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hunan specialty

"drinkers drink xiangquan, a drunk for three thousand years, wake up and then toast, alcoholic wine to wine." wine tastes ghosts, before the thick, zhongqing, after the sauce, the three fragrant and harmonious symbiosis; know the alcoholic, must not be drunk, not too drunk, life is full of scent and wisdom; and then enlightenment, insight into everything, hidden in one heart. the spirits of the alcoholic people inherit the essence of history, the creation of the heavens and the earth, one of the richness of the world - the color is transparent, the fragrance is rich, the entrance is sweet and round, the mellowness is full, the fragrance is coordinated, and the aftertaste is cool and long.

yellow flower, commonly known as "daylily", also known as "forgetting grass", "golden cabbage", "brain dish", "viewing for famous flowers, using good medicine, eating for food", and mushrooms, fungus and called "vegetarian three treasures." shaodong is known as the “hometown of golden needles”. the yellow day lily is famous for its bright color, unique taste, rich aroma and rich flesh.

shaodong yuzhu, also known as the tail ginseng. shaodong county has a long history of production and is the hometown of yuzhu in china. polygonatum odoratum has the functions of lowering blood pressure, lowering blood fat, improving myocardial ischemia and relieving the formation of atherosclerotic plaque, and has a good preventive and therapeutic effect on stroke. it is an excellent chinese herbal medicine.

linyi yellow croaker is well-proportioned, with small head and small meat, bright yellow color, light gray of dorsal fin, pale yellow anal fin, orange-colored tail fin, with tender meat, clear fragrance and rich nutrient quality characteristics, especially rich in selenium and cattle beneficial to human body. important elements such as sulfonic acid, dha, and calcium are regarded by the local people as "water treasures."

"goose, goose, goose, curved neck to the sky song. white hair floats green water, red palms call green waves." whenever this ancient poem is smashed, people associate the famous ancient and modern zhangpu goose. under the high snow-capped mountains, in the winding lishui river, in the green pond water, a group of white zhapu goose or long songs sing, or you chase after me, or step on the waves, or hold a group perched and weaved a vivid and beautiful farm landscape.

the citrus is mainly a hybrid of orange and orange or orange and pomelo. it is selected by natural or artificial hybridization and has excellent seed properties of various parents. linyi citrus is a unique single cultivar selected from the introduced xiangshanhong variety, which has been cultivated for many years and has unique quality.

yongxing rock candy orange, the fruit shape is round and round, and the color is bright; the fruit pulp is orange-yellow, the juice is juicy, the flavor is strong, the sweet and refreshing taste is good, the taste is excellent, the skin is thin or nuclear-free, has a clear fragrance and is resistant to storage. in ancient times, it was called "orange". orange is also known as "yellow fruit", "golden ring", "medicine fruit", rich in nutrients, rich in sugar, acid, dietary fiber, multivitamins, volatile oil, and calcium and iron. trace elements such as magnesium and selenium.

wuqiangxi reservoir is located in the wuqiangxi national wetland park in hunan province. the wuqiangxi fish are rich in amino acids, especially the high content of asparagus amino acids, glutamic acid, glycine and alanine, which are reflected in the meat. the four amino acids accounted for the total amino acid content, which was 39.1% for squid, 41.2% for cockroach, and 41.0% for black carp. therefore, wuqiangxi fish has a more delicious taste than other similar fishes, and is rich in nutrients and excellent in taste.

the lush greenery of the huangshan mountain, the clear green of the xiaoxiang water, breeds the growth of everything in the zero mile basin. under the natural conditions of unique geographical area, comfortable climate, good environment and high-quality soil, the huangshan mountain pigs play freely and freely. hungry, eat a grass; thirsty, drink a mountain spring; tired, sleep to wake up naturally. it is this kind of mountainous pastoral life like peach blossom, which has created its unique and excellent quality - pure, natural, high nutritional value, no drug residue.

xiangxi kiwifruit is rich in nutrients. in addition to sugar, protein and carotene, it also contains 14 rare elements, especially high in selenium.

litsea cubeba oil is a kind of natural vegetable oil with high economic value and rich in citral. it is the main raw material for medicine, spices, cosmetics and other industries. because of its unique geographical and climatic advantages, yongzhou mountain lizizi is rich in grain, rich in odor, rich in oil quality and high in oil yield. yongzhou litsea cubeba oil is widely praised by the world for its moderate composition and pure fragrance.

zhangjiajie and the dinosaurs flourished at the same time as the dinosaurs. the dinosaurs were extinct, but the cockroaches still survived to the present, so they were hailed as the "living fossils of swimming." it has a large and flat body, and the large one can reach 180 cm in length, usually 60-70 cm. the head is extremely flat and wide, the trunk is thick and flat, the rear end is flat, and the tail is blunt. the extremely harsh living environment and long history of life make it have different economic and scientific value. its efficacy is endless, making dishes into delicious top grades; developing deep-processed products for the best of health!

xinhuang yellow cattle belongs to xiangxi yellow cattle. xiangxi yellow cattle belongs to the wuling cattle. it is a variety formed by long-term natural selection and artificial selection according to local natural conditions and production needs. it is one of the best yellow cattle breeds in southern china and has been included in the national livestock and poultry genetic resources protection list. xinhuang yellow beef has a delicate meat flavor, rich flavor, unique flavor and high nutritional value. more than 80 varieties of four series of chilled beef, hotel beef, casual beef and waxed beef developed and produced are exported to beijing, hong kong, macau, singapore and other places, and the products are in short supply.

xiangzhu grape, native to tongmu town, zhongfang county, is a local speciality. today, it is mainly distributed in huaihua's china, qijiang and other counties, with an area of ​​nearly 60,000 mu. according to legend, when emperor qianlong went down to jiangnan, he once kissed the fruit, and praised it as "the pearl of hunan". xiangzhu grape was named after it.

xuefengshan houttuynia, which is called “xiancao” by the family, is not only a magical chinese herbal medicine, but also one of the local specialties that often appear on the dinner table to entertain guests. on the dinner table of the family, you can see the figure of houttuynia in the whole season. it eats it in the spring to clear away heat and detoxify; in summer, it eats appetizer and diuretic; in autumn, it eats lungs and pharynx; in winter, it nourishes warmth and strengthens resistance. houttuynia cordata grows under the yellow-brown soil with a ph of 5.5 to 6.5 on the xuefeng mountain at an altitude of 1934 meters. the fertile production area has a good and vitality, and it is a perfect match with the family bacon. the palate is soft and full-bodied; mixing the tender and tender houttuynia with the chopped peppers of the clams makes it a good meal, a crisp and refreshing salad.

xizhou raspberry tea, commonly known as xizhou tengcha, molded tea, special product of yongshun county, hunan province, is a beverage made from the cane of the precious wild vine "zhangxiang snake grape" in the mountainous area of ​​yongshun county. it is named because yongshun county belongs to guxi prefecture. rich in soluble sugar, flavonoids and various trace elements, it is a new type of green drink that combines nutrition, medical care and health care.

the lily is made up of multiple scales, and the ancients regard it as the auspicious sign of "a hundred years of good harmony" and "a hundred things agree." the lily plants stand erect, the leaves are like bamboo, the color is white, the posture is beautiful, and the faint fragrance can be scattered. it is known as the “cloud fairy”. longhui longya lily is a fine in lily. its sheet is microwave-shaped, slightly curved inward, and the side looks like a crescent moon. it looks like a dragon tooth, so it is called “dragon lily”, which means auspicious and is popular among consumers. favor.

liuyang fireworks, long-standing reputation, beautiful shape, colorful, reliable quality, known as the "hometown of fireworks". liuyang allows the fireworks to bloom, and the fireworks let liuyang be broadcasted to the world. liuyang and the fireworks have become an inseparable whole. the place names and the names of the products complement each other.

"if the shape of the cloud is like a frost, the art of the celestial buds is hidden in the buds. the clear green leaves are intoxicating, and the night is long and the lips are fragrant." 碣 beach tea - the representative of chinese curly green tea. its shape is curly, the front is beautiful, the color is green, and the white is revealed. when brewing, the tea is like a shrimp in the dragon; after brewing, the soup is yellow and clear, there is no scent, the taste is fresh and sweet, and the drink is sweet. . one person's tea is full of house aroma, which is what makes beach tea different.

the folks have the saying that "the day is a long-term meal, and the centennial is not old." jujube has been planted in china for more than 4,000 years and has been listed as one of the “five fruits” (peach, plum, plum, apricot, jujube) since ancient times. the crispy jujube of dongdong has a beautiful appearance, small fleshy core, crispy taste, sweet and fragrant, excellent taste and endless aftertaste. because of its excellent quality, it is well-known at home and abroad, and has been praised as “southern jujube king” by the world.

shaoyang county is a demonstration county of the national oil tea base, and shaoyang county is the “china tea oil capital”. tea oil "food, treatment" dual function is better than olive oil, is a natural green edible oil, is the best in today's edible oil. it has profound cultural sedimentation and inheritance significance. the county produces tea oil with a long history of more than 2,500 years. in this ancient and fertile red land, not only the growth conditions of camellia oleifera are unique, but also the culture of camellia oleifera and tea oil has a long history. the people here also have a special liking for camellia trees. almost every household has planted camellia oleifera trees. they say this is called "one year planting, benefiting for 100 years." known as the "natural oil depot" of shonan.

the wine of xidu lake is a sweet yellow wine. it is called wuhu wine, wine, wine, and wine. the origin of the name comes from hengyang lake. hengyang has a long history of wine production. it is best known for its wine production on the west coast of wuhu. its wine-making technology has been recorded by the northern wei jiasi's "qi min yao shu" and is called "alcoholism", which has formed the unique charm of chinese rice wine. the color is bright, mellow and fragrant, thick and not greasy, round and thick, clear and refreshing, not on the head, "wuhu" style, has become a royal tribute from the western han dynasty to the qing dynasty for more than two thousand years, for a long time.

yueyang yellow tea is the golden mean of tea. it combines the processing techniques of the other five major teas, including the green tea, the fermentation of black tea, the heap of black tea, the withering of white tea, and the baking of tea. it is thick and refreshing, mellow and fragrant. yueyang yellow tea has the fragrance of green tea, the pleasure of white tea, the charm of green tea, the refreshing taste of black tea, the thickness of black tea, mellow and sweet, mellow and fragrant.

changning tea oil is a specialty of changning city, hengyang city, hunan province. changning camellia has a long history of planting, unique geographical environment and human factors. it is rich in nutrients, bright yellow color, pure quality, fragrant smell, and both medicine and food. it is well-known at home and abroad.

longdong daylily, produced in zhaodong county, hunan province. the western hilly area of ​​zhaodong county is the origin and main producing area of ​​the national daylily. the daytime broccoli has a large root bar, early market time, maximum output, the most abundant supply and uniform quality. the main dry goods varieties of huangdong daylily are mainly dried vegetables, cooked needles and dehydrated medicines. among them, dehydrated medicine hair dishes account for more than 90% of the national market for medicines. the medicine hair is mainly used for kimchi processing, hot pot cooking and the like.