haggis soup

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    top ten famous snacks in china (inner mongolia)

the mutton soup of the sunit banner of xilin gol league in inner mongolia is clear and sweet, delicious and full of anger. it seems to be something unrelated to the water. the soup is a mutton soup, rather than a miscellaneous soup of boiled lamb, which has a very clean taste and oral touch. secondly, all kinds of haggis are cooked just right, the liver of the sheep is delicate and firm, the sheep's belly is crisp and crisp, and the sheep's lungs are slippery and tender... so two pieces of soup are eaten and sucked, and the incense is not in the middle. it’s still delicious and mellow, accompanied by the bright energy of the hot air, from the tip of the nose to the stomach, until it falls into the stomach bag, the warmth of the ground, which has its own rich.

the soup of mutton soup is fresh and delicious. it is made from fresh mutton soup. it is made from sunite fresh mutton, which was once a "confine tribute". it is only cooked with onions, salt and water. the mutton is fresh, sweet and light. the aroma of milk fat is released in the soup, and it has a bright feeling of not being tired. the mutton soup itself is delicious enough, and the mutton mutton soup has a taste. sprinkle a handful of pepper, stir gently, let them instantly blend into each piece of lamb, a little spicy and musk wrapped in the meat, the taste buds, and suddenly forget the name and surname. the chili oil is fragrant and not spicy, which makes the fresh taste of the sheep soup more.