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yuzhilan restaurant in chengdu is a private dish of lan guijun, the most famous sichuan cuisine master. yuzhilan originates from the names of lan guijun and his wife, who are in charge of the restaurant. they are also one of the varieties of orchids in china. the name of yuzhilan comes from this. to understand yuzhilan, you must first understand lan guijun. lan guijun, born in 1965 in xinjin county, sichuan province, is the father of pickled peppers and chicken feet. he is not like the general stereotype of sichuan cuisine master with a big pot of fireworks. he is modest and has the inclusive temperament of sichuan cuisine.

sichuan cuisine has all kinds of dishes and tastes, and each dish has its own style. xujiacai originated in chengdu, the hinterland of sichuan cuisine. eight years of precipitation and innovation, let xujiacai have a unique place in chengdu flavor! mr. xu fan, the leader of xujiacai, first created 24 new sichuan dishes. he led xu jiacai team to experience continuous improvement and creativity, and cooked different kinds of new sichuan cuisine. in the selection of black pearl restaurant, xu jiacai was honored as "one diamond restaurant". select ecological advanced organic food materials, and innovate on the basis of preserving the original taste of food materials.

mr. cai lan introduced several representative dishes of songyunze in his article "don"t let sichuan cuisine become only hotpot", which made the restaurant very popular. however, song yunze is not a net red restaurant that suddenly appears. on the contrary, it has a long way to go. songyunze opened in october 2017, which is another attempt by zhang yuanfu, the fourth generation successor of sichuan cuisine rongpai, after wuyuan restaurant in 2007 and xuanxuan courtyard in 2012. "songyunze" means to remember mr. zhang songyun"s kindness. zhang songyun, a great master of the past generation, went to wang kaifa and zhang yuanfu to perform by famous chefs.

meishan, ancient meizhou, located on the southwest edge of sichuan basin, has formed 1400 years of history. meizhou property abundance, on behalf of the only people. are classified as "tang and song" su xun, su shi, su che and his son three out of everyone meizhou. which is also a literary giant gourmet everyone, and because he pioneered the east slope of the food dishes and refined style, a precious legacy of chinese food culture, as legendary as his literary talent. meizhou dongpo restaurant founder mr. wang gang, 16-year-old to beijing to learn cooking skills, marshal ye jianying was home kitchen, known as the "president chef" master of gan guoqing true mass. after years of painstaking study and hone, he learned excellent cooking skills, have done a lot in terms of finishing succession dongpo food culture, research and innovation, formed a set dongpo culture heritage of meizhou dongpo sichuan .

furong huanghuayuan restaurant is located in guanghua avenue in the west of chengdu city, including restaurants and teahouses. the restaurant mainly deals in traditional sichuan cuisine and innovative sichuan cuisine, and can accommodate 300 people at the same time. the restaurant has won many awards in the culinary industry for its exquisite dishes. the teahouse environment is elegant and has a rare green ecological leisure place in the city. since its opening in 2005, it has been a well-known catering enterprise in chengdu with hard work, solid innovation, good business performance and excellent customer reputation.

"with the development of northern sichuan jelly, sichuan chuanbei liangfen catering management co., ltd., as a subsidiary of sichuan chuanbei liangfen catering culture co., ltd., was established in 2014. it is mainly responsible for the development of catering industry, in charge of the company"s stores, and establishing a professional, standardized and information-based management mode from image, logo, sign to product structure and price system. li hua, the sixth generation inheritor of chuanbei liangfen, is not only the general manager of the group (sichuan chuanbei liangfen catering culture co., ltd.), but also the general manager of sichuan chuanbei liangfen catering management co., ltd. the company"s high-level, middle-level and staff team are equipped with high-quality and high-efficiency personnel echelon construction.

[sun] dish supper city of mu maolin, give away cold, yang hanjiang co-founded in 1925. cold one of the founders of the old city is said to be far cite well-known chef, who worked in guangdong, dish supper city lucai therefore on the basis of the sichuan halogen joined the broad halogen sweet, formed a unique old full-bodied taste.

according to legend, chen mapo tofu began in the qing tongzhi reign (1862), set up shop outside the chengdu north ave bridge, formerly known as "chen xingsheng fanpu." chen chunfu owner died early, small restaurants will be operating by the boss, the boss face ma marks, called chen mapo. chen specializes in home-style sichuan dishes, especially cooked tofu has a unique culinary skills. cook tofu color and taste, extraordinary, won the popular, chen thus the famous cooking tofu, "klein who was named, because food shop name."

at the end of the qing dynasty (1894), lai yuanxin, a native of dongfeng town, ziyang, sichuan province, followed his cousin to a restaurant in chengdu. a few years later, when he got home, he raised money to sell dumplings. in order to win over customers, he pursues three business strategies: profit oriented, service better and quality high. he made tangyuan with fine work, even flour, heavy oil and sugar in the heart, with the characteristics of fine thick white and tender flour and "sweet and moist" filling heart; in addition, he was kind to people, and was not deceived by the old and the young. gradually, lai yuanxin"s tangyuan burden became famous among many small food burdens. as time goes by, chengdu people are used to calling lai yuanxin"s tangyuan as "lai tangyuan". lai yuanxin paid more attention to the quality of tangyuan after he got the nickname. his business became more and more prosperous, and his savings increased. in the 1930s, he opened a shop in the north street of chunxi road, the prosperous area of chengdu, and the name of the shop was named "lai tangyuan".

the south branch of science city of chengdu nanbei restaurant, built by xu xiaohong, a world leader in sichuan cuisine and a chinese culinary master, has also been listed in the list. the dishes of nanbei are sichuan cuisine, but different from traditional sichuan cuisine and any new sichuan cuisine, the innovation is mainly reflected in the use of fermented condiments and plant spices. local food materials are traced back to the source, and foreign food materials are skillfully used. generally speaking, the dishes of nanbei are strange but reasonable, and they have their own rules to follow.

restaurant is located in neijiang daqian thousand years of history, folk customs and heritage of accumulation of neijiang city park street (sweet city building, sixth floor) 118, has a strong technical force, glass tabs, garlic spare ribs, stir dry sea cucumber and other popular, and more neijiang times on behalf of the competition winners. the restaurant decoration simple, is a good place for a group dinner. was founded by former master li has a "chinese cooking master" title in 2005.

zhong dumpling, founded by zhong shaobai in the 19th year of guangxu, is one of the famous traditional snacks of han nationality in chengdu, sichuan province. zhong dumplings have been famous in chengdu since 1920s and become a famous snack in chengdu. in 1992, it was named "chengdu famous snack" by chengdu municipal people"s government. in 1995, it was awarded the title of "china time honored brand" by the ministry of domestic trade. in 1999, it was awarded the title of "chinese famous snack".

sichuan minshan group co., ltd. is a comprehensive tourism enterprise with hotel operation as its main business, food, engineering construction, travel agency and export hotel and property management. it integrates investment and operation management into one and develops along the industrial chain. it now has 18 high star hotels, 26 middle end and economic chain hotels, 33 other hotel and property management projects, and more than 20 zhizhi cake houses we have established famous brands such as "minshan hotel", "anyi 158", "zhizhi food" and so on. our business network covers nearly 30 cities in china.

chengdu rongji catering management co., ltd., established in march 2007 (formerly known as sichuan rongji catering management co., ltd.), is a management co., ltd. which deals in spicy seafood, river fresh hot pot, spicy dry pot, home cooked dishes and other local characteristics catering, as well as business investment and project investment. rongji always adheres to the concept of "creating special delicious food, concentrating on ecological catering, and protecting health". with rich industry experience, rongji understands the needs of customers, creates integrated services, and does a good job of checking from ingredients to taste. after more than ten years of market inspection, rongji has always provided customers with high-quality, healthy and delicious food.

ruskui classic steakhouse is the largest steakhouse company in the world. it was founded by ruth fertel in new orleans, louisiana in 1965. it has more than 150 restaurants around the world. since its entry into china"s mainland market in 2009, ru has opened its branches in shanghai, chengdu and chongqing, and has won 2019 black pearls and one diamond glory.

located in a high-end community like lushan international, yinba restaurant, which is committed to the high-end route, has a western style as a whole, but it combines chinese and western dishes. it has more innovative dishes, and its appearance and taste are online. per capita 220 worthy of black pearl two diamonds, the highest cost-effective two diamonds!

"a table of tofu dishes, 10000 kinds of flavor known as xiba.". ms. gong fen, chairman of gongshi xiba tofu hotel, is one of the apprentices of master yang junhua. after she set up the hotel, xiba tofu moved from a small village shop to a prosperous city and boarded the "hall of elegance".

fuqifeipian chengdu, sichuan province catering company headquarters, located in chengdu, the total rd 23, the most prosperous commercial center in chengdu chun xi road north exit connected to it via a skybridge. "fuqifeipian" head office is part of chengdu, sichuan province catering company, founded in 1933, chengdu half of bridge street, after several migration, in june 1995 moved to zongfu no. 23, he has been to china and other operating fuqifeipian snack based.

located on the second floor of taikoo ricily in chengdu, dade club is the most high-end japanese club restaurant under dade. as we all know, the most important thing in japanese cuisine is the ingredients. the best fresh ingredients are selected from japan"s nagasaki and new zealand to chengdu by air. bluefin tuna, black gold abalone, rose lobster, sea urchin, pine leaf crab, taste like sea travel. when you enter the dade banquet, diners can also abandon the menu, and the chef will bring you the most orthodox and seasonal banquet cuisine: front dishes, warm dishes, sashimi, cooked food, strong dishes, yang wu, shao wu, staple food, juice and fruit, which are introduced one by one according to the order, which gives birth to the flavor of the four seasons. tableware must be beautiful, kitchen must be clean, eating must be etiquette. japanese cuisine in the taste of ten days in the unique dade club table.

it was opened in yuelaichang, chengdu in 1941 and moved to the south section of chunxi in 1960s. zhang guangwu, the founder of longzao tea house, and others discussed the business of running the shop in nonghua tea house. they borrowed the word "nong" of "nonghua tea garden" as the meaning of "dragon" and "phoenix", and named it "longzaoshou". at the beginning, it was written by xiang chu, dean of the school of arts, sichuan university, and now it is supplemented by zhao yunyu, a famous calligrapher and painter in sichuan province.

chengdu dandan noodles belongs to the brand of chengdu tongjinda commerce and trade co., ltd. in order to maintain this well-known brand at home and abroad, the company uses "tidu" to mark, register and protect the brand according to its business history of more than 30 years in chengdu tidu street.

fairton kelley hotel chengdu is located in wenjiang district, chengdu city. it is located in the top central business district, 20 kilometers away from chengdu shuangliu international airport, 5 kilometers from china intangible cultural heritage park, the largest cultural and art center in chengdu, and 50 kilometers away from xiling snow mountain. the landmark hotel building is the best place to enjoy the scenery of wenjiang city. luxury and chic guest rooms, elegant atmosphere, top bathroom facilities, special administrative floor to provide professional services for business passengers.

the famous hong zhu shan hotel located at the foot of mount emei, one of china's four buddhist holy sites. hotel covers an area of ​​nearly 440,000 square meters, ziranhuanjing unique, unique geographical location, plain enjoy the "garden hotel, forest hotel" reputation, is the world's natural and cultural heritage - emei mountains of bright pearl. hong zhu shan hotel in 1935 as the official residence of chiang kai-shek. after the liberation, has received over zhu de, deng xiaoping, yang shangkun, zhu rongji, qian qichen, qiao shi, li, li peng and his wife zhu lin, and the austrian prince philip and other foreign dignitaries members, is located in mount emei leshan city renminzhengfu sentinel front window.

chengdu chaimen catering management co., ltd. was founded in 2006 in chengdu yipintianxia food street. up to now, it has 12 branches with stores all over sichuan province and more than 1000 employees. it is established in accordance with the modern enterprise system, the corporate governance mechanism is perfect, and the departments and organizations are set up reasonably and operate effectively. chaimen has opened many restaurants of different styles in chengdu. we are all familiar with chaimen faner and chaimentou eating soup in taiguli, and this chaimen river fresh food restaurant is relatively high-end among them. the chaimen restaurant, which specializes in river delicacies, focuses on sichuan style river delicacies. from fresh dishes to zhonghe seasonings, they are not too spicy. its family not only has river fresh food, other sichuan dishes are excellent.

mingyu haoya hotel, kehua road, chengdu, is famous for its beautiful scenery. located in the outdoor garden beside the jinjiang river and adjacent to the convention and exhibition center of chengdu century city, the location is superior and the transportation is convenient. the lobby bar along the river and the administrative lounge in the cloud are in contrast. the delicious food and wine are gathered to create a unique taste enjoyment! with perfect supporting facilities, guests can experience the unique "chengdu life" sentiment after business trip.

double pepper burning noodles are specially designed for people who love spicy food. the perfect combination of green pepper and red pepper not only gives people a strong color impact, but also challenges the taste buds. it"s full of spicy feeling, which makes people enjoy it.

mianyang fule jiuzhou international hotel is located in fresh air, beautiful environment, rich leshan scenic area, covers an area of ​​225 acres, a renovation project covers an area of ​​72 acres. many around the three sites, the chinese scientist sculpture garden, two bombs near the foot of the museum. shuhan has strong cultural elements and modern technology environment. hotel 1997 march 6 opened as the first five-star hotel in mianyang city, and important government, conference reception, the hotel successfully hosted a number of party and state leaders, as well as syria, albania and other foreign heads of state and president international celebrities. 4-storey main hotel, the lobby using ultra-quiet, fresh air geothermal central air-conditioning, is the city"s first gold leaf green hotel. the hotel uses a modern facility equipped rooms intelligent management system, central air conditioning system, fire linkage system.

dry fourth of elegant fish restaurant was established in 1993, is a ya ya fish fish-based cultural theme restaurants. our elegant fish casserole made by the "chinese dishes" in the national title game. under dry as the founder of the hotel led soldiers, twenty years after we build the country has a high reputation!

as one of the eight famous snacks in chengdu, "tandouhua" has been 92 years since 1924. after four generations of inheritance, "tandouhua" has developed into the only private enterprise in chengdu snack industry and has been inherited to this day. the development of tan douhua is not only a series of bean curd, but also an old shop of many chengdu snacks. here you can taste not only tan"s bean curd, but also other famous chengdu snacks!

jincheng impression rainbow store is located at the end of caihong bridge, doudu, chengdu. it is close to jinli. from 11 a.m. to 3 a.m., people in chengdu call jincheng impression hot pot the "business card of chengdu hotpot", focusing on presenting authentic chengdu old hot pot to diners.

yintan abalone hotpot is a clear stream in chengdu hotpot industry. since its opening for 17 years, it has been mainly engaged in pure seafood hotpot. the size of the abalone is enough to be shocked. its food materials are basically purchased from all over the world, fresh seafood and various treasures from all over the world. each super large piece of fresh abalone, do not know how many "abalone powder" can be captured in chengdu!

it is said that food in china, taste in sichuan, sichuan snacks to see leshan. a bowl of leshan bean curd and a few yuan breakfast for the common people can make local girls reluctant to marry far away, just afraid they can"t eat it. although bean curd is just a snack, there are many schools in leshan, and the soup thicken and ingredients of each school have their own characteristics. among them, niuhua school and emei school are the most famous. the bean curd of niuhua school is represented by the 99 bean curd (head office). the biggest feature is the spoon of braised beef marinade. strong fragrance is not greasy. the flavor of various spices goes straight to your nostrils. bean curd with vermicelli is also a major feature of niuhua pie.

chengdu tianfu sunshine hotel is located in chunxi road business district, with huoshui park, the world"s first comprehensive urban environmental education park in the north; jinxiu tianfu tower, the tallest tower in western china in the east; wenshu temple, the first of the four zen forests in the upper and lower reaches of the yangtze river in the west; and taisheng road commercial street, metro line 4 and chunxi road cbd in the south. it is 17 kilometers away from the airport, 40 minutes by car, 350 meters from entrance / exit c of taisheng south road of metro line 4, 1.3 kilometers from chunxi road, 2.5 kilometers from kuanzhai alley and 800 meters from wenshu square.

unique italian restaurant in chengdu. innovative multi-storey design, vibrant open kitchen, tall wood pancake stove and exciting selection of international wines in the cellar. this private bar serves italian aperitif and cocktails, and the vine country cottage adds mediterranean flavor.

master lan, the shop owner here, is famous for having made a meeting with the supreme leader. the full name of the shop is "master lan yingjing tarta noodles". on the wall, there is such a brief introduction: "yingjing tarta noodles are famous snacks in yingjing, quanchuan and southwest china. its color, aroma, taste, beauty and shape are all outstanding snacks in central sichuan. it has a history of more than 200 years. since the history, it is mainly famous for the noodle shops of xu, wang, tao, song and lan. it was introduced into ya"an and chengdu in the late qing dynasty and the early republic of china, and became a famous snack in the county and outside the county... "

luzhou huangba is golden in color, rich in aroma and sweet in taste. the unique feature is that the wrapping material is good ginger leaves, and the fragrance of huangba comes from the aromatic oil contained in the leaves of alpinia officinarum. the freshly steamed huangba has a strong aroma. after cooling, it can be sliced and fried, or boiled in the water of jiao trough. it has a special flavor.

yangya yongya river fresh food, which has been open for more than 10 years, is really rare in inland cities such as chengdu, where hot pot and sichuan food shops are the main products. the door is always full of maserati, lamborghini if you come here to eat, you can see the auto show for free. yongya river fresh food is a famous high-quality hot pot. the chefs make great efforts to fry and fry it is also the first high-end restaurant in chengdu, where the taste of every dish is beyond the reach of ordinary hotels.

xinhua international hotel is a foreign-related four-star city business hotel and the first batch of "green hotels" in sichuan province, which has been appraised by the national tourism administration. it was opened in 2001 and belongs to sichuan xinhua publishing group, a large cultural industry group of china. it is under the full management of sichuan xinhua haiyi hotel management co., ltd.

at 20:00 p.m. on september 24, 2015, george osborne, the first minister of the british cabinet and minister of finance, attended the chengdu welcome dinner held in zifei. zifei, located in kuanzhai alley, the living room of chengdu meeting hall, was chosen as the designated dining place for the national reception dinner. after strict selection by the staff, zifei stood out from the list of seven candidates. zifei is a 1400 square meter courtyard with 14 private rooms, all named after zhuangzi. this time, george osborne and his party took a seat in the private room of "yingdi".

this western restaurant in cloud season is very suitable for lovers to date on important anniversaries. every place in the restaurant exudes warmth and romance. li junjie, the "treasure chef" of his family, had been in melbourne for 10 years. after returning home, his dishes are integrated with chinese and western, and each dish is like a work of art. if you don"t make friends here, you will come in vain!

when it comes to chengdu, you will think of hotpot. however, this restaurant, which focuses on vegetarian health "huaishi" cuisine, is favored by black pearl. the evaluation of them is that vegetarian food can also satisfy chengdu"s stomach. the two-story single family house, grey brick walls and large-area french windows make the building a landmark near tiexiangsi road. and the restaurant has a ceremonial sense of vegetarian, rich taste, at the same time, rich nutrition, so that guests frequently praise.

ruisheng bafuli hotel is a luxury theme hotel built by sichuan ruisheng industrial group co., ltd. according to the five-star standard. the hotel is located at no.7 yushuang road in the center of the city. it is located in the prosperous golden area along chunxi road, adjacent to the elegant funan river. the hotel has more than 170 guest rooms with exquisite decoration and complete supporting facilities. both chinese and western restaurants can provide delicious dishes of different flavors, together with two large banquet halls which can accommodate more than 300 people at the same time and multi-functional conference hall of large, medium and small specifications.

people who have been to jiuyanqiao must know this restaurant. the bridge, which is located in the golden position, can"t help but sigh when he passes by: it must be very cool to eat in it and watch the night view. its dishes are very good, from cold mixed cordyceps flower to low-temperature roast beef ribs. there are also orthodox sichuan dishes, especially the kung pao shrimp, which are fresh and elastic.

the hotel is located in the new international convention and exhibition center of chengdu high tech development zone in the south of the city. the presidential palace is located on the 30th floor of the hotel. it has three floors, with a total area of 1670 square meters. chengdu century city paradise intercontinental hotel, the only presidential palace with private indoor swimming pool in chengdu.

the hotel is located in the core business circle of chengdu hi tech zone, adjacent to the scenic shenxianshu park and chengdu"s famous european style street - yeshan road pedestrian street. it is only a short distance from the century city new exhibition center, kaidan, auchan, carrefour and other shopping blocks. shuangliu international airport is only a short distance away, with convenient transportation network in all directions.

holiday inn chengdu century city is located in the high tech development zone of chengdu, adjacent to the shopping district of fashion paradise. it is only within a short distance of chengdu municipal government. it is only 20 minutes" drive from chengdu shuangliu international airport. intercontinental hotel chengdu century city paradise has 555 unique luxury guest rooms and suites, a modern conference center equipped with top facilities, a series of restaurants and lounges with different styles, and exquisite and elegant urban spa. holiday inn chengdu century city has 970 fashionable and comfortable rooms, restaurants and multi-functional meeting rooms.

nanhui is one of the most high-end restaurants in chengdu. based on traditional sichuan cuisine, it collects global healthy ingredients to improve and create high-end fusion creative dishes. 11 private rooms, solemn and gorgeous, independent and perfect. nanhui 57, which is full of creative skills, uses high-end food materials and combines the north and south styles to break the stereotype of sichuan cuisine as "rich in oil and spicy in flavor", so as to make sichuan cuisine more high-end. basically, every table will order red wine and fried fresh mushrooms with foie gras, which is very good in the locking juice of goose liver and the taste when it is imported. there is also a product of drunken crab, whether from the quality of crab or cooking are excellent. every dish and service is above the standard. the seafood platter is solid.

located in the core area of sichuan consulate area, wanshixing phoenix international hotel is less than 5 minutes" drive to the convention and exhibition center. the hotel is surrounded by many traffic hubs, such as tianfu avenue south extension line, hongxing road south extension line, ring expressway and consulate avenue, so the transportation is convenient.

no. 8 hot pot chinese restaurant is located in chunxi road, the 16th floor of quanguang junyue hotel, with convenient and prosperous geographical location. it is also one of the most expensive hotpot restaurants in chengdu. this no.8 hot pot chinese restaurant must have a name. it is said that even many stars come to chengdu to eat specially. it belongs to the kind of one person and one small pot, which is exquisite but does not lose the authentic taste of chengdu local hotpot. besides the red pot, the mushroom soup pot is very delicious!