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liaoning food

prawn prawn is the preferred dish for shrimp making in coastal areas of hebei and liaoning. it is a combination of shandong cuisine, jinan pie oil prawn, and qingdao pie tomato sauce prawn. liaoning prawn uses the prawn of the bohai sea: the body grows up and the side is flat, the shell is thin, smooth and transparent, a large body of fat, flesh-colored crystal, delicious taste, rich in nutrients, etc. it is the crown of shrimps and is listed in the seafood "bazhen" one of them has long enjoyed a good reputation in the international market and is one of lushun's traditional export commodities.

the cod fillet is a traditional dish with a full range of flavors and flavors. it is a traditional dish that has a long history in lu cuisine. cut the fillet knife fast, otherwise it will be easy to break the fillet. when the fish fillet is oily, the oil temperature should not be too high, the film is thin and beautiful, the color is white, and the food is fresh and smooth, which is endless.

the sweet potato, the english name is the hot candied sweet potatoes, which not only represents the thick history of china's five thousand years, but also the crystallization of human wisdom. it has the status of four major inventions in china in different ages in the northeast. candied sweet potatoes have a significant significance in the northeast dinner table. in the northeast, the dinner started with a variety of wine-professional appetizers such as big salad, preserved egg tofu, and nut spinach, but the final "big general" only had sweet potatoes.

anchovy fillet, traditional dish, tender and tender, bright red, tastes savory, sweet and sour. the tenderloin is first fried into an outer coke, and then placed in a spoon tightly wrapped with a layer of clam juice, which is a special cooking method.

scallion sea cucumber is a chinese speciality, a classic dish of lu cuisine. from the source of shandong, the sea cucumber and green onion are the main ingredients, the sea cucumber is fresh, soft and smooth, the onion is fragrant, and there is no juice after eating. it is one of the "ancient and modern eight treasures". it has a fragrant green onion and is rich in nutrients. the main domestic sea cucumber production areas are: shandong sea cucumber with yantai, weihai and qingdao as the core, liaoning sea cucumber started earlier, belonging to the traditional sea cucumber breeding base, dalian bangshu island, zhangzi island, xingcheng juehua island and other surrounding waters. southern sea cucumber is based on fujian. in terms of nutritional value, liao thorn and shandong ginseng are the best. liao thorn and yantai changdao sea cucumber have almost no difference in appearance. they grow in the same sea area. the colder the sea water temperature, the slower the growth cycle of sea cucumber, the better the quality.

every northeastern childhood has a pot of simmered meat, and the tender and tender pork loin is sliced, wrapped with water starch, placed in a frying pan, and the white tenderloin is fried to golden in the sound of nourishment. the sweet and sour garlic is prepared into a simmering juice, and the fried meat embryo is rolled in the simmering juice. the mouth is tender and tender at the entrance, the gravy is overflowing, the sweet and sour taste is palatable, and the oil is not greasy.

chicken stewed mushrooms are a famous dish in the northeast, and also the most classic dish in the manchu eight bowls. it is rumored that the appearance of the stewless dish is the main diet of the emperor. in qianlong, guangxu, xuantong, and the culinary menu of cixi, there is a dish of "sweet mushroom chicken", which is chicken stewed with mushrooms. in the list of northeast stews, the top of the list is the chicken stewed mushrooms. in the northeast, the chicken stewed with mushrooms is the main dish of the 30th year, and it is also the signature dish to entertain guests. there was an old saying: "grandfather enters the door, the chicken breaks the soul." that is to say, the new aunt will accompany his wife to return to her family, and the old man must be a chicken stewed with mushrooms.

扒三白 is delicious. what three whites are you? white meat, cabbage, tofu, white meat refers to fish, fish is squid, fresh squid purchased on the same day, the top is black and thin black pork, pork is steamed first, when the fish is put on top, the fish is delicious with the tenderness of the meat, the soup is soaked in cabbage and tofu. both of them are full of flavour of meat. the whole is light and delicious, the fish is fresh and tender, and the pork is not too greasy.

on the old recipe of the shenyang grand hotel, there was a dish: braised bear's paw. it is understood that it was originally a large dish in the "manchu banquet" of the qing dynasty, which was enjoyed by the royal family and the nobles. today, ordinary people can't afford it. second, bears protect animals for the country. who dares to open their mouths to it? to this end, the cooking master li chunxiang specially improved the braised bear's paw in history and made a delicious meal with simple ingredients: the bear paw. the raw materials of beef tendon, beef head meat and pork tendon are tanning, and then pressed together into a bear's palm shape by a mold, and the seasoning is made by using a "扒" method. the color of the sauce is bright and red, and it can be compared with the real thing from the shape, color and taste. the meat is smashed, the juice is mellow and rich, and it is very nutritious.