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chongqing specialty

fengjie navel orange, bright orange red and large fruit, smooth and delicate skin reveals golden luster, crisp and fleshy entrance and slag, called the king of navel orange. it has long sunshine in the three gorges valley, close to the slope inversion layer under the snow line, moderate air relative humidity that is difficult to buy, and land with potassium and selenium. it benefits from the unique natural climatic conditions. the shape of the fruit shape is correct, the color is orange and red, and the unique flavor of “nutrition rich, moderate sweet and sour, crisp and tender slag, and orange scent” is well-known in china and abroad and is loved by the world.

hechuan peach slice is a kind of cake-like cake made of glutinous rice, walnut, flour, white sugar, etc. it is in the form of a thin piece, the color is white, scattered like a roll, the roll is constantly wrapped, the ignition is burning, the inlet slag, the soft sputum moisturizing, delicate and sweet, with walnut and rose fragrance, fresh and refreshing. the beautiful scenery of hechuan has fostered a prosperous culture. the splendid history of the fishing city is impressive, and the taste of the peach slices is coveted.

artemisia argyi with stalk cylindrical shape, yellow-green or brown-yellow surface, with longitudinal ridges, slightly hard and easy to break, with pith in the middle of the section; leaf curled and fragile, intact three-pinned deep-splitting, small lobes the rectangle is round or long oval, and the two sides are short-haired. because of its fragrant and special, the medicinal value is extremely high. it is used to treat summer heat, yin deficiency and fever, night heat and cold, bone steaming heat, malaria, cold and heat, damp heat. huang wei, zhuo shi effective.

surrounded by mountains, jiangjin has cultivated jiangjin pepper with excellent quality and unique flavor. its varieties are as many as nine leaves, hence the name “nine leaves green”. the fruit of jiangjin pepper is full, the color is lustrous, the fragrance is fragrant, the smell is pure, and the appetite can increase the appetite. it is the best for cooking and seasoning, and it also has the effect of treating kidney deficiency, tinnitus, eyesight, insecticide and athlete's foot. chuanxiong cuisine is especially famous for its spicy taste; while jiangjin pepper is the unique secret of spicy and delicious.

chungju bean curd is golden yellow or apricot yellow, bright and lustrous, the block is neat and soft, the thickness is even and delicate, the entrance is clear and fragrant, comfortable and delicious, and the aftertaste is long; because of its high nutritional value, it is rich in protein and carbohydrate. , unsaturated fatty acids, minerals (calcium, phosphorus, iron), the body's eight essential amino acids, carotene and multivitamins are known as "oriental cheese."nchungju bean curd is made from high-quality soybeans, adding white wine, preparing salt soup and dozens of precious chinese herbal medicines and spices. it is carefully immersed in traditional and unique production techniques. the seal is long-lasting and non-corrosive. wide medium, moistening, dehumidification and other effects have a certain effect on pre-treatment of hypertension, arteriosclerosis and rheumatism.

mustard has originated from the xi'an shou'an home in fuling city. according to the article "sichuan economic reference materials and mustard vegetables": "the fuling people qiu shou'an, jia shi xiaokang, usually homemade multi-tank household. qiu jun went to yihan in the last year of xuantong, accompanied by more than ten altars to send relatives and friends, won praise, 遂 secret return to sichuan in the 1939, li jiawen, a professor of the department of horticulture of the agricultural college of jinling university, personally went to fuling to investigate the results of the mustard and the detailed process of the invention of mustard.

the stone column is beryl, the smell is extremely bitter, and it has the characteristics of branch fertilizer, thick meat, long strips, bright color and high effective ingredients. it is of great medical value. the products are gathered in clusters and curved like chicken feet, so it is commonly called "chicken claws". the surface of coptis is grayish yellow or yellowish brown, rough and slightly lustrous, with irregular detail ridges and hairy residues. the branches have intermittent horizontal stripes, and the nodules are swollen, and the shape is like a bead.

the yangtze river is a hundred miles away, and the three gorges orange is full of fragrance. wanzhou red orange inherits ancient varieties, absorbs the aura of mountains and rivers, and nourishes one side of the people. its orange fruit is large and colorful, shaped like a lantern, the color is like red glow, the fragrance is spleen, sweet and sour, the juice is delicious, and the slag is refined. it is also effective in quenching thirst, clearing the stomach and intestines, relieving cough and stopping phlegm, soothing the liver and relieving depression.

"citrus" is a business card of zhongxian county. zhongxian county is known as the “orange city” because it is located in the hinterland of the three gorges reservoir area and is rich in citrus. the orange juice produced in zhongxian county was also presented to the state banquet and walked out of the "international fan."

the yangtze river is surrounded by the beauty of the fish, and the bamboo is good. known as the world's only one, china's unique jinchuan mountain bamboo shoots, which are unique to china, are known for their unique freshness, fragrance, tenderness and crispness. they are known as the “king of bamboo shoots” and “ the king of bamboo shoots." nanchuan fangzhusun is made from jinfoshan square bamboo shoots and processed by traditional techniques. its shape is slightly square, with a touch of angularity. the bamboo shoots are yellow or yellowish white, fresh and clean, the bamboo shoots are plump, the meat is crisp and tender, and the bamboo shoots have the luster is not wilting, and it has the unique qualities of rich nutrition, rich meat, crisp and tender slag, and delicious taste. it is favored by the gourmets of the past.