delicious food", it"s not closed all day. it"s full of lights and aroma. i want a bowl of old friends beef noodles with pig offal, fresh pickled beef, pig powder sausage, pig liver, pig small intestine, pig skin and fried with old friends, until the last bowl is filled with endless ingredients. there are so many people in the market that they have to queue up whenever they go. shuji rice noodle shop, which has been operating for more than 30 years, is such an old brand.