bagongshan tofu

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    the protection scope of the bagongshan tofu geographical indication products is based on the letter of huainan municipal people's government of anhui province on defining the scope of protection of the geographical indication products of the eight public mountain tofu (huaifu secret [2007] no. 85) and the shouxian people's government the letter of the scope of protection of geographical indication products of mountain tofu products (shou zheng mi [2007] no. 97) is subject to the scope of the article, which is the bagong mountain area of ​​huainan city, anhui province, ancheng town, tianjiatun district, and li wei of xiejiaji district. towns, wangfenggang street, tangshan township, 3 townships, panji district, gaohuang town, pingyi town, tianji street, panji town, luji town, yuji township, gugou huizu township, and 8 townships of luohe township, the administrative areas of the three townships of bagongshan township, shouchun town and qigou town of shou county, lu'an city.
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bagongshan tofu is crystal-clear, white and delicate, angular and distinct, not scattered and not broken, fresh and smooth, fresh and delicious. the salad is smooth and refreshing, fried and cooked, and has been a tribute in history. it is now regarded as a good product by japan, south korea, taiwan and other countries and regions. there are three main points: 1 is the delicate and smooth taste, rich in nutrition; the second is fine like gelatin, white as jade, fresh and tender; the third is to shake in the hands without collapse, throw it in the soup for a long time not shattered. in particular, it is used to burn soup with "three musts": hot soup on the basin, tofu tablets floating soup, commonly known as "bleeding soup"; soup is milky white, commonly known as "milk soup"; soup fresh as fish soup, commonly known as "fresh soup" . with bagongshan tofu and its series of products, together with other foods and seasonings, it can be made into hundreds of dishes with different flavors. nowadays, “tofu banquet” has become a unique banquet in huainan and shouxian, and is well-known at home and abroad.

huainan city is located in the middle reaches of the huaihe river, north of central anhui province, between the east longitude 116°21′21′′~117°11′59′′ and the north latitude 32°32′45′′~33°0′24′′, east and zhangzhou it belongs to fengyang and dingyuan county. it borders changfeng county in hefei city in the south, shou county and huoqiu county in lu'an city in the southwest, and shangshang county in the west and northwest and fuyang city. at the junction of chengxian county, the northeast and bengbu city belong to huaiyuan county, and the east and cangzhou city belong to fengyang and dingyuan county. the city has jurisdiction over 5 districts, 1 county and 1 comprehensive experimental area, namely tianjiatun district, xiejiaji district, bagong mountain district, panji district, datong district and fengtai county, and maoji social development comprehensive experimental zone. the total area of ​​the city is 2596.4 square kilometers. . located on the south bank of the huaihe river, bagong mountain stretches for more than 30 kilometers. it has hundreds of peaks and is 2.5 kilometers north of shou county. it is called beishan. because of the south of lishui, the north of the huaihe river, the peaks and squats are wrong, and they are the battleground for the military. the bagong mountain, also known as the purple mountain, is called “bigong mountain” and has a lot of origins. western han thinker, writer liu an, liu bangzhi's grandson, feng huai nan wang, du shouchun. liu anming min lianda, wencai outstanding, good celestial skills, the door is very popular, among which su fei, li shang, zuo wu, yin, lei, wu, mao zhou and jin chang and other talents are high, known as "eight public." huai nan bagong mountain is the birthplace of tofu. due to the clarification and sweetness of the bagongshan spring water, it is inexhaustible all the year round, especially the superb skills handed down from generation to generation by farmers around the birthplace of tofu, which makes the bagongshan tofu unique and long-lasting. tofu, the ancient name of "li wei", "come to it", "菽乳" and so on. according to research, the founder of bagongshan tofu with unique flavor and excellent texture is liu an, the huai nan wang of the western han dynasty. more than 2,100 years ago, the grandson of han gaozu liu bang and liu anjian of huainan wang shouchun were 42 years old. the area of ​​huainan state was east to present in fengyang and qixian, west to tanghe in henan, south to chaohu and feixi, and north to huaihe river. liu an is good, for the sake of immortal medicine, thousands of people of the recruiting skills, famous su fei, li shang, zuo wu, tian you, jin chang, lei quilt, mao quilt, wu quilt and other eight people are the most famous , known as "eight public." "eight public" often accompanied liu an on the north mountain to talk about the fairy tales, refining the immortal medicine of immortality, and beishan was renamed "bagong mountain". once, when liu an was in the alchemy ingredients, he accidentally put the gypsum into the soy milk, which is the mother liquor of the alchemy. after a while, i saw that the pure white soy milk gradually became flocculated, and then became a delicate white, tender and smooth thing. tofu has been published since then. liu an’s hardship for changsheng dan had no result, but he accidentally got the best food tofu, and bagong mountain became the birthplace of chinese tofu.

technical requirements for the quality of bagongshan tofu (1) objects of protection. water tofu, dried tofu, thousand sheets. (2) main raw material requirements. 1. soybean: choose fresh soybeans with local, protein content of more than 42% and harvest within one year. 2. (3) processing technology. 1. process: (1) water tofu: material selection → soaking → refining separation → cooking pulp → dipping → forming. (2) dried tofu: material selection → soaking → refining separation → boiling slurry → coagulating → pouring → pressing → forming → (cooking → bagging → sterilization). (3) thousand sheets: material selection → soaking → refining separation → boiling slurry → coagulating → pouring → pressing → forming → (cooking → bagging → sterilization). 2. key process requirements: (1) soaking: soaked until the soybeans are elastic, no hard feeling, no robes, slightly open the watercress, and the flaps are crisp and not blemishes. winter climate 0°c water temperature 5°c soaking for 24 hours, early winter, early spring climate 10°c water temperature 10°c soaking for 18 hours, spring and autumn climate 24°c water temperature 20°c soaking for 12 hours, summer climate 30°c water temperature 25°c soaking for 8 hours soak for 4 to 6 hours when the temperature is 40 ° c and the water temperature is above 28 ° c. (2) separation: the water concentration of the water bean curd is 12 to 13 degrees of the bean juice table, the water concentration of the tofu dry pulp is 11 to 12 degrees of the bean juice table, and the concentration of the thousand pulp water is 9 degrees of the bean juice table. (3) boiled pulp: raw soy milk is cooked at high temperature, the cooking time should be within 15 minutes, and the temperature should be maintained at 100 ° c for 3 to 5 minutes until the pulp is free of foam, soy milk is cooked, no pulp taste. (4) condensate: the temperature of the soybean milk is between 70 ° c and 85 ° c, and the gypsum weight of 0.5 豆 of the soymilk is used as a coagulant. the solidified material is soft and elastic, with strong toughness, uniform structure, broken surface and automatic shaking without breaking or breaking. (5) casting: the pouring time of each 500 kg of bean brain is controlled within 15 minutes. (6) pressing: it is necessary to pressurize slowly and dip, and the tofu is pressed to a uniform shape, and the texture is dense and flexible. thousands of sheets are pressed to a uniform thickness, no whiteheads, no flower holes. (4) quality characteristics. 1. sensory characteristics: (1) water tofu: the color is white and bright, no normal vision can see impurities, there is bean flavor, the taste is slightly sweet and fresh, the taste is thick, fresh and delicate, smooth and refreshing, soft and hard, gelatinous, it is elastic and has a complete block shape. it is shaken in the hand without being collapsed. it is thrown into the water for a long time without being broken. (2) dried tofu: the color of fresh tofu is white or light yellow, no visible impurities are visible in normal vision, there is bean flavor, the block shape is uniform and uniform, the texture is dense and tough, and the five-cent block shape is repeated; the instant tofu is normal and the color is normal. no normal vision visible impurities, salty and palatable, uniform shape, soft and hard, uniform surface crust. (3) thousands of sheets: freshly made thousands of colors are white or light yellow, no normal vision visible impurities, beans are mellow, the shape is complete, the thick book is uniform, the size is basically the same, no white head, flower hole, good toughness, light pull; ready to eat thousands of color and aroma, normal, no normal vision visible impurities, salty and palatable, no odor, uniform shape, elastic, no cracks, bright cut surface. 2. physical and chemical indicators: water tofu content ≤ 90%, protein content ≥ 5%; fresh tofu dry water content ≤ 80%, protein content ≥ 10%; instant tofu dry water content ≤ 60%, protein content ≥ 20 %; fresh thousand water content ≤ 62%, protein content ≥ 15%; ready to eat thousands of water content ≤ 20%, protein content ≥ 20%. 3. safety requirements: product safety indicators must comply with the relevant regulations of the state for similar products.

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the protection scope of the bagongshan tofu gi product belongs to the producers of huainan city. it can apply to the huainan quality and technical supervision bureau of anhui province for the use of the “special mark for geographical indication products”. the scope of protection belongs to the producers of shouxian county and can be sent to anhui. the provincial shouxian quality and technical supervision bureau has filed an application for the use of the “special mark for geographical indication products”, which is approved by the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine.