yuanxiao (glutinous rice balls for lantern festival)

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    jinfang snack bar
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    top 10 famous snacks in china (beijing)

assorted yuanxiao is the fist product of jinfang snack bar. although there are more than a hundred kinds of snacks here, the first thing that people think of jinfang is the lantern festival here. from jiangmi noodles, fruit materials, to the size and packaging of yuanxiao, jinfang has strict control over every aspect of the production of yuanxiao. its main features are: when cooking, as long as the pot is floated on the surface of the water, and it swells, the skin is soft after cooking, and the filling is porridge-like, and it is sweet and not greasy.

jinfang snack bar, formerly known as rongxiangcheng, was founded in 1926 by shandong man leting. at that time, the store was located at ershikou, donghua city, chongwenmenwai street. there are two facade rooms, specializing in beef and mutton. in 1952, it added halal-style beijing-style snacks, lantern festival, small food, and cold drinks. in 1956, the public-private partnership, man le ting, the treasurer of the year has been high, and his son is full of managers, five employees, still operating cold drinks, snacks. by the beginning of 1966, rong xiangcheng, which had undergone changes, was renamed as “jinfang huimin snack shop”, and the business variety was also basically oriented. the title “jinfang” made the store even more beautiful. at present, jinfang specialty snacks mainly include beijing-style snacks, jinfang yuanzhang, jinfang moon cakes, four-flavored halal meat and sheep scorpion hot pot.