glutinous rice cake

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beating cake is one of the representatives of chinese korean food culture and one of the most popular traditional foods of the korean people. it has been passed down for thousands of years. if you want to eat authentic cakes, you can't go to yanji. the cake is a famous traditional food of the korean people, because it is made by putting glutinous rice in a trough and making it with a wooden chop. there are two kinds of cakes, one is a white cake made of glutinous rice, and the other is a yellow cake made of yellow rice.

the history of baking cakes is relatively long. it has been recorded in the relevant literature of the koreans in the 18th century. at that time, it was said that the cake was "u0026quot; smashed cakes", and it was said to be one of the traditional foods. as the name implies, the cake is made out. when making it, the sticky rice is steamed and cooked, placed in a cake trough or on a slate, and the rice granules are broken and glued together. beat the cake, beat the cake, don't beat it. every day, such as the annual festival, the birthday of the elderly, the birthday of a child, the wedding celebration, etc., the cake is an essential food on the table. therefore, once you see a woman who is happy to make a cake, i know that this family must have a big joy. the cake is not only used to eat or entertain guests, but also a gift from friends and family. at the same time, the role of the cake and the key, the korean proverb " eat in the summer, like eating ginseng", this shows this. whenever the children go to college entrance examination, the morning is still not bright, the koreans will paste the cakes that have been made at home on the school wall or the door. the higher the stickers, the better the children will test. : the steaming day, the gold list title. the practice of eating cakes and eating methods are also varied. the easiest thing is to cut into small pieces with a knife and water, and eat it with a cake.