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gansu food

morel is also known as the mushroom, lamb belly, and wolfweed, belonging to the family saddle, which is named for its body shape such as lamb belly. it is a special product of weinan. the inherent quality of morchella is excellent, the nutrition is quite rich, and the edible value and medicinal value are extremely high. the dishes are made with morel, the aroma is pleasant, the taste is strange, and the flavor is unique.

sixi jinzun lion head is made of fat and thin meat with glutinous rice, mushrooms and other materials, made into meatballs, first fried and boiled, the lion's head should be soft and delicious, the meat is best to lick, seven points of lean meat, three it is divided into fat meat, finely cut and rough, the size is like rice grain, can not be too thin, so that the meat can maintain a gap between the meat, in order to contain juice; another focus is on the container, to simmer on a fine fire, the casserole is the best. there are fat and thin meat rosy and oily, with green and green vegetables to cover, bright colors and scent of the nose, light appetite, savory meat and juice, is an irresistible top taste.

living in lanzhou, you must not eat lamb. the hand-caught lamb is a traditional food favorited by the mongolian, tibetan, hui, kazakh, uyghur and other ethnic groups in northwest china. it has been passed down for nearly a thousand years and was named after the hand. it is also very particular about picking up the mutton and eating the mutton. it is necessary to smash the boned mutton into two strips of wide strips or blocks and put them into the market. the chest and ribs are the most delicious and most precious. lanzhou hand-caught lamb is characterized by delicious meat, not greasy, and full of color.

roasted whole sheep is the first choice for lanzhou people to gather for dinner, friends gathering, and banqueting guests. so many roasted whole lambs, the most cattle should be yuquan villa. here, i have been selected for the cctv10 "taste of the township - lanzhou taste" program. selected lamb and fruit charcoal, the sheep are clean and clean, all charcoal grilled, real material can be seen. the potatoes in the northwest are delicious, rustled, grilled, steamed, eaten with salt and chili powder, and delicious.

gansu braised yellow river carp is mainly composed of more than 1 kg of squid in the yellow river, with onion, ginger, garlic, flour, starch and other accessories and more than 20 kinds of seasoning stew. the dishes are bright red, rich in flavour and tender in flesh. it is fat but not greasy, soft in taste, fragrant in lips and teeth, soft in flesh and soft and salty.

lanzhou lily, the scales are tight, the color is white as jade, large, fleshy, delicate, less fiber, sweet and fragrant, rich in starch, protein and multivitamins. its quality is the highest in the country and is well known both at home and abroad. the ancients regarded lily as the meaning of pepsi. lily is flat and sweet, has lungs, cough and stomach, calms the mind, promotes blood circulation, clears heat and diuretic effect, especially for bronchitis and tuberculosis, so it has the reputation of "good food and good medicine". dumplings are traditional chinese cuisine. reunion lily is a dumpling with lily filling, squeezed carrot juice and noodles, dumplings with lily pork stuffing, and the dumplings are connected end to end, and they are rounded into a round zygote. it is a bit like a lily, meaning a round and round, and pepsi agrees. .

the secret braised pork is a simple home-cooked dish. the main ingredient is pork leg meat (with a little fat on the skin), which is made with a variety of seasonings. this dish is fragrant and fragrant, the meat is not fat, not greasy, sweet and delicious. the perfect way to replenish your body in winter.

the ox's foot is also called the hoof, rich in gum, and because of its unique flavor, it is a very popular dish.

the ducks are marinated in seasonings, steamed until cooked, and finally fried. it is rich in white, sweet noodles and tomato sauce. the dish is red and bright, and the taste is crispy and crispy.

tibetan fragrant pig, also known as "ginseng pig", is a kind of ancient animal resource unique to gannan and ganyu county in gansu and gansu provinces. the quality of pigs is “six of the most”, namely: meat has the highest amino acid content, the highest trace element, the lowest fat content, the longest pig intestine, the thinnest pig skin and the longest mane. it is a traditional ethnic cuisine. especially the pig skin, the taste q bomb is tender and tender, far different from the general pig. the red scented fragrant pteridophyte pig is a small piece of tibetan pork pig's pork belly cut into 3 × 2 cm; use water to put sugar candy into the fire, add oyster sauce to boil the sugar gum, put in the chopped meat, wine, salt and mix well, slow fire skillful; put the cooked meat in a bowl and put it on the plate. this dish is golden in color, refreshing and smooth, fat and not greasy.