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there is a special way to eat dried sweet tofu in changchun, which is chicken soup tofu skewers. chicken soup tofu skewers are traditional street foods in changchun. they are made with chicken soup, dried tofu, and other special secret recipes. they have the characteristics of "feeling unique, not eating too much". . the inside is neatly filled with dried tofu skewers of bamboo skewers, the color is yellowish, the smoked part is scattered with coke, the surface is scented with sesame oil, the color is bright and golden, all are dry goods, no soup, water, full large basins, and each string of dried tofu is very full.

lucky pigs are the must-have food for people in the liaoji area. aman lucky pig is a star product of jilin province aman food co., ltd., using high-quality pig hand, after a hundred years of secret soup, supplemented with more than 20 flavors of precious natural spices, rushing to life, sizzling, and making delicious food color sauce red it is natural, nutritious and pure in taste. after being dyed by traditional craftsmanship, the whole pig's hand skin is soft and tender, mellow and mellow, and the color is attractive. the shape of the smoked pig is like a gold ingot, and it is golden brown. the lucky hand is auspicious and lucky.

fried rice is the invention and creation of the jilin people in the northeast of china. it is the crystallization of the wisdom of jiangcheng's older generation of gourmets. fried powder, which is made from starch (made from starch, preferably made from sweet potato starch), cut into cubes with a side length of about 3 cm, and pour the soybean oil on the pan. powder block, turn over properly until the powder is completely cooked. during the frying process, take care to keep the powder intact and do not fry it. put the fried powder into a bowl and add sesame sauce, garlic sauce, vinegar, soy sauce, sauce, chili oil, parsley... you can start to taste a bowl of delicious snacks.

born in baishan blackwater, the old-fashioned xinyuan garden steamed dumplings is one of the few hundred-year-old shops in jilin. the xinyuan garden dumpling house is not a dumpling but a round dumpling. the dumpling restaurant is located in henan street, the famous commercial street in jilin city. it has been more than 100 years old. xinxingyuan steamed dumplings are made with fresh pork, seasonal vegetables and chicken soup, seasonings, fine powder for the skin, stuffed into dumplings and steamed.

the three-stick cake is a stunt in the ji vegetable. it means that the mask master can take out a pancake with a rolling pin. the cake is strong and thin, and the thin cake can be seen on the pages of the book. because of its unique flavor, the three-stick cake is widely circulated among the people and is a must-have food for eating various dishes and vegetables. in the past, it was mainly used for rolling onion and glutinous noodles. the three-stick cake is also known as the rib cake and paper cake. it is a traditional chinese pasta. it is strong in taste, thin and not broken. because it is difficult to make, it has not been as popular as other pastas. the finished ribs can be eaten directly, and there are many ways to use them.

the red flag has been burned for more than 400 years. it has undergone generational inheritance and future generations to innovate. through 12 processes of “selection, type, simmering, burning, roasting, and product”, 12 processes are used to “outside the focus and tenderness”. known for its fragrance, it is fascinating and nutritious, and it is very popular among consumers. it is a local speciality food that comes from all the customers. .

"stone bibimbap" is also known as "korean bibimbap" and "stone bowl bibimbap". it is a korean-style rice dish that is unique to the korean peninsula and heilongjiang, jilin, and liaoning in northeast china. its birthplace was jeollabuk-do, south korea, which later evolved into a representative food on the korean peninsula. it is one of the three famous dishes on the korean peninsula (pyongyang cold noodles, kaicheng soup rice, and jeonju bibimbap).

yanji cold noodles (commonly known as the origin of north korea) is a well-known traditional ethnic food at home and abroad. among them, the soba noodles are especially famous. generally use beef soup or chicken soup, accompanied by spicy cabbage, sliced ​​meat, eggs, cucumber, pear, green onion, pepper, monosodium glutamate, salt and so on. when eating, first put a small amount of cold soup and a proper amount of noodles in the bowl, then add the seasoning, and finally pour the soup again.nthe buckwheat noodles are covered with beef, apples and kimchi. a spoonful of cold and sweet soup is served in a large bucket before the table, and a bowl full of cool. this is the impression that yanji's cold noodles are left to many people, and it seems that only the cold noodles that are done in this way are the most authentic. the cold noodles are tang qing - beef soup is to clear the oil; cool - whether it is soup or noodles, should be eaten after being cold. only in this way can the summer heat be thrown out of the "face shop".

the bacon pie is also called bacon burritos, with the most representative of the northeast li liangui pie. its cakes, crispy and chewy heads are favored by people. the bacon pie is one of the famous traditional snacks in siping city, jilin province. in 1908, li guangzhong (milk name liangui) of liuzhuang, hebei province, was founded in lishu county. bacon uses more than 10 kinds of traditional chinese medicine to cook meat. the large cake is made with boiled meat soup and flour, and seasoned to make it soft and crisp. it is smeared in the cake to make it easy to eat meat. it is accompanied by green onion, noodle sauce, rice mung bean porridge, jujube water, and other flavors.

nanguan district yushengji beef noodle chongqing road office is located in china car and "the cradle of new china films--changchun, changchun, changguan nanguan district chongqing road no. 5 building, on march 11, 2015 in changchun city administration of industry and commerce the nanguan branch of the bureau was incorporated.

shuijianbao, featuring traditional snacks, is a cuisine of henan cuisine. it has a history of more than 500 years and originated from tokyo's yongliang city (the ancient capital of kaifeng), which is quite popular in north china and the central plains. the palate is crisp and not hard, fragrant but not greasy, and the taste is delicious.

there is a special way to eat dried sweet tofu in changchun. it is a chicken soup tofu skewer. the chicken soup tofu skewer is a traditional street snack in changchun. it is made of chicken soup, dried tofu, and other special secret recipes. it has the characteristics of "feeling unique, not eating too much". . the inside is neatly filled with dried tofu skewers of bamboo skewers, the color is yellowish, the smoked part is scattered with fragrant incense, the surface is scented with sesame oil, the color is bright and golden, all are dry goods, no soup, water, full large basins, and each string of dried tofu is very full.

smoked chicken, also known as roast chicken, is mainly found in the northeast and shandong regions. smoked chicken is a traditional dish of color and flavor, belonging to lu, sichuan or hunan. it refers to chickens that have been scented by the smell of food, such as spice and spice. the material used for smoked chicken is whole chicken, which is a whole chicken. the difference between smoked chicken and roast chicken is that the traditional roast chicken is mostly in direct contact with the barbecue props during the barbecue, which makes it easy for the chicken to be heated unevenly; while the smoked chicken is different, the smoked chicken is subjected to the spiced and five flavors. the smell is edifying, it is white, it is hot, it is even when heated, and the original smell of chicken is not exposed. it also preserves a complete chicken, which is very artistic and more popular with diners.

the famous dunhua pancakes are mainly made of dunhua pancakes, soft and thin. dunhua’s climate is unique. dunhua belongs to the cold climate zone of the middle temperate zone, and the climate characteristics of the mountainous areas are obvious. the annual average temperature is 2.9 °c, and the frost-free period is 110-120 days. dunhua city has fertile soil and large temperature difference between day and night, which is conducive to the accumulation of dry matter of corn, soybeans and other crops. the main ingredient of dunhua pancake is real estate corn, and the auxiliary materials are real soybean, rice and millet. the main ingredient of dunhua pancakes is to use the real estate corn to ensure the pure fragrance of the pancakes, and to mix a certain proportion of soybeans to make the pancakes soft and taste good. in the decades of development, dunhua pancake has developed from traditional corn burritos to dozens of varieties such as wuliang pancakes, rice pancakes, millet pancakes, fungus pancakes, black rice pancakes, etc., forming pancake products with different flavors.

glutinous rice cake

beating cake is one of the representatives of chinese korean food culture and one of the most popular traditional foods of the korean people. it has been passed down for thousands of years. if you want to eat authentic cakes, you can't go to yanji. the cake is a famous traditional food of the korean people, because it is made by putting glutinous rice in a trough and making it with a wooden chop. there are two kinds of cakes, one is a white cake made of glutinous rice, and the other is a yellow cake made of yellow rice.