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"returning is a kind of food similar to the pot stick, but it is slightly larger than the pot stick. the stuffing of the bag is more, it is rectangular, the two ends are not sealed, and it should be folded back in the middle, stacked, and fried. cheng. savored with vinegar and garlic when eating." "back" was once in harbin, but it was broken for more than 30 years. in 1988, at that time, the harbin commercial committee changed the city's huimin burning department at no. 247 jingyu street in daowai district, and changed it to “returning to xiangxiang restaurant”, with the main theme of “returning to the head”. customers come here to eat 3 two "turning back" and drink a bowl of sheep soup (5 horns), which is very satisfying.

chicken spicy food is inseparable from spicy dishes because it is cold noodles. it is also known as cold noodles. it is developed from traditional korean spicy dishes. there are spicy cabbage, spicy kohlrabi, spicy mustard, spicy dried tofu, spicy squid, spicy kelp, spicy beef, etc., a wide variety, common features, are all with a spicy word. the pepper-based seasonings are very full, and every spicy dish seems to have just been picked out from the seasoning tank. the color is red and the taste is strong, which makes people look like wild game. the appetite is growing up immediately. eat a spicy dish full of hot mouth, as if eating a fire, swallowing into the stomach, the stomach is burning, it is enough taste, enough stimulation.

in jixi, there is a diet that has been loved by the public for decades, and even when the “city flower” and “city emblem” are always difficult to produce, this diet has become a “city to eat” and it is chicken noodles and spicy dishes. jixi's cold noodle restaurant is everywhere, every family eats cold noodles, everyone loves cold noodles, and it is not shabby to use it. the cold noodles are now eaten and pressed, keeping the taste fresh, and the raw materials are limited to soba noodles and wheat noodles (mostly wheat noodles). the cold noodles are different from other areas as salty mouth, noodle gluten, soft and chewy, cool and light, and the spicy, sour and salty with the slight sweetness can immediately hook out the water, and then chew the cold noodles, which is appetizing.

daqingkeng roasting is a unique food in daqing city, heilongjiang province. because its production process is derived from the past rural stoves in the northeast or the method of digging pits and smoked food on the ground in the field, it is called pit roasting. it is said that as early as the ming and qing dynasties, folks in the northeast had similar cooking techniques and developed into modern times. the craftsmanship and taste have undergone numerous improvements, and the variety has evolved from a single barbecue to baked potatoes, peppers, eggs, corn, and stupid chicken. pigeons, donkeys, lamb chops, fish, etc.

daxinganling ameng food co., ltd. was established in 2009. it relies on daxinganling's unique natural environment and abundant mountain and wild vegetable resources. it mainly focuses on nature-themed restaurants, wild vegetables dumplings, wild vegetable buns, and wild vegetables.

the lao renyi pavilion, which is the main brand of beef dumplings, is the originality of their family. the formula is rigorous and unique in craftsmanship. it has been well received by customers for many years. it is worthy of respect that they have strict standards for meat selection. they must choose small milk beef from the age of four to six. the parts must be the upper brain, the waist and the tail, and they should not be shoddy. the sand surface is good, the color is good, the strength is large, white and transparent, and it is matched with the authentic shandong cuisine of zhangguilin, the ancient street of taikoo liudao, the special grinding oil of the milled sesame oil and the special soy sauce of xingnan sauce garden. the soup is delicious, sweet and not greasy. regardless of hui people and han people, they are willing to taste beef steamed dumplings at renyi hall.

as the first staple food in the northeast, the leek box has an unshakable position, and its practice follows the “suiyuan food list” by yuan mei from the qing emperor qianlong. the leek box is generally selected as a spring scalpel with leeks for filling, with egg and sea rice. the fried skin is golden and crispy. the stuffing is crispy and tender, and the taste is beautiful. it has no oil and crisp, no rice noodles and soft, it is spring. good time.

harbin yuchang roast chicken was created by mr. jiao yuchang, the roast chicken king. it uses the ancestral 300-year court secret recipe, accompanied by 28 famous chinese herbal medicines such as cinnamon, meat clam and cardamom. according to the natural original fragrance process, yuchang roasted chicken, which is produced by the old soup, is delicious and nutritious. mentioned the production process and taste of yuchang roast chicken, from the elderly to children, almost no one in harbin.

the most classic snack in harbin is the red sausage. the red sausage was originally from russia. the most common and most famous and most traditional sausage flavor is the “ridousus” flavor (that is, the garlic flavor, the wine is excellent, with “gawas”, the taste is called a stick! ). can be sandwiched in lebari, is a very important meat food. the red sausage can be eaten directly. if you take it in your hand, you will definitely catch a black hand! don't panic, it's not dirty, it's a thin layer of char on the surface of the sausage. the red intestine is smoked from the old fruit trees that grow in the daxinganling. smoked red sausage, the surface will adhere to a layer of fruit charcoal ash that is invisible to the naked eye. when you eat, you should eat the epidermis. this is the true red sausage flavor - just eat the coke flavor with the mountain!

baking cold noodles is a common local snack in heilongjiang. the birthplace is jixishan city, heilongjiang province, with carbon roasting, iron plate roasting and deep-fried. at present, the sales of iron plate baking cold noodles is far greater than that of deep-fried, so all kinds of vendors are constantly innovating, not only the processing of cold panels alone, but also the cold noodles with chopped green onion coriander and onion seasoning, and the meat filling, sandwiching the intestines, adding eggs wait.

on the tip of the tongue, the northeastern sauerkraut stewed pork at minus 50 degrees, the main pickled dumplings. the northerners have no idea about the emotions of sauerkraut. in the cold season of the past seven months, this pickle almost represents a way of life. forced to extract the acid water fermented in the leaves, to remove the taste of bitter, and to make the texture of the sauerkraut more crisp and tough. sauerkraut exudes a pleasant appetizing sour aroma, which is the taste of lactic acid. after fermentation, oxalic acid is broken down, producing peptides and amino acids, all of which bring a delicious flavor.

the loaf, also known as the great leba (leba is a transliteration of russian bread), came from russia. known as harbin, this loaf is round and has a weight of five pounds. it is the crown of bread. the taste is also aromatic and has a traditional european flavor. the loaf after baking, the outer skin is crispy, the inner scorpion is soft, the scent is unique, and it is suitable for storage. it is a convenient food for all ages. the qiulin brand loaf is traditionally crafted and baked for about one hour. the shell is slightly coke and crisp, and the inner scorpion is soft and delicious. the hops are fermented to make the bread have an attractive hop aroma. the traditional three-fermentation process makes the dough fully fermented and has a unique flavor. .

the special snacks in heilongjiang province, harbin people are very fond of eating, the production is relatively simple, the water surface and the oil surface and the skin, with the pork diced with some spices for the inset, wrapped into pieces size, cooked. golden and compact, the taste is crisp, the meat is fat and not greasy.

heilongjiang snacks. fried with stuffed pastry. the finished product is white in color, distinct in layer, crisp and delicious, and is a high-end banquet.

it is rumored that the northern song dynasty jianlong three years spring is the first month of geng shen, because the emperor's funeral has just finished, song taizu is not subject to baiguan zhao he xinchun, do not think about tea. in the afternoon, i walked alone in the courtyard. suddenly, a scent of fragrance came, i felt very refreshed, and i went to the imperial kitchen with the aroma. but i saw the chef dumping the uncooked dumplings in the wok and seeing it too. the ancestors did not dare to come in the atmosphere. at this time, the ancestors did not make a good meal for a few days. at this time, the scent evoked the appetite, and let the shovel shovel a few tastes. this taste does not matter. it feels crisp and soft, and it is delicious. it has eaten four or five. one. after asking what the name was, the royal chef couldn't answer it at the moment. taizu looked at the dumplings fried in the wok and said that it would be called a pot. in the first month of the 11th, the ancestors went to the yingchunyuan banquet for archery. when the banquet was invited, the royal chef made this pot to enjoy it. the chefs improved from the taste to the shape, and the ministers praised them after eating. later, this pot was passed from the palace to the folk, and after continuous research and improvement by the chefs of the past generations, it became the pot of today.

pour the flour into the pot, add warm water, and stir into the dough. stir for about 15 minutes. put the pork stuffing into the pot, add the diced green onion, ginger, soy sauce, salt, pepper powder, pepper, and mix well. put the dough on the panel, knead it into strips, and divide it into small-sized agents. press flat, put the meat stuffing, close the mouth and pinch it tightly, place it on the panel, press it into a round cake, pour the soybean oil into the pan and burn. after the heat is put into the round cake, when the bottom of the cake is yellowed, the cake surface is oiled, turned over and yellowed, and then eaten.

heilongjiang snacks. also known as broken crispy biscuits. from the end of the qing dynasty, the small and medium-sized restaurants in harbin, bukui (now qiqihar city) and sanxing (now yilan county) in heilongjiang province operate this kind of biscuit, which is characterized by crispy and salty.

the golden silk roll was due to the difficult period of the year. at that time, the material was not rich. the chefs of the restaurant made a successful "silk roll" out of the table. because of the fineness of the production and the proper ingredients, they made a look like a steamed bun. the little snacks made a difference.

songren xiaodu is a traditional dish of the zhengyang building in harbin, heilongjiang province. the songren small belly of zhengyang building is made of the finest pork meat as the main ingredient. the pine nuts in the northeast are used as auxiliary materials, mixed with other materials such as mung bean starch, and then smoked. the finished product is very attractive. the cut surface is red and white. the flavor of meat and pine nuts is naturally overflowing. it is a leader in the meat filling products. it is a rare product that has been passed down through the centuries-old zhengyang building.