minnan tea oil

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    the production area of ​​weinan tea oil is in jixian county, xingguo county, ruijin city, yudu county, ningdu county, huichang county, shicheng county, chongyi county, shangyou county, xinfeng county, and the administrative jurisdiction of ganzhou city, jiangxi province. yuxian, longnan county, anyuan county, dingnan county, quannan county, xunwu county, nankang district, zhanggong district and zhangzhou economic and technological development zone (zhangzhou economic and technological development zone in zhanggong district and nankang district administration) within the scope of the division).
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weinan tea oil is produced in zhangzhou city, jiangxi province, qingzhou county zhijiyun: "tea oil, a eucalyptus oil, xingguoshan, a variety of tea. its tree is strong and thick, green and lush, not dying in the winter, november flowering, white heart yellow, flower xiezizi, containing phlegm and pregnancy, will be picked up at the beginning of the year, the oil is cut into the oil. the color is sweet and fragrant, special for the glutinous rice, the cream is also good. wu people buy it, into the rose , fragrant, fragrant and fragrant, is glycerin. merchants are selling, the age is endless." although southern fujian is a mountainous area, most of the mountains in southern fujian belong to the hills with an altitude of less than 100 meters. strictly speaking, it is not a mountain. tea trees are most like to grow on such hills. the unique geographical environment and the junction of jiangxi and guangdong. the climatic environment of lingnan makes the tea fruit grown by tea trees extremely nutritious.

the history of tea oil for people to eat dates back more than 2,000 years. the book "shan hai jing" records: "member, the southern oil is also." the "personal wood" mentioned here is oil tea. tang li shang once gave the tea oil a verse of "aromatic nourishing taste, rushing out of anchangchun". ming zhu yuanzhang sealed the jiangxi tea oil as “the royal meal oil” and gave the seal “yujiqi juice, yishou tea for the year”. qing yizheng once praised the tea oil as "the huaiqing oil tea is as crisp as the sea, the taste of the mountains and the sea is difficult to be beautiful", and the purpose is to pay tribute to the palace. in modern times, the world has gradually discovered that in addition to the taste and fragrance of tea oil, the nutritional structure is also very reasonable. the composition of fatty acids is very similar to that of olive oil. it is known as “oriental olive oil” and has become the “china food structure reform” promulgated by the state. edible vegetable oils that require vigorous development with the outline of development planning. in addition to eating, tea oil is also used by medicinal minnan hakka people for medicinal purposes. hakka folk song: "there is a bowl of positive tea oil in the family. it is a little sick and painful." the most common thing in childhood memories is that there are some bumps and bumps. when the insects bite, the mother will pour a little home." the medicine "tea oil is applied to the wound. the elderly will also rub some tea oil on the scalp when they have a headache. there are also many medical book pharmacopoeia in china that record the efficacy of tea oil. "compendium of materia medica": "tea seed, bitter cold and pure, attending panting and coughing, going to scale"; "supply of the outline": "tea oil can moisturize the intestines, clear stomach, detoxification, sterilization"; "household food spectrum" : "tea oil can moisturize dryness, clear heat, interest wind and heads, tea oil cooking dishes, daily use, steamed food, ze light, the oil is the most light, so the disease is not bogey"; "agricultural government book": "tea oil can treat phlegm and dehumidification." in addition to medicinal, tea oil is also an excellent beauty product. the tang dynasty poet yu xin had been moved to weinan in the south of the country. in the mountain creek, he met with a shampoo in the mountain stream. he washed the song and washed it. the village girl wiped the hair with tea oil, and the mountain wind blew through. the hair is light and windy, but i feel like i am met with a fairy, and i am saddened by the troubles of moving south. for thousands of years, tea oil has produced a black and beautiful hair for the minnan woman. tea oil is also pinned on the different feelings of minnan people. the people of southern fujian regard tea oil as a precious gift. for the holidays and weddings, and the joy of the addition, the tea oil will be given to relatives and friends. whenever relatives and friends "sit on the moon", they will be given gifts such as tea oil, which is called "ginger wine". this is a gift from the hakka people to nature and gifts to relatives and friends. on the holidays, the people of southern fujian are going to worship in various temples. in addition to the burning of candles, it is also essential to add oil to the changming lamps. the oil of this long lamp must be tea oil, also called sesame oil. therefore, in the minds of minnan people, tea oil is not only edible, but also a sacred one. this is the return of nature by the hakka people with nature. the difference between tea oil and olive oil camellia tree and olive tree are the two most famous woody oil plants in the world. the oil content of camellia seed is generally 25 to 35%. the extracted oil tea seed oil mainly contains unsaturated fatty acids such as oleic acid and linoleic acid. it does not contain harmful substances such as erucic acid and cholesterol, and its fatty acid content, proportion and olive oil. very similar, known as the "oriental olive oil" title, and even some of the nutritional indicators are higher than olive oil. quality characteristics weinan tea oil has a long history, unique growth environment and geographical conditions, good quality and good industrial foundation. minnan tea has a sweet, fragrant, sweet, odor-free, pale yellow color with distinctive features. compared with the edible oil refining process commonly used in china, the processing technology is controlled below 60 °c, and the products have stable quality, no trans-fatty acid ester, and green production.

technical requirements for quality of minnan tea oil 1. variety cold dew seed, frost drop seed. 2. site conditions the altitude within the producing area is ≤500m, the soil type is red soil and yellow soil, the soil ph is 5.0 to 6.0, the soil thickness is ≥50cm, and the soil organic matter content is ≥3%. third, cultivation management seedling: asexual breeding. 2. 3. fertilization: mainly organic fertilizer, the amount of organic fertilizer applied per plant is ≥10kg. 4. environmental and safety requirements: the use of pesticides, fertilizers, etc. must comply with relevant national regulations and must not pollute the environment. fourth, harvesting and processing harvesting time: from early october to november, when the color of the tea fruit turns red, yellow or purple brown, it shows shine, the shell is slightly cracked, and the seed shell is harvested when it becomes red and shiny. 2. fifth, processing 1. processing process: camellia seed → kernel separation → pressing → filtration → degumming → deacidification → winterization → filtration → finished tea oil. 2. (2) winterization: temperature 0 to 5 ° c, time 5 to 8 hours. sixth, quality characteristics sensory features: bright yellow color, clear and transparent, rich in flavor, pure scent, with the unique fragrance of tea oil, smooth and smooth taste. 2. safety and other quality technical requirements: product safety and other quality technical requirements must comply with relevant national regulations.

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producers within the scope of the minnan tea oil production area may apply to the zhangzhou entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau and the zhangzhou municipal bureau of quality and technical supervision for the use of the “special mark for geographical indication products”, after the jiangxi entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau and jiangxi province quality technology. the supervision bureau shall review and report to the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine for approval. the testing organization of minnan tea oil was selected by the jiangxi entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau and the jiangxi provincial bureau of quality and technical supervision in the testing institutions that meet the qualification requirements.