qingyuan chicken

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    the protection scope of qingyuan chicken geographical indication products is the administrative areas under the jurisdiction of four counties and cities including qingcheng district, qingxin county, fogang county and yingde city of qingyuan city, guangdong province.
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qingyuan ma chicken, commonly known as qingyuan chicken, is listed in one of the 27 high-quality varieties of the chinese national poultry variety. named after the hen's back feather surface is dotted with countless sesame-like spots, it is known for its strong meat quality and delicious taste. there are many "fans" in the consumer market, which are small and high-quality broiler chickens. due to the region, the feeding method (completely stocked in the bamboo forest to drink dew and eat small insects) and other reasons, it looks tender and smooth, and has been famous since ancient times. it is golden in color, smooth in flesh, smooth in skin, soft in bone, and delicious in flesh. unique flavor and well-known provincial hong kong and macao market.

qingyuan chicken quality technical requirements (a) varieties. local chicken breeds in qingyuan, guangdong. (2) feeding environment. 1. the house is built to no more than 12 square meters. 2. the area of ​​qingyuan chicken activity outside the chicken house is not less than 3 times the area of ​​the chicken house. 3. the qingyuan chicken activity site outside the chicken house must have a shade, and the shade area is not less than 1.5 times the area of ​​the chicken house. it is better to cover the natural vegetation. (3) feeding techniques. 1. feeding management of chicks (shelling to 42 days old): (1) commodity chicks must be from a parent breeder farm that has been introduced from the ministry of agriculture's maji conservation base (with introduction certificate). (2) in the brooding stage, it is necessary to pay attention to heat preservation and breaking. 2. management of large chickens (43 days to market): (1) feeding mode is stocking, and the stocking density is no more than 3/m2. (2) wear a foot ring for 40 to 50 days. (3) it is determined according to the effect of brooding and breaking sputum, and it is usually repeated 1 to 2 times before 90 days of age. 3. environmental and safety requirements: the prevention and control of the breeding environment and epidemic diseases must comply with relevant national regulations. (4) traceability system for commercial chickens. 1. all commercial chickens are required to wear a foot ring with a code engraved on the foot ring and the code consists of 5 digits. (1) the first digit: for the parents to bring the chicken farm code. (2) the second digit: for the month of introduction. (3) numbers 3 to 5: batches for emergence of parental chicken farms. 2. when the farmer introduces the seedlings, the parent breeder farm shall provide a foot ring of no more than the total number of chicks. 3. for each batch of seedlings sold by the parent breeder farm, the corresponding foot ring code shall be reported to the local quality and technical supervision bureau for the record. 4. the seedlings of the parent breeder farm shall be from the nationally recognized pheasant conservation unit or the pheasant breeding unit. the time and quantity of seedlings supplied by the parental breeding farms to the local quality and technical supervision bureau shall be reported to the local quality and technical supervision bureau. (5) quality characteristics. 1. sensory features: wedge: the body is wedge-shaped, the forequarters are compact, the hindquarters are round; fine: the head is thin, the feet are thin; the body: the back feathers are mainly jute, brown hemp, brown hemp three colors. 2. physical and chemical indicators: project indicators listed on the age of not less than 115 days weight 1.1-1.75kg chest muscle crude protein content not less than 18% chest muscle free amino acid total content is not less than 130mg/100g circumference is not more than 4.5cm3. safety requirements: product safety indicators it is necessary to meet the relevant regulations of the state for similar products.

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producers within the scope of protection of qingyuan chicken geographical indication products may submit an application to the qingyuan quality and technical supervision bureau of guangdong province for the use of the “special mark for geographical indication products”, which shall be approved by the guangdong provincial bureau of quality and technical supervision and approved by the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine. . the legal inspection agency of qingyuan chicken is designated by guangdong quality and technical supervision bureau.