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fujian food

buddha jump wall

buddha jumping wall, also known as mantanxiang, fushouquan, fuzhou famous dishes, can be regarded as the home of huali in the leek. there are dozens of ingredients for the buddha's jump wall. it is rich in nutrients, can promote development, beauty, delay aging, enhance immunity, and is a good complement to the product. it has served as the main dish of the national banquet and has received prince sihanouk and us president ronald reagan. queen elizabeth and other heads of state.

nine parts of cow in hot pot

the so-called "nine gates" is actually the best part of the cattle in the nine parts of the meat, namely "beef tongue, beef belly tip, cow heart crown, venetian belly, beef peak belly, beef belly wall, beef waist, the beef is boiled and the cow's cardiovascular is selected. after the selection of materials, it is finely cut and plated. it is supplemented with chinese herbal medicine such as rice wine and fragrant root, and poured into a hot pot. when eating, the hot pot is cooked and eaten while eating. this dish is both fresh and crisp, and it has a fragrant taste of soup. it can not only strengthen the stomach and tonify the kidneys, but also chill and drain. it is a delicious dish of medicinal and medicinal food. just because this dish includes the essence of the main part of the cow, therefore, the folks have a story of "a ninth product, a good fortune."

hakka sashimi

ninghua sashimi is a classic in the hakka cuisine series. the fish fillets are eaten raw, just to enter the regrettable fresh. ninghua sashimi uses the grass carp in the “four great fish”. it is a knife, scraping scale, opening scorpion, simmering belly, sliced ​​fish, deboning, slicing... within 3 minutes of the falling of the knife, the lively fish has turned around. fresh fish fillets are served on the table. the fish fillets are thin and transparent, and the sashimi is cool and delicious, yet elastic and tenacious. sprinkle with sesame oil, spread it with green leaves, and then mix it with ginger, soy sauce, mustard, etc., which is the taste of hakka. it has a faint scent in the fresh, and instantly captures the taste buds of the diners. ?

fried oyster

sea bream is also known as oyster omelet. the oyster omelet originated in quanzhou. it is said that the people are unable to fill their stomachs to fill the hunger. it is made by combining sea bream with sweet potato powder, egg, garlic leaf or leeks. the meat is delicious, fresh and delicate, juicy and delicious. it is a common home-cooked dish in the southern part of anhui province. it is said that the jianzijian was brought into taiwan with the migration of zheng chenggong and fujian immigrants, and has become a favorite food of the people on both sides of the taiwan straits.

chicken soup and sea mussel

"chicken soup, sea bream" is a representative of leeks, and it is very popular and popular. this dish is made from sea bream, sea bream, washed and cuān until it is cooked, and boiled into the boiled chicken soup. the color of the finished product is white and transparent, and there is no match. it is all based on the crisp and refreshing taste of the sea bream, and the taste of the chicken soup is delicious. the authentic chicken soup, the sea bream, is very strict in controlling the water temperature and time. when it is insufficient, it is soft. if it is too old, it looks simple, but it is difficult to justify it.

wuyi smoked goose

smoked goose is a traditional han dish that must be on the tabletop banquet. this dish is produced in the wuyishan area. it is quite famous in the local area. smoked goose pays attention to color, aroma and taste. after a long time of smoke, the goose is blended with tea, cinnamon and glutinous rice, so the fragrance is long-lasting, and the strong aroma can not cover the spicy flavor. its nutritional value is higher than that of chickens, ducks, pigs, cattle and other livestock, and the fat content is low.

half moon sunk river

the vegetarian dishes of nanputuo temple in xiamen, fujian province are well known. among them, shenjiang is a classic dish that is famous both at home and abroad. in fact, this half-month shenjiang was originally a very common dish, formerly known as angelica gluten soup. it is a soup made from gluten, shiitake mushrooms and angelica. it is characterized by a delicious tang dynasty, elegant and poetic. because it contains angelica ingredients, it can also activating blood and tonic, and has a high health effect.

bamboo abalone southern abalone

nanri bao is a special product of nanri town in xiuyu district, putian. it uses the seeds cultivated by nanri island itself. because of its fresh water, good climate and delicious taste, the fresh kelp and seaweed from the south of the island are used as bait. born into the world with natural green food, it has become a hot commodity on the market. in 2007, it was approved as a national geographical indication product of china.

baijihetian chicken is a famous han nationality in fujian province and belongs to the tingzhou hakka cuisine. the chicken must be the hetian chicken of changting specialty. the cooking wine must be the hakka rice wine wine produced by changting to make the dish tender and tender, the fragrance is tangy, the golden oil is bright, and it is very attractive. originally original, fresh and crisp, smooth and not greasy

the yellow croaker with red lips and delicious meat is known as the “national fish”, and ningde is known as the “hometown of large yellow croaker”. ningde large yellow croaker, also known as "yellow croaker" and "cucumber fish", has become a frequent visitor to ningde people due to its tender meat.