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shrimp dumplings are famous traditional snacks in guangdong. they are cantonese cuisine. shrimp dumplings were founded in a family-style small tea house in wufeng township, wucun, guangzhou in the early 20th century. it has a history of 100 years. the traditional shrimp dumplings are half-moon shaped, and the spider belly has twelve pleats. the fillings are shrimp, meat, and bamboo shoots. they are delicious and smooth, delicious. nowadays, the most common and most authentic one is the cantonese-style crystal shrimp dumplings. the crystal skin, the large shrimp and the delicate cooking process have a low price and are very popular.

char-grilled pork is one of the most famous traditional xiguan spots in guangdong. it is one of the "four kings (shrimp dumplings, dried steamed pork, pork ribs, egg tarts)". the pork roast bag is made from the pork in the dough, so use this name.nthe dough of the barbecued pork is improved by using the fermented dough commonly used in the north. when making the package, it should be made into a bird cage shape. because the fermentation is proper, the top of the steamed buns will naturally crack when it is steamed. it is actually a flowering steamed buns with pork roast. char-grilled packs are generally about five centimeters in diameter and one cage is usually three or four.

beef balls, also known as hand-rolled beef balls, are one of the famous traditional snacks in shantou city, guangdong province, originating from chaozhou cuisine. as the most famous and popular traditional snack in shantou city and even in the chaoshan area of ​​guangdong, beef balls can be used as snacks and as a banquet soup. the beef balls are finely made, ruddy, soft and brittle, delicious and fragrant. the palate is tender and smooth.

shahe powder, referred to as river powder, and foreign name shahe noodles, is one of the popular traditional foods in guangzhou, guangdong province. the main ingredients are rice. it belongs to cantonese cuisine, tastes smooth, soft and soft. therefore, the powder was first named from shahe town, guangzhou. steamed into a thin powder skin with rice syrup, and then cut into strips, cooking time is 15 to 30 minutes, containing protein, carbohydrate, vitamin b1, iron, phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients, easy to digest and absorb, with buzhong yiqi the effect of strengthening the spleen and nourishing the stomach. in addition to frying, you can also use the soup to cook, guangdong people call it "tanghe powder" or "tanghe".

a meringue package is a food made by grinding and heating with grains (usually wheat). baked food made from wheat flour as the main raw material, yeast, egg, oil, and nuts as auxiliary materials, added with water to prepare dough, processed by fermentation, shaping, molding, baking, cooling, etc. it is one of the early features of guangzhou.

fried dumplings, also known as hemp balls, rare bags, hemp balls, traditional snacks, are popular in most parts of the country. in guangdong, it refers to the size of a fist, fried glutinous rice balls, and the surface is full of sesame food. it is made with glutinous rice flour, sugared, fried peanuts, sesame seeds, etc., and placed in a pan to be fried.nthe fried pile has a unique flavor and is well-made. the color is golden, the shape is round and hollow, the taste is aromatic and crisp, the volume is swollen and round, the skin is crisp and fragrant, and it is soft and sticky, and the filling is sweet and delicious. there is a sweet meaning of reunion.

niu samsung is one of the traditional snacks in the xiguan area of ​​guangzhou and belongs to the cantonese cuisine. in the cattle and samsung soup, there are generally beef heart, beef liver, and oxen waist. they are marinated beforehand with wine and ginger juice. some also have cow venetian, bovine scorpion, which is the thickest part of the ox. the cows must peel off the black skin in advance, the layer of the skin is very tough, and then remove the grease. when cutting, it must follow its own lines. when the cattle and samsung soup is also eaten, the beef is cooked, then the soup is added, and the salty acid and the leek are placed. the faster the process, the better, the visceral scent will not be lost, and the body's disease resistance can be improved. it is especially suitable for nourishing the spleen and stomach and strengthening the bones and muscles in terms of growth and development, post-operative and post-treatment nurses in supplementing blood loss and repairing tissues. suffocating the wind.

a rice product, also known as bra steamed sausage powder, also known as rolled powder, pig intestine powder (due to the shape of pig intestine), "white as snow, thin as paper, shiny, shiny and delicious." created by the qiantang hexian pavilion during the anti-japanese war, it is now available in small food stores, tea houses, restaurants and hotels. it is to put the rice slurry in a special multi-layer steamer or steam on the cloth to form a thin skin, and put the meat, fish fillets, shrimp, etc., steamed and rolled into a long strip, and cut the upper dish. adding the above ingredients is called beef intestine, pork intestine, fish fillet intestines and shrimp (ren) intestines; if you do not add stuffing, it is called sausage; rice is added to the sweetness called sweet sausage.

there is a porridge shop in guangzhou that has opened more than 50 stores. almost no one knows it. originally, its name was originally called “three yuan and the first porridge”, and it was the top three in the feudal era of the imperial examination high school (no. 1 , no. 2, no. 1 ) named after the meaning. after the name of the founder, wu zhanji. according to legend, there was a scholar who went to beijing to take the test. his wife was afraid that he would go hungry on the road. he specially put the meatballs, pig liver and other full-fledged materials together. the show was very touched, and finally won the champion and the brocade was returned to the hometown. for "and porridge", because there are meatballs, pork belly, pig liver, etc., it is also called "three yuan and the first porridge." later generations have been effective, and now gradually evolved in the xiguan area, students eat the first porridge the night before the college entrance examination, in order to seek the "no. 1 and no." good intentions. before the college entrance examination every year, people who come to eat and porridge to get a good head are crowded with shops.

luogang glutinous rice bran refers to the lychee produced in the glutinous rice glutinous rice variety in luogang district, guangzhou city, guangdong province. luogang's glutinous rice lychee is known as the first product of lingnan. it has large fruit and bright red skin. the skin is thin and fleshy, the meat is tender and smooth, sweet and juicy, and the flavor is excellent. it has the sweet taste of luogang and the green of zengcheng. it is also known as "liezhi sanjie" and is well-known in hong kong, macao and southeast asia.

the history of luogang cultivation of sweet orange is very long. it has been cultivated since the han dynasty and has a history of more than 500 years. the famous scholar and poet qu dajun, who was known as the "guangdong xu xiake" in the late ming and early qing dynasties, described this in "guangdong new language": "from xiaokeng, huocun to luogang, three or forty miles, many flowers and fruits are the industry... one acre per field, four or fifty strains of citrus...".

xinyi is located in the reclamation area of ​​the pearl river into the haikou. the mud layer is rich, the water source is rich, the environment is clean and the climate is suitable. the quality of the lotus root produced is excellent and the flavor is unique: the lotus root harvested in summer is crisp and white, the taste is sweet and fragrant; the harvest is harvested in autumn and winter. the lotus root is plump and full, with a taste of pine powder and musk.

"silkling" is a special rice variety in zengcheng. silk seedlings are slender, without belly, white, transparent and crystal. silky rice is soft and hard, delicious and fragrant. it is known as "the jasper in the rice" and "the best in the rice".

conghua lychee honey, specialties from conghua district, guangzhou city, guangdong province. litchi honey, with lychee as the main source of honey, is light amber, with a rich lychee flower scent, sweet and sweet, slightly lychee fruit sour. conghua is the hometown of lychee. the quality of lychee is good, the variety is large, and the yield is large, which lays a good foundation for the production of lychee honey. the two main quality characteristics of lychee honey are reflected in the lychee flowers in the range of protected areas, and the bee species are chinese honeybees, which also makes the lychee honey scent more sweet and sweet than other producing areas. higher features.

miao nan pu ge, mainly grown in nansha hengli temple south village, nansha, guangzhou, has a well-proportioned appearance, white fleshy, sticky, less slag and juicy, delicate taste, rich in nutrients, moisturizing and clearing, and is a treasure in the powder. . the temple has a variety of foods, which can be cut into thin slices for sugary water, braised, steamed, stewed meat, fried meat or made into sugar, especially in powdered pork. it is one of the local signature dishes. .

hanging green is one of the best varieties of litchi, mainly produced in zengcheng, guangdong. this variety is a superior variety in the lychee of zengcheng, guangdong, and one of the famous species of lychee in guangdong. the survivor of this species was the new tree that was born by the technicians in 1979 when the ancient trees died. the hanging green nucleus is large and slightly flat, the meat is particularly crisp, sweet and slightly fragrant, the quality is excellent, and the fruit is more resistant to storage. due to the unusually precious green lychee, there was a single sky-high auction in the early 21st century, breaking the guinness world record.

in the song dynasty, a large writer, su shi, a "food poem": "the second time in luofu mountain, the second orange in the autumn, the orange and the orange plum is the second. the japanese lychee is 300, and it is not long for the lingnan." according to the research, it is the lychee at the foot of luofu mountain. township zengcheng. lychee is the best fruit of china's lingnan. it is famous in color, fragrance and taste. it is well-known both at home and abroad. it has the reputation of “fruit king”, and zengcheng lizhi is more famous. in the village of shanjiao, zhucun street, liao village, yucheng street, and lichee valley, the fruit of the village is still alive and fruitful.