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gansu specialty

due to the superior climatic conditions of qin'an, the famous "hua niu" apples have been nurtured. the newly developed 4-5 generations of "hua niu" and fuji series apples are more mellow and mellow, with a fruitful shape and unique flavor. they are exported to foreign countries. , nepal, india and other countries, domestic shanghai, guangzhou, hunan, hebei, inner mongolia, qinghai and other places.

lanzhou lily is a famous specialty in gansu. its color is white and jade, and its flesh is rich and sweet. professor gong xianwu, a famous plant taxonomy expert in china, commented: “lanzhou lily is very sweet, with few fibers and no bitter taste. it is not only famous throughout the country, but also called the world number one."

jingning apple is famous for its bright color, large shape, smooth fruit, fine and juicy juice, moderate sweet and sour taste, crisp and sweet taste, strong hardness, long shelf life, extremely resistant to storage and long-distance transportation. jingning's unique geographical, climatic and soil characteristics are very beneficial to apple production and have been rated as “the best growing area for eugenic apples on the loess plateau” by the ministry of agriculture.

wudu district has a long history of planting pepper. it is known as the “millennium pepper township”. since the tang dynasty, wudu pepper has been a tribute to the dynasty. it is popular in the quartet and is enduring.

the apple varieties of lixian county mainly include marshal, fuji and golden crown. lixian apple has a high hardness, bright fruit color, neat fruit, sweet and sour taste, rich aroma, crisp and tender flesh, rich nutrition and excellent taste. lixian apple has a thick skin layer and high pectin content, which is resistant to storage and transportation.

the wenxian county party is known as the "pattern party" because its roots are densely striped and pass through more than half of the roots. the party has roots in medicine, is flat and sweet, and has the effect of replenishing vital energy. because of the content of effective medicinal ingredients, it enjoys a high reputation. the party contains alkaloids, sucrose, inulin, glucose, starch, mucus and various trace elements, vitamins b1 and b2. the main features of wenxian county party are: "the lion head is chrysanthemum heart, the outer pine is tight and flexible, the body is thick and thick, and the taste is sweet and chewy without slag."

kang county is a green treasure land in gansu. the forest coverage rate in the territory is as high as 84%. it is rare in china. in the dense forest, there are more than 700 species of higher plants in 172 families, among which the tree species suitable for the growth of edible fungi such as black fungus up to 4 there are 17 species of 6 genera, covering an area of ​​1.1 million mu. there are more than 600 large fungi growing in the forest, which provides a good ecological environment for the growth and reproduction of black fungus. kangxian black fungus is an excellent strain selected from the natural growth of wild fungus in kangxian county. the fruit body is colloidal, the ear shape is irregular, and the shape is more chrysanthemum. the meat is thick and thick, fresh and soft, and the horny and color after drying. black brown. kangxian black fungus is cultivated with segment wood. it is rich in cellulose, vegetable gum, fat and polysaccharide colloid. it is soft to the taste, lubricated, delicious and tender. it is a high-grade tonic and its nutrition is unique. the quality is well-known at home and abroad, and it is selling well in the market.

two wolf tooth honey named for its honey source plant is a wolf tooth thorn, the wolf tooth thorn, scientific name: white thorn flower. common name: sheep fruit eye thorn. because its thorn is like a spike, it is called a wolf tooth thorn by the locals. "two when the wolf honey" fragrance is warm and warm, pure and elegant, refreshing and mellow, fresh and delicious, sweet and not greasy. it has the unique floral aroma of the honey plant wolf tooth flower, which is the top grade in honey.

ginkgo biloba is a natural wild special in huixian county. the fruit is small, and the outer peel is golden yellow like kumquat. the seed nucleus is nearly round or elliptical. the fresh seed nucleus is white marble or fish belly white. if it is a plate, xiao ruomei nuclear, welcome looking at the light, it looks like a white pearl. the shell is thicker, the flesh is thick and tender, the juice is full, and there is no smell. after processing, the yellow and yellow are transparent, the texture is fine, the entrance is soft and delicate, fresh and sweet, the tendons are elastic, and the aftertaste is slightly bitter. it is favored by consumers because of its rich nutrition, delicious taste, low embryogenic rate, high germination rate and high quality.

more than 2,000 years ago, guo yigong of jin dynasty had made such an evaluation on the walnuts in chengxian and surrounding areas in "guangzhi": "chencang walnuts have thin skin and multiple muscles, and yinping walnuts are large and brittle and rushed." geographical conditions are suitable for the growth of walnuts. therefore, compared with other places, chengxian walnut trees are strong, fruit-shaped gardens, thin skin, full of meat, pure meat, high oil yield, and are well received by domestic and foreign merchants and consumers. favored. the 40-year-old tree can reach 13 meters in height, 1.5 meters in dry circumference and more than 10 meters in diameter. the fruit has a large suture line, smooth fruit shell, light yellow or light amber color, rich and full, no odor, sweet and delicious. rich in nutrition and high quality.

linyi dahlia is popular with people for its excellent traits, rich colors and unique charm. at the 1999 kunming world horticultural exposition, “linyi dahua” won 30 awards (1 grand prize, 5 gold medals, 17 silver medals and 7 bronze medals). hong kong's "wen wei po" also published an article "linyi da li spent the limelight at the world expo", and highly praised "linyi da li hua", known as "the world's largest and most beautiful flower."

lixian county rhubarb is an excellent variety of chinese herbal medicines, special product of lixian county, gansu province. it is mainly produced in the county of lishui township, also known as "lishui rhubarb" and "yellow yellow". lixian is a palm leaf rhubarb, and its production history began in the han dynasty. lixian rhubarb has a large block shape, solid texture, fragrant smell, good pharmacological properties, good quality, and the highest active ingredient content in china.

pingliang golden fruit has unique qualities such as “beautiful appearance, delicate meat, rich aroma and long shelf life”. compared with old apple producing areas such as shandong and shaanxi: first, the fruit is large, the fruit shape is high and the pile is straight, the color is bright, the fruit surface is smooth and the wax layer is thick. second, the soluble solids and vitamin c content are high, and the ratio of sugar to acid is suitable. third, it is hard and resistant to storage and transportation.

daylily, also known as day lily, valerian, is a perennial flower plant of the family liliaceae. it is one of the few plants in the world that feed on flowers. "viewing flowers, eating vegetables, and using medicine" is the most appropriate portrayal of qingyang daylily. su dongpo, a poet of the song dynasty, wrote a sigh of praise: "the sedge of the sedge is a slight flower, and the lonely show can extricate itself."

minqin has been the main producing area of ​​ural licorice since ancient times. minqin licorice has red color, tight bones, less fiber, sweetness and high content of glycyrrhizic acid. the domestic pharmaceutical industry has always said that "the people are willing to return."

the special product of gannan prefecture in gansu province, dianbu nigma pig, diebu nigma pig, also known as diebu tibetan pig, diebu tibetan pig, named after the plant called a fern (ginseng fruit), is the dui the tibetan ancestors were domesticated by wild boars. the main producing area is located in the alpine valley between 2000 and 4000 meters above sea level in diebu county. it is a short-brown ancient pig breed. the mouthpiece is long and straight, conical, and the length of the limbs is moderate. the coat is thick and thick, mostly black, with an average body weight of 22kg at 12 months. it is cold-resistant and resistant to strong sunlight. responsive and well organized.

jinhui liquor uses high-quality sorghum, rice, glutinous rice, wheat, corn and spring water as raw materials. the medium-high temperature daqu made from high-quality pure wheat is saccharified, fermented and scented. it uses a century-old dianchi lake and adopts the traditional sequel. the steam production process is combined with the innovative “six-point method” (ie, layered fermentation, layered and smashed, split batching, layered distillation, staged wine picking, and grading storage). it is fermented, distilled, aged and blended. the product has the unique style of “colorless and transparent, musk rich, fragrant, sweet and refreshing, soft and harmonious, and the tail is long and fragrant. at the same time, she has the elegance and fragrance of northern liquor. alcohol, ganzi, and southern white wine are rich in flavor, sweet, refreshing and long-lasting. jinhui wine has won the favor and love of consumers with its unique style, and has become a good gift for people. good product.

hongchuan wine inherits the development of real grain, and has long adhered to the creed of “pure grain brewing”. on the basis of traditional crafts, it constantly explores and innovates, using high-quality sorghum, rice, glutinous rice, wheat and corn as raw materials to high quality. wheat and barley are made into medium-high temperature daqu as saccharification and starter. they are used in the century-old dianchi lake. they are brewed by traditional continuous fermentation, mixed steaming and burning, and fermented, distilled, stored, aged, blended and seasoned. the product has the unique style of “colorless and transparent, musk-rich, natural, pleasant, mellow, sweet and refreshing, harmonious, long-lasting, full-bodied”. the model, the rookie in the wine, has become a treasure of people's banquets and gifts.

the shadows of huanxian county are rich and splendid, and have a long history. the singing is melodious and exquisite, the shape is exquisitely carved, the props are traditionally flexible, and the acting is magical and superb. it is a typical art form of farming culture and a folk circulation of taoist culture. it is also the loess plateau and even the yellow river basin. retaining the most complete original art form is not only a symbol of the culture of huan county, but also a precious intangible cultural heritage.

the luminous cup, as the name suggests, will shine in the moonlight in the night. there is a poem in the tang dynasty: the grape wine wine luminous cup, want to drink immediately. drunk lying in the sand field jun mo laughed, the ancients came to fight a few people back. jiuquan luminous cup is a famous specialty of gansu jiuquan. it is a valuable drinking utensil with a long history. on may 20, 2006, jiuquan luguang cup was approved by the state council to be included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage.

qingyang embroidery is a kind of folk handicraft with exquisite workmanship and traditional features. it embodies the hard work and wisdom of working women in qingyang area, and demonstrates their artistic creativity. its quaint, honest and rough artistic style. with the delicate and delicate embroidery of jiangnan, xiang embroidery is quite interesting.

it has been cultivated for more than 2,000 years. it is one of the origins of chinese tartary buckwheat. the four mountain ranges of huajialing, lulushan, heiyanshan and jiangangshan above 2,300 meters above sea level have become bitter due to their special natural environment. traditional buckwheat planting area. bitter buckwheat only has a unique quality when grown in a unique natural environment above 2,100 meters above sea level. bitter buckwheat grown in a special environment is known as the "king of the grain", and its health-care properties are in the "compendium of materia medica" and "therapeutic materia medica" it is recorded in the code.