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national intangible cultural heritage "juchunyuan pretenders production techniques," the birthplace ─ juchunyuan hotel is located in fuzhou city, fujian province king of the land dongjiekou, is well-known china a hundred years old juchunyuan future for. 11-storey hotel building area of ​​16,000 square meters, with 130 (set) various types of rooms, comfortable and cozy, elegant, high-quality service to the guests to feel at home. to cook "pretenders" world famous fragrance garden on the fourth floor, the third floor of poly spring gathering in restaurant, many business fujian delicacy; poly xiangyuan second floor cafeteria serves fine chinese and western cuisine, a blend of delicacies, it is fragrant cheek teeth .

nine is the literati literati downtown in the wind, not the door can be drawn in front of the elegant, well-proportioned inside the hall, are photographed before diners made circle of friends to eat, brush microblogging. sohu selected the "100 best chinese restaurant to eat", the fuzhou four selected restaurants, among them this "literati nine." nine is the only literati of ancient china, fuzhou b & b and traditional festive venue, where many local families choose to do traditional chinese wedding. do is authentic fujian, where there are pretenders after uncovering something smells ceremony in order and began to eat.

hanjiang built hotel of hong kong-owned enterprises, is set accommodation, catering, entertainment, shopping, leisure and tourism as an integrated three-star hotel. the hotel is located in putian city, the bustling new district area, away from fuzhou changle airport is only one hour away from the national tourist mecca - matsu is only an hour away from the train station hanjiang, hanjiang only 10 high-speed intersection minutes, transportation, travel is very convenient.

it is also a cultural complex that is hard to give up

hongcuo no.8 is a private restaurant with minnan flavor in xiamen. although it has been quite low-key, its good reputation still makes the restaurant famous in xiamen food circle. the restaurant is located at no.8, lianhua yiai road, xiamen (next to weipai mingdian hotel). walking through a bridge corridor with green bamboo on both sides, you can see an antique gate with red walls and green tiles, red lanterns and couplets, flowers with water drops on the eaves, and the air is fresh. it seems that you have come to a paradise in the world.

fuzhou shanggan catering management co., ltd. is a catering and food chain enterprise integrating brand operation, chain management, food material supply and online e-commerce. the chain brand of "shanggan snacks" was founded in 1936, focusing on the inheritance and innovation of fuzhou traditional snacks. it has been awarded the title of "fujian time honored brand" by fujian provincial department of commerce, and is well known in fuzhou.

shangqing means "the freshest" in minnan dialect. this is consistent with shangqing"s insistence on hong kong seafood: only the freshest wild seafood ingredients can produce the most delicious seafood dishes. bamboo chairs and stone decorations, which we haven"t seen for a long time, all echo the words on the shop signs: "shops opened by fishermen and taoists, seafood restaurants by minnan people.". gourmet cai lan, director of "tip of the tongue" chen xiaoqing and other celebrities are all paying attention to this store.

south putuo temple in xiamen city industrial corporation located in xiamen city, the famous tourist attractions - the focus of south putuo temple temple, tourism, tourist attraction in one of the buddha, incense dingwang throughout the year, at home and abroad enjoy a high reputation, clean and beautiful environment here , trees, majestic temples, fine filled, round flowers, to become a tourist must visit to xiamen.

in 1982, 23-year-old zhang jintao veterans returned home after the new spring, with their flexible mind and spirit to endure hardship at home to open a restaurant, put up "a bridge hotel" brand, began operating from the hotel business career. xinquan cuisine has a long history, with river fish delicious, fresh tofu is known. in 2000, new springs establishment of a new spring gastronomic society, and strive to build a new spring food brand, accelerate the development of food industry. food association actively participated in international team, the domestic food exhibition, to create a brand new spring dishes. "bean feast" was named china feast, "shabu nine", "river fish stew tofu" was named the chinese dishes, zhang jintao, who was named chinese chefs.

yongding hakka cuisine has a long history. it has a wide range of materials and fine workmanship. it has formed its own unique style and won many awards in various food competitions. in 2016, yongding taro dumplings stood out among more than 100 varieties in the province, and was successfully selected into the "top ten famous snacks in fujian", becoming the only delicious snack in longyan city who won this honor.

the bund, which is part of asia chic group, will officially open before 2018 and will be located on the sixth floor of bund 5. the main products are jiangxian and a small number of seafood. most of them are high-grade goods delivered directly from jiangyin on the same day, and most of them are wild varieties. because the source of this kind of food relying on nature is not stable, when it is out of stock, it will be supplemented by a small number of seafood from the coastal areas of fujian province. there are not only wild sea flower shrimp, but also taishan yan crab, giant sea ghost shrimp and red and yellow rose.

"meat with lee yan old shop" from the qing dynasty years (1876) in the "lanes" set up shop has more than 130 years, is making fuzhou yan skin meat cooked "peace swallow" the famous old shop. the store founder chen officer fired, the lanes set up shop, the production of meat yan cover feeder lanes and courtiers home chef private kitchens. 20 years later, the second generation descendant of chen qi heart expand production scale, not only yan skin meat supply lanes and dignitaries, but also those who supply officer kitchen, private kitchen, such as "lion zai zai", "sin hing museum" and "poly spring garden "and other restaurant in fuzhou renowned.

xiamen haiyue villa is located on the beautiful huandao road of xiamen, adjacent to the huangcuo beach. the wonders of jinmen, dadan and erdan islands in taiwan, baodao, and shuanglong playing with pearls can be seen. the hotel combines the beautiful seaside style and the world-class garden landscape. it is a top-level hotel suitable for leisure vacation, conference and business travel.

changting tobacco hotel is built by fujian changting tobacco company itc, accommodation, catering, conference, business, leisure and shopping in one of the three-star tourist hotel. the hotel is located in historical and cultural city --- tingzhou a prime location in the ancient city of changting hakka mother river dingjiang coast, 0.5 km from the bus station, 2 km railway station, convenient transportation and elegant environment.

mount wuyi is one to be saved over 12 century landscape. china wuyi mountain is a famous scenic area and summer resort, known as fujian first mountain, known as "bishuidanshan" "qixiu southeast" reputation. wuyishan jeweled hotel is located in wuyishan city liu yong road (next to the phoenix concert) from wuyishan station 2.1km.

china chongwu town is the most complete t-shaped stone city, is a set of coastal scenery, historical relics, folk customs, carving art in one of the national aaaa level scenic spots, known as "natural studio", "south beidaihe "because it has a beautiful five-star holiday inn west gulf west gulf and become a favorite tourist resort. plump oysters, fresh lobster, fresh shellfish, campfire dinner, sitting on the beach while eating food, while watching the fire dance performances, eat fresh seafood in most west gulf with the cheapest price, eat their goods this holiday season definitely can enjoy eat them!

fujian mountains and the sea, the famous delicacies, located northeast of ningde in fujian, has a long coastline, abundant seafood rich variety, excellent quality, especially in all kinds of small fish, many of them are unique to ningde, ningde with unique way cooked, eaten people are full of praise.

haitan ancient city, located in pingtan island, the largest island in fujian province, is an antique building complex built in the architectural style of "fujian and taiwan" and built according to the national 5a level tourist attraction. with the theme of fujian vietnam marine culture, coastal defense culture and maritime silk culture, it is the first island tourism ancient city in china.

chic1699 ocean private kitchen is located on the third floor of center c of jfc. with its beautiful coastal scenery, elegant restaurant environment, selected high-quality ingredients and creative dishes, xiamen"s high-end restaurants stand out.

in putian dialect, flavor and vinegar means sound and color. the owner of this villa is guan yubiao, the inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage of mazu banquet.

cool mango and bamboo shoots frozen soil mix, a bit bizarre, but there is no sense of violation and. here is a cool mango with fresh mango beating, add coconut and made of pearls, taiwan night market full of flavor, mango flavor rich, really cool entrance good drink. it is also a rare boss has great self-confidence. boss from anhai anhai rich frozen soil shoots, bamboo shoots frozen soil quality here is naturally good. natural brewed shoots frozen soil, you can not eat cheat gelatin. more intimate small bowl with a blue and white dress, with a home-made hot and sour sauce, 15 yuan a bowl, you can quickly enjoy authentic taiwanese flavor.

pork slices are fuding business card grade snacks, both men and women, old and young, are fond of pork slices! fuding pork slices are well-known in fujian and even the whole country, and become the emotional sustenance of many travelers homesick! meat is also known as meatballs, especially xiyang meatballs in fuding! it is another bowl that pushes xiyang meatballs to customers all over the country.

heping youjiang bean curd is a special product of heping town, shaowu city, nanping city, fujian province. yujiang bean curd is pure, tender and delicious. it is a special dish that tourists must taste first when they go to heping ancient town. in 2007, "shaowu heping paste tofu production technology" was listed in the first batch of representative works of nanping municipal intangible cultural heritage. heping youjiang tofu, as the name implies, "to swim into milk", using old soybean milk as yeast, has a history of hundreds of years of production and inheritance. peace bean curd is made of pured tofu, supplemented with smooth bone and streaky pork. it is a shining "business card" in the culture of peace diet.

in 2001, with the help of ninghua federation of trade unions, sun fuan in the downtown section of the county opened a large hotel, named "fulong hotel." sun fuan the earliest of hakka snacks "hakka loose ball", "sashimi", "iraqi government side," "pink spoon", "hakka dan pi", "hakka pocket soup" and the introduction of hotel dining table, both publicity and promotion hakka snacks, and has earned a reputation as a hotel, has been well received by the community.