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ningxia specialty

ningxia goji berry

in the "compendium of materia medica" written by li shizhen, an outstanding medical scientist of the ming dynasty, ningxia was listed as the top grade of the classics, and it was called "the national medicine scorpion, all of which are also produced." it means that ningxia wolfberry is the best in china in terms of efficacy and nutritional value.

lingwu changzao is an excellent fresh food treasure with local characteristics after many years of natural screening. it has a cultivation history of 500 years. the fruit is bright, fleshy, crisp, sweet and sour, rich in various minerals and vitamins, especially the highest content of vitamin c, more than 10 times that of chinese kiwifruit, known as the "king of the fruit."

as long as you have been to pengyang, when you mention pengyang, you will think of thousands of acres of green apricot flowers and layers of thousands of terraced fields. the apricot fruit of pengyang is plump, has a good taste and is especially rich in nutrition. the apricot of pengyang has a long history. it is also because of the geographical location of pengyang, where the soil contains a lot of potassium, so the apricots grown are rich in potassium, not only rich in potassium, but also in vitamin c. selenium is more than ordinary apricots, and it has low sugar and moderate acidity, which is higher than the nutritional value of bananas! apricot can not only eat directly, but also can process a variety of snacks, such as dried apricots, dried apricots, preserved fruit, dried fruit, jam, and apricot meat, which are rich in protein, amino acids and vitamins needed by the human body. health value. apricot can not only eat, it also has medicinal value, it plays an important role in chinese herbal medicine. it is mainly used to treat wind and cold lung disease, to stimulate thirst, to moisten the lungs and remove phlegm, to clear away heat and detoxify, as well as to relieve phlegm, relieve cough and invigorate the intestines.

the chicken is a local fine chicken breed that was cultivated by the masses in the northern mountainous area of ​​guyuan (now pengyang county, jiaoyu, luojing, xiaotun, etc.) during the long-term feeding process. the chicken has the advantages of resistance to rough feeding, grazing, strong resistance, and delicious meat, and has been favored by the local people. the quality of the chicken is rich and fragrant, which is comparable to the current high-quality yellow feather broiler in hong kong and macao.

guyuan yellow cattle, special product of liupan mountain in guyuan city, ningxia guyuan city at the foot of liupan mountain is beautiful and enjoys a pleasant climate. it has a unique advantage for the growth of yellow cattle. the yellow beef produced is delicious and delicious. especially in guyuan city. wuyuan county's luohe halal series of beef products have also obtained organic certification. wuyuan county has been established as “ningxia high quality beef breeding demonstration county” by the autonomous region. “liupan mountain” and “luohe” halal brand are well-known inside and outside, “halal” beef series

in the southern part of ningxia, the world's gold linseed main production area in the southern part of ningxia is planted with its own organic planting base, non-gmo original linseed varieties, global high-grade organic linseed oil, which is called terrestrial liquid gold; planting farmyard manure, refusing to fight pesticides, no heavy metals pollution, no source of industrial pollution, certified by the national organic linseed oil.

the origin of guyuan potato is: the area under the jurisdiction of guyuan city, ningxia hui autonomous region. the original area potato has the characteristics of high quality, high starch content, uniform potato chips and shallow buds. it has rich nutrients and contains 337 kcal of energy, 7.2 g of protein, 0.5 g of fat and 77.4 g of carbohydrate per 100 g of product. dietary fiber 1.4g, vitamin a 20mg, carotene 120mg, niacin 5.1mg, vitamin e (t) 0.28mg, calcium 171mg, also contains more than 10% of the body's required sodium, magnesium, iron, zinc, selenium a kind of trace element is a health food that is popular among people.

xiangshan pressure sand watermelon, known for its health-care element “selenium”, is also known as “zhongwei selenium sand melon”, also known as “gobi watermelon” and “watermelon treasures growing in stone sewing”. thick, fleshy and refreshing, sweet and juicy.

helan shandong wine is a wine made from self-produced high-quality grapes in the helan mountain area of ​​ningxia hui autonomous region. with its unique natural resources, long-standing winemaking tradition, modern management methods and brewing technology, the wines produced in the helan mountain area it has received great acclaim and attracted the investment and construction of famous wine producers in china and abroad. the district has become one of the best wine grapes and wine producing regions in china.

concentric jujube has been cultivated in tongxin county of ningxia for more than three hundred years. according to the records of pingyuan county: "jujube--mingmu honey, shaped garden, small size, and nuclear is very fine, which is more than his production." concentric jujube is an excellent native tree species preserved through long-term natural screening. it is extremely drought-tolerant and is one of the five fine jujube local varieties selected from the development of jujube industry in the whole region during the period of the ninth five-year plan. as a hui ethnic group, tongxin county has a great relationship with the customs of the hui people. for example, the hui bowl of tea, the opening of the fasting, and the banquet are all honored by eating red dates, which is very popular among the local hui people.

the special geographical and natural environment of yanchi county has formed a history of more than two hundred years. because of its special growth environment, yanchitan sheep has bright red color, fat white milk, even distribution and low fat content. the muscle fibers are clear and dense, with toughness and elasticity. the meat is tender and tender, and it is recognized as a high-quality lamb.