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xinjiang food

pepper ma chicken is a traditional dish that has been circulated in xinjiang. the main material is open chicken, the main cooking process is cooking. the finished product is savory, soft and tender, fresh and delicious. mix the torn chicken pieces with the parsley section, the chilli flakes, and the onion, and then add the sesame oil and the pepper oil. the chicken skin is crispy, the meat is thick and the more chewy.

the scallion mutton is the home-cooked dish of xinjiang people. the two words of scallions and mutton are inseparable, that is, they are inseparable from leather teeth and spicy skin. one bite, the green onions are overflowing, this is called fun!

the uighur language is called “tawakawa甫” and is a trendy snack variety. it is one of the famous flavors of xinjiang. use xinjiang fresh lamb meat, maltose mixed with water and hot on the surface of the mutton. when it is golden brown, pour it into the colander and filter off the oil. then add the scallion and ginger to the scallions and add the mutton and water and the grass and cinnamon and fragrant leaves. and rice wine and salt, after boiling, turn to low heat for about 1 hour until the meat is smashed. put the sesame seeds in the dish and eat it. it is the best in the food.

xinjiang dapan chicken, also known as shawan dapan chicken, is a famous dish in xinjiang. it originated in the late 1980s and was mainly made from chicken and potato pieces. colorful, smooth and spicy chicken and soft and sweet potato, spicy and fragrant, rich in taste, is the best on the table.

the texture of xinjiang mutton is fresh and tender, the golden appearance of roasted whole sheep is bright, the external meat is yellow and crisp, the inner meat is soft and tender, and the mutton flavor is fragrant and fragrant. it is quite palatable and unique.

mutton crepe cake, the minority's favorite fat sheep platoon is cast with fresh ginger, scallions and braised, and the thin, window-like crepes that are hand-teared are laid on the lamb chops, covered with steam, cooked and cut. loaded with the lamb chops. the infiltration of the central plains food culture and the western food culture is reflected in all aspects of the balikun diet. the unique mutton cake is an excellent example. barkol mutton cake is now one of the famous xinjiang snacks. when you eat, the lamb chops are delicious and the pizza is golden and delicious.

hand-caught lamb is a traditional food that is loved by mongolian, tibetan, hui, ha, wei and other ethnic groups in northwest china. the practice is very simple. put the boned mutton into pieces and put it into the water to cook. after the fish is removed, sprinkle with onion, salt, and then pour the soup. it is better with the skin (the onion is delicious).

gobi grilled fish is first cut from the back of a whole fish, remove the meat, cross the two small wooden sticks from the upper and lower parts of the fish, and then use a slightly longer wooden stick to wear it. insert the fish with wooden sticks into the beach by the river and arrange them in a row. start to ignite the dry wood next to the fish and bake.

smoked horse meat is a must in the kazakh cuisine. the kazakh language is called soget, which is produced in the beautiful ili prairie. it is made from yili horse, which is known as tianma. beginning in the early winter, the kazakh family will slaughter the animals for winter meat, pickled and dried for the winter, and the smoked meat is rich in flavor and storage. the bacon sold on the market is basically similar. add some condiments, such as cumin, pepper, pepper, onion, etc., which can be cooked and steamed. smoked horse sausage is the top grade in bacon. yili is the most pure place in xinjiang for the production of dried meat and horse intestines.