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stupid face features: smooth sliding teeth, spicy back to sweet, spicy and harmonious, fresh taste. featured products: signature beef noodles, home pork noodles, miso noodles, glutinous noodles, spicy noodles.

"jiuyuan baozi" originated in the 1931 period of the republic of china in chongqing. it enjoys the "jiuyuan buns" with the honor of chinese famous snacks, chongqing old name, chongqing intangible cultural heritage, china's top ten steamed buns and chinese special buns. brand building and product appeal.

chongqing ma yuan. large, crisp, golden color, a layer of sesame is tightly set on the leather surface, the taste is sweet and soft, sticky and not sticky.

it is one of the favorite snacks of chongqing people to mention the dandan noodles. its production skills have been passed down for more than 170 years. the reason why the dandan noodles was called the dan dan was because the earliest period was to pick up the burden and walk around the street to sell. these dandan noodles merchants stuffed the items needed to open the noodle restaurant into a special burden: one side is a pot, a stove, and coal; on the other side, noodles, seasonings, tableware, and other miscellaneous the rope cover, go away, stop and stop, it is very convenient.

the chicken noodle is a classic sichuan dish, the chicken is a chicken leg pork, with a refreshing cucumber silk, multi-flavored, fresh and refreshing.

tofu brain is a famous chinese traditional snack. it is tofu flower and bean flower. according to different local tastes, there are also regions like sichuan and other spicy flavors.

the dragon's hand-skin is thin and tender, smooth and delicious, and the soup is white and white. it is the leader of rongcheng snacks.

the so-called "good fortune" is one of the "three good and the best". according to reports, "three good and good" is divided into "yishan tang", "huishanbao" and "yangshan noodles". it was founded in 1940 by the patriotic industrialist lu zuofu. the restaurant is also used by meng zuo. then the name of the world is good. the good package is a sauce, a hand-made and a noodle. the fillings are sauce, horseshoe and ham. the noodles are traditional water, ham and chicken soup; the ingredients of the soup are seafood, eggs, vinegar and pepper.

chicken sauce pot stickers are famous for chongqing cuisine. because the stuffing is made with chicken sauce, it is named. this snack is made of hot dough and made of pork stuffed with chicken sauce. it is made into dumplings and cooked in a pot. the main feature is crispy and tender, and the taste is delicious. moreover, it has the functions of nourishing the heart and tonifying the kidney, strengthening the spleen and thickening the intestines

chicken sauce is a famous sichuan cuisine. unlike many dishes in sichuan cuisine, chicken sauce has no spicy taste, but it is delicious. the chewy and golden crispy dough, delicious meat fillings, and mellow chicken juice, this unique taste is naturally loved by sichuan and chongqing people. wu chuang's chicken sauce pot stick is as famous as his family's copying hand! every time i go to his home, it is a pottery sticker, standard! their home will be sold after 2 pm! the pot is branded golden and golden, and it is very hot after being fried. the bite of soup is overflowing!

a kind of food in chongqing, a kind of oysters, thick and fleshy, similar in shape to gold ingots, with a smooth and delicate taste. it is often served with red oil soup and green vegetables. it is one of chongqing's favorite foods.

dengying beef is a traditional snack in the bayu region and has a history of more than 100 years. when people make it, they slice the beef sirloin meat and then make it by pickling, drying, baking, steaming, frying and frying. it is spicy and sweet, and is very popular among people. because the meat is thin and wide, it can be named through the shadow of the lamp and the effect of folk shadow play. at present, the main producing areas of dengying beef are daxian and chongqing, and the products of the two places are constantly developing and each has its own merits.

chongqing hot and sour powder is a local traditional snack widely circulated in chongqing urban area. it has always been one of the favorite people of chongqing. the hand-made main powder is made from sweet potato and pea starch, and then manually leaked by farmers.nthe fans of chongqing hot and sour powder are strong in the teeth, spicy and sour, and appetizing, and are popular in chongqing.n“chongqing hot and sour powder” is a pure natural green food. due to its unique taste and hot and sour taste, chongqing’s hot and sour powder has long been loved by chongqing people. it is characterized by “hemp, spicy, fresh, fragrant, sour and oily”. not greasy." known as the "first powder in the world".

the braised beef noodles are commonly served with tabletop beef noodles, sichuan-flavored beef noodles and lanzhou beef noodles. the practices vary and the tastes are unique. in chongqing, people's dependence on small noodles can be said to be very high. it is normal to eat oily red soup noodles for breakfast. chongqing's braised beef noodles are also a kind of small noodles, just according to the toppings. different names have their own names, such as braised fat intestines, peas noodles, chicken noodles and so on.

chongqing sauce meat is an authentic clip meat, rich in sauce, moderate in fatness, oily but not greasy, hand-skinned, thin and not scattered.

the main ingredients of shancheng xiaotangyuan are hanging glutinous rice balls, sichuan white sugar, pig side oil, etc. it is a kind of dessert. shancheng xiaotangyuan is a traditional snack in chongqing. it is famous for its small size, thin skin filling, sweet and smooth. it is made from pork oyster sauce, white sugar powder and black sesame powder.

the chicken noodles in qiu erguan, the color of duck yellow, the texture is tough and tough, the bean sprouts are crisp and crisp, the chicken silk is fresh and fragrant, and the food is hot and sour. chicken silk noodles are especially popular noodles in summer. compared with noodles such as oily noodles and noodles, this chicken noodle has a lot of nutrients. it is not so greasy and nutritious.nthe thick aroma of wheat, the noodles filled with sauce, the vegetables of the water, and the secret sauce, and the tender and tender chicken shreds are waiting quietly, mixing and scenting. already revealed, just a bowl of noodles, so that people who watch can not help but drool.

in the spicy food industry in chongqing, yujishancheng xiaotangyuan can win, the first is the taste. shancheng xiaotangyuan is a traditional snack in chongqing. it is famous for its small size, thin stuffing, sweet and smooth. it is made from pork oyster sauce, white sugar powder and black sesame powder.

in the early years of fuling oil, the han people received pre-dinner drinks from the guests. sweet and delicious, oily but not greasy. when the guest enters the house, the owner cooks a bowl of oily glutinous rice (some places have eggs) for the guests to enjoy. the local saying of this hospitality method is called “drinking water”. because the oily glutinous rice has a "first impression" in the minds of the guests, the production of oily glutinous rice is especially delicate and elegant. as a result of long-term accumulation, the fuling oil glutinous rice was well-known for its reputation, and finally entered the fuling catering industry and enjoyed the reputation of “chongqing famous special snacks”.

chongqing xiaobian is the first choice for breakfast for many chongqing people. it has also been well-known throughout the country in the past two years. different from the small noodles in the north, the small noodles in chongqing use the alkaline water surface which is not very good in taste. the oil is heavy, the spicy taste is full, and the spicy and delicious are prepared. it is a street market snack in the mountain city of chongqing. the reason why it is called chongqing small noodle is because it is "small". the small noodles are specifically referred to as plain noodles, in order to distinguish them from the noodles with beef, fat sausages, and hazelnuts. there are red soup and clear soup in the small noodles. there are soup noodles and dry distillation. the diners need small noodles to be plain noodles. if you want to eat toppings, you will call beef noodles, fat noodles, chicken noodles and so on.

wang duck is a famous traditional snack in chongqing. founded in the late 1930s. the most famous varieties of this series are smoked duck (goose), white marinated duck, hanging roast duck, tea duck, soft-boiled duck, braised duck liver, and halogen wings. smoked duck is a treasure in the chongqing king duck series. its color is amber, oily and bright, delicate meat, salty and fresh, with a long aftertaste. the meat is tender and tender, and the skin is crispy. it is both a feast and a delicious food for a light meal. it is made from spices such as sanina, anise, fragrant, clove, amomum, cardamom, cinnamon, cinnamon, grass fruit, pine, pepper, and ginger.

deyuan sour plum soup is a chongqing old-fashioned snack with a long history. the sour plum soup made with sour plum is particularly delicious, with a little ice, the taste is simply overbearing! it tastes completely different from the sour plum soup blended with sour plum powder on the traditional market. deyuan's classic old-fashioned sour plum soup is made from sour plums through a traditional fermentation process. it takes at least 5-7 days to make a batch of sour plum soup.