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as the only sanming area to be selected as one of the "top ten famous snacks in china", shaxian flat meat has been in existence for a long time. according to historical records, as early as the tang dynasty, there was a flat meat in the city of shaxian. shaxian flat meat has received a lot of praise. in december 1997, it was recognized as “chinese famous snack” by the china cuisine association. in october 2006, it was selected by the china cuisine association as the “gold prize” for the “beijing olympics” recommended recipe; in 2007, shaxian snack production process listed by the provincial government as a provincial intangible cultural heritage, shaxian flat meat production process is included.

in the snacks of zhangzhou, the noodles can be described as a delicious food. golden frying skin, dark brown enamel filling, with a layer of material in the middle. gently take a bite, the skin is crispy and soft, and it has a lingering taste after eating.

peaceful tofu is a specialty of heping town, shaowu city, nanping city, fujian province. the pure tofu taste is pure, fresh and delicious. it is a special dish that tourists must taste first in the ancient town of peace. in 2007, “shaowu peaceful bean paste making process” was listed in the first batch of municipal intangible cultural heritage representative works in nanping city.

shang dry noodles is the representative of traditional snacks in fuzhou, and it is the favorite snack food of fuzhou people. it belongs to the 闽 cuisine and has been inherited for hundreds of years. as one of the “top ten famous snacks” in fuzhou, it has been traditionally hand-made in the production process. the noodles are made of high-quality flour and egg white as the main raw materials, hand-mixed and fermented by special techniques to make them very flexible. the taste is strong and famous. in terms of seasoning, special peanut butter, lard, soy sauce and chopped green onion are used as the main ingredients, and the aroma is fragrant and the lips are fragrant.

fuding meat piece is a dish made from raw materials such as fine meat and starch. it is a famous place in fuding city, fujian province. it is a famous place to eat. the whole bowl of meat slices exudes a touch of cilantro. those who come to fuding to be a guest must taste the fuding meat. the entire process of meat production is manual. it is made from fine materials, craftsmanship and unique taste. won the people praise.

putian noodles is a traditional dish of fujian putian. it is an indispensable main dish for the banquet, which makes putian also have the reputation of “the city of noodles”. the putian noodles are most famous for the jiangkou noodles, which are generally used for important guests to receive, and are known as the authentic putian noodles.

xiamen shacha noodles is a famous snack in xiamen and belongs to the leek snack. the main raw materials are sand tea sauce and broth. the taste is salty and spicy, and it is a bit sweet.

xiamen is an early open city. people have a lot of imported goods in their lives. sand tea is one. the sand tea noodle is a southeast asian cuisine. looking for a dictionary, you can't find this "shacha" word. what is the solution to this "shacha"? sand tea is also known as “sand tea sauce”. its color is golden and its taste is slightly spicy and fragrant. it is made from various ingredients such as peanut, turmeric, coconut vanilla, pepper, clove, tangerine peel, pepper, etc. it is said that there are more than 30 kinds of hate, hate not to take the world's crispy things in the meantime, the more than 30 kinds of raw materials are finely ground, then add oil, salt and boil, get the sand tea sauce, which is fresh and thick, tastes spicy and full. before the ancient times, "sand tea" was originally "shaying", because "嗲" and "爹" are homophonic, so the word "tea" is used instead.

when pingtan is a salty rice, it also has an auspicious alias "time to run". for the children of yeouido, this is a kind of food with strong flavor, young and old, and at least five festivals in a year to eat this kind of snack, which can be described as folk ace.

"no mountains and no guest to live in the mountains", "sweet potato scorpion half-year food", hakka people live in mountainous areas, scorpions are the main miscellaneous grains. after the hazelnuts are cooked, peeled and peeled, and then crushed into a puree, and then mixed with a proper amount of sweet potato powder. the dough is kneaded into a dough and wrapped into your favorite filling. it is made into a tender, tender and delicious filling. food.

the frozen shoots of the bamboo shoots originate from anhai. they are cooked by sea star worms and cooled. they are sweet and delicious. they are served with soy sauce, garlic, mustard and other spices. they are cool and have a high medicine. the value of use and diet is known as the "seaweed cordyceps".

meat yan, also known as taipingyan, is a famous specialty snack in fuzhou, and also a festive dish in fuzhou customs. fuzhou people celebrate the holidays, weddings and funerals, friends and relatives, must eat "tai pingyan", that is, take the "tai ping", "peace" geely, so "no yan is not a feast, no yan is not an adult." meat yan has also become a gift, and it is a love for fuzhou people, including overseas folks.

meat yan, also known as taipingyan, is a unique traditional snack in fuzhou, fujian. because of its rich cultural connotation, fuzhou people have a hundred years of love for the meat swallows. in fuzhou dialect, the duck egg and the "compressed" homonym, the meat swallow and the duck egg boiled with the meaning of "taiping" and "taipingyan". therefore, in fuzhou folk custom, on holidays, weddings and funerals, you must eat "tai pingyan", that is, take its "peace", "auspicious" meaning, so "no yan is not a feast, no yan is not a mature."

nanpu tuo cake, xiamen specialty snacks. it has the reputation of “the first of the cakes in xiamen” and is a traditional snack in southern anhui. he has won the "china famous point" golden tripod award, is a famous specialty in xiamen, the old chinese brand, with mung bean, coconut, pumpkin, citron, green tea and other flavors. nanputuo cake ice skin is crispy, the entrance is instant, the filling is soft and fragrant and not greasy, and the sweetness is moderate.

taiji mud is a traditional han chinese name in fujian, belonging to fuzhou cuisine. it is made from fujian's acacia, which is rich in sugar and lard. the shape of this dish is simple and generous, the mud is delicate and lubricious, sweet and delicious, it looks like a cold dish, but it tastes hot and has a unique flavor.n"sweet rice, green glutinous rice, sweet and sour purple." this is the poem of the poet wang weizan of the tang dynasty. shantou has always been a dish in the dish. “taiji 芋 mud” is one of the traditional sweets of leeks. the fuzhou area is celebrated with joy and joy.

shaxian dumplings, which are highly anticipated by sanming people, appear in the 7th episode of "tip tip 3". the dumplings are the traditional classics unique to shaxian. the process of making dumplings is cumbersome. the selection of materials is exquisite. the skin of dumplings is tasteless, but it is very soft. ingredients such as pork diced, green onion, shiitake mushrooms, dried bamboo shoots and red mushrooms, boiled out tough and soft inside, salty and soft. it is hard to taste when you leave shaxian.

when you talk about food in fuding, you can't bypass the “fishing river”. the fishery river is a model for the ultimate in the squid in seafood. in the hands of the master, the fish bones are removed, and the fish is left. after repeated tapping and smashing, the fish is unique and delicious, tenacious and smooth. then knead the fish fillets into pieces, knead them in a pot for a while, pick them up, sprinkle with shallots, ginger, parsley, and sour and broth, in a delicate bowl, a bowl of authentic "jiang ji" the fish fillets are served on the table, and the fresh scent is overflowing. the q-slack of the food is smooth and smooth, and the aftertaste is afterwards. the experience of this taste bud, such as the return of sweet tea after drinking tea, is wonderful.

chongwu fish rolls are the traditional snacks of fujian minnan. the main raw materials are selected high-quality fish, among which the best, high-quality fish rolls, such as horseshoes, clams and sharks, are soft and crisp at the entrance, and the cheeks are chewy when chewing. there is no fish or astringency, and there is a unique taste. chongwu people go out to visit relatives and friends, like to bring their specialty fish rolls and express their wishes.