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huzhou daxie is a traditional snack in zhejiang province. it originated in huzhou and has a long history. it is made with pork leg, bamboo shoots, sesame seeds, diced green onion, white sugar, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil, shao wine and salt. after the oysters are cooked, they are placed in the meat and bone soup and sprinkled with diced green onion and egg skin. the skin is thin and stuffy, and the soup is delicious.

ding lianfang is a famous century-old shop in huzhou, zhejiang province. it was founded in the qing dynasty for four years. inspired by the oily tofu powder, ding lianfang, a vegetable hawker, used tofu, pork, scallops, kaiyang and other ingredients to join. the fans and broth made from mung bean are the famous snacks in huzhou. it is said that even deng xiaoping has designated to eat ding lianfang's thousand buns.

in taizhou, paralysis is used as a festive food. it is eaten during the chinese new year, summer, and chongyang. it is usually used for gift-giving, wedding, and living. regarding paralysis, taizhou people have a strong complex and eat a lot. the raw material for this brown sugar paralysis is very simple, as long as you prepare glutinous rice flour and brown sugar. use warm water to simmer the glutinous rice flour, spread the dough into a pancake-like dish, put it in a pan and brush the oil for a small fire. while frying the golden dish, fry the other side. after frying, take out the brown sugar and roll it. cut the section and pull it. .

"knowing the smell of parking, smelling the scent of the horse," said that it is hangzhou's perception of taste. for the people of hangzhou, a small dumpling is a taste of hangzhou, fresh meat small cage, crab powder small cage, shrimp small cage, fengqi by himself, each take good. "every net important is 28.5 grams, 18 pleats or more, no tops, no bottoms underneath, shaped like chrysanthemums, closing mouth like squid mouth, is the acceptance criteria for knowing the taste of fresh meat dumplings.

tangyuan is one of the famous specialty snacks in ningbo, zhejiang province. it is also one of the representative snacks in china, the spring festival, the lantern festival holiday food. the history is very long. according to legend, the rice dumpling originated in the song dynasty. at that time, mingzhou (now ningbo city, zhejiang province) raised a novelty food, that is, using black sesame seeds, pig fat oil, a little white sugar to make stuffing, and glutinous rice flour to make a ball outside. after cooking, it tasted sweet and delicious. funny. because this glutinous rice ball was boiled and sinking in the pot, it was first called "floating yuanzi". later, some areas changed the "floating yuanzi" to yuanxiao. unlike most chinese, ningbo people have a traditional custom of sitting together in the morning on the spring festival.

fish balls are a traditional name in wenzhou, zhejiang province. the soup color is slightly spicy and spicy. the fish balls are elastic. made with fish and starch, you can enjoy the deliciousness of fish and eliminate the trouble of deboning. especially suitable for the elderly and children eat. in 1998, "wenzhou fish ball" was designated as one of the "chinese famous snacks".

katsawa nogata is the name of the kuiyuan pavilion in hangzhou and a traditional snack in hangzhou. the noodle toppings are mainly composed of snow vegetables, bamboo shoots and lean meat slices, which are delicious and delicious. it has been more than a hundred years old and was first created by the old shop kuituan in hangzhou. its special feature is the deliciousness of the leeks and bamboo shoots, which makes the diners have a good aftertaste. the price of the film is moderate, and it is one of the favorite daily snacks of hangzhou citizens.

knowing the cat's ears, the petal is shaped like a cat's ear, small and exquisite, plus ham, chicken, scallops, and shrimp. fresh and fresh, the flavor is added, the soup is delicious, and the aftertaste is long. the cat's ear is a famous snack in hangzhou, zhejiang province. it is actually a kind of noodle, because it looks like a cat's ear, hence the name. the petal is shaped like a cat's ear, small and exquisite, ham is like agate, chicken is like amber, and the soup is delicious. the cat's ear is very similar to italy's shell-shaped macaroni. it is said that this kind of italian production is that marco polo learned to pinch the cat's ear from china, and then copied it, and later it was produced by the machine.

shrimp blasting noodles is a traditional and famous food of kuaiyuan hall in hangzhou, zhejiang province. when the shrimp is cooked in the noodles, use the thick and fresh live scutellaria. cut the chopped bones into chopped slices, use the oil to burst, stir fry the oil, pour the sesame oil until the bracts are yellow and crisp; remove the fresh live shrimp. add egg white sizing and fry until white tender; after the refined noodles are cooked in a wok, do not stick or paste; cook the noodles with raw juice to make the noodles inhale the aroma of the squid, and the juice is thick and fresh. the shrimp smashed noodles are the ning style noodles of kuiyuan museum.

jinyun biscuits are made from the most traditional roasting barrels. the freshly baked sesame seeds are braving the fire, the crust is golden and crisp, the semi-coke sugar oil shines brightly, the sesame-like sesame is fragrant, and the dried plum sauce is salty. light, suitable, oily but not greasy, bite down, wheat, meat, onion, sesame and sugary oil meet in the mouth, it is delicious to cry!

jiaxing xunzi is a famous specialty of jiaxing, a traditional name of jiaxing, with a long history. jiaxing scorpion is famous for its sputum and not paste, fat but not greasy, sweet and fragrant, sweet and salty. especially famous for its fresh meat, it is known as the "king of the scorpion". because of its delicious taste, easy to carry and eat, jiaxing scorpion has won the favor of the majority of tourists and is known as the “oriental fast food”.

zhoushan seafood noodle is a dish with local specialties. in the streets and alleys of zhoushan, you can always meet the traces of many seafood noodle restaurants. zhoushan seafood noodles are very rich, and the crabs, tofu fish, small yellow croaker, red shrimp, fried octopus, smoked fish, flower buds, clams, etc. are the most popular ones, while the seafood noodle soup is simple meat. soup, not an understanding of the seafood soup. this kind of soup base is prepared with the various seafood ingredients selected by the diners, and the umami taste of the seafood is fully integrated. this is why seafood noodles are so popular in zhoushan. as a fishing island, fresh small seafood can produce delicious soup.

dongpo crisp is a delicious cake, the main raw materials are salted egg yolk, floss, walnut, mochi, bean paste, cheese and so on.

stinky tofu is famous for its tackiness, its appearance in the outer scorpion, its singularity in the middle, and its long history. the stinky tofu is a very special casual snack. it is ancient and traditional. once tasted, it often makes you want to stop. the classic slogan of stinky tofu "smelling smell and eating incense" is familiar. in the streets and lanes of jiangnan, there are such scenes every day: a pair of burdens, a small stove, a wooden coffin, a small boiling pot, a saucer and a bamboo stick on the raft. the little old man took a piece of stinky tofu from the wood and put it in the oil pan. with the sound of “吱,吱”, the stinky tofu gradually turned golden yellow, and the strange and tempting atmosphere was also diffused. watching the fried stinky tofu pieces put on the wire and dripping oil, the children's eyes are all coming out. the little old man used a bamboo stick to string a few pieces and put on a red hot sauce. a child can't wait to get a stinky tofu string, bite it down, and burn it in his mouth, "sucking it," but his face is full of happiness...

stinky tofu is a compulsory course for shaoxing cuisine, but it is also the most difficult for most outsiders. it is infused with leek stalk juice, steamed and fried, and fried is more common because it is convenient to eat. steamed has more home-cooked flavors, and the fine products are infinitely delicious. what you love to eat is to smell bad and move. if you don’t like to eat, you can’t avoid it. the masters do not need to add any seasonings, and the original is the "smelly".

in 1926, mr. jiang dingfa sold the dumplings at the chenghuang temple in ningbo, and unveiled the century-long history of the cylinders. jiang dingfa painted the homonym "cylinder duck dog" of the nickname "jiang a dog" on the plaque. since then, an old-fashioned yuyuan brand has been established. after centuries of tempering, the craftsmanship has been passed down from generation to generation, and the deliciousness has always been the same. the craftsmanship of ningbo tangyuan has become the intangible cultural heritage of zhejiang province, chinese famous snacks, and chinese gold medal tourist snacks. a dog's ningbo dumplings are white and round, with black and white, soft and smooth taste, sweet and not greasy, and delicious.

“longyou hair cake production process is unique, the ingredients are exquisite, the finished color is white as jade, the pores are like needles, the smell is fresh and fragrant, the food is sweet but not greasy, and it is not sticky. its biggest feature is to join in the production process. fermented with the right amount of glutinous rice wine, it is rich in nutrients, especially suitable for the elderly and children.” “shenzhenfang” was founded in the republic of china, has a history of more than 100 years, and was recognized as “zhejiang laozihao” by zhejiang provincial department of commerce. ". the “good” culture covers the traditional art specialization and the concept of honesty of longyou shangbang; the “steamed” culture highlights the traditional chinese diet, which is the witness of the food culture of thousands of years; the “square” culture has the traditional business scale. humility. good steaming square longyou hair cake ingredients sophisticated, finished color, white as jade, pores like needles, smell fresh and fragrant, sweet and not greasy, not sticky. ”

longyou hair cake, a specialty of the han nationality cake in longyou county, zhejiang province, is a special pastry food during the spring festival. longyou hair cake has a long history. because of its unique flavor and exquisite craftsmanship, it is also the homonym of “fu gao”, which symbolizes geely and is a holiday gift.