lanzhou beef ramen

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    top ten famous snacks in china (gansu)

lanzhou beef noodle, also known as lanzhou qingtang beef noodle, is one of the “top ten chinese noodles” and is a snack in lanzhou, gansu province. it is characterized by the unique flavor of "the soup is clear, the meat is fragrant, the face is fine" and "one clear two white three red four green five yellow", one clear (tang qing), two white (radish white), three red ( chili oil red), four green (coriander, garlic green), five yellow (noodle yellow bright), won the praise of domestic and even customers around the world. it was rated as one of the three chinese fast foods by the china cuisine association and won the reputation of “china's first noodle”.

according to historical records, lanzhou beef noodles originated from the creation of the hui people in the tang dynasty and have a history of more than a thousand years. however, at that time, due to its complicated procedures and sophisticated materials, it has not been able to become a mass food. it was not until the early qing dynasty that lanzhou had the first beef noodle restaurant. in the qing dynasty, the lanzhou beef noodle was called "hot pot beef noodle". this side was made with soup. the soup was made with a certain proportion of beef soup of beef and liver liver. after clarification treatment, the taste was fragrant and fragrant. with style. in order to attract business, the owner launched the “let a bowl of soup” to the profit-making business. after the customer finished the soup, he felt refreshed and appetite, and the reputation of lanzhou beef noodles went away. on this basis, in the beef soup's "clear" word, the development of the word "flavor", in the "quality" word on time, and finally to "tang qing mirror, meat rotten" the unique style of the fragrant, fine-faced fine u0026 quot;, the lanzhou broth beef noodles pushed to the height of the fire, and perfected, finally formed a "one clear, two white, three red, four green, five yellow" (tang qing the characteristics of the noodle soup of white radish, red pepper, green garlic and yellow noodles have reached the unique characteristics of color, fragrance, taste and shape, and the price is cheap and popular among the general public. after the liberation, the number of lanzhou beef noodle restaurants increased to more than 20, leaving only four or five remaining. its quality and environment were relatively poor, and it was not until the reform and opening up that this traditional snack was restored and developed. today, lanzhou street beef noodle restaurant can be seen everywhere. lanzhou beef noodles has already settled in all parts of the country. its collection, soup, meat, taste and color are all cheap and affordable. it is a fast and convenient taste for the diners. it became a signboard in lanzhou. but what is strange is that the taste of the beef noodles in lanzhou has changed. the noodle restaurants in the five northwestern provinces can basically retain the flavor of the beef noodles. it is not so authentic, and other places are not flattering. this gives up. lanzhou people from far away do not know how much! lanzhou people can eat beef noodles for three meals a day. foreigners come to lanzhou and want to pay for the beef noodles in lanzhou. therefore, there are many beef noodle restaurants in lanzhou, and the business is very hot. eating beef noodles is quick and convenient, so it is convenient for office workers. in the morning, if you pay attention, you will find that when there are too many people sitting in the small noodle restaurant, someone will eat the bowl out of the door, or squat or stand, and meet the acquaintances to say hello to each other, eat and chill, don’t have a chance. interesting. some people say that this kind of eating is not very elegant, but it is a beautiful scenery - this may be a cultural heritage. lanzhou, which is located in the border, has experienced many wars, and many people are soldiers and horses. it is more convenient for the descendants of the back-country to eat down. if something happens, they can immediately throw away the bowl in their hands and then turn over the horse and whistle away all the way - this is of course a life of the people of the border. this people can't find or the past of this place in lanzhou, but now the lanzhou people who squat down to eat beef noodles, there is no mount. some of them are just the northwestern girl at the entrance of the beef noodle restaurant. when you enter the door, you ask yourself like "come", then you can pick up the bowl of chopsticks and let them eat a bowl of steamed beef noodles. your heart and body are eating warm. eating culture in lanzhou is extremely developed. just like some foreign tourists say, the cadenza of daily life in lanzhou is mostly on the wine table. no matter what you do, you must be at 11:30 am and 5 pm. perhaps the most appropriate, your money clip should be full. this is extremely prominent in the year. in fact, among the provincial capital cities in the country, the income of lanzhou citizens is not the highest, but they have to ask each other if they have met each other. this can only show that lanzhou's current spiritual consumption is far from the level that should be achieved, and food culture is still the highest standard in lanzhou's urban life. what's more, lanzhou people say this: u0026quot; people live for a mouth! u0026quot; u0026quot; niu da bowl, large bowl of cattle, red, green, yellow and white color show, wide and thin variety, sour and spicy and delicious. u0026quot;in fact, years ago, lanzhou's various snacks will also be listed. in addition to cold noodles, there are noodles, dry mixes, noodles and fried noodles, and stuffed skin. followed by gray beans, sweet oysters, pulp and sauerkraut. it is particularly worth mentioning that the pulp water is made from vegetables such as cabbage or celery. after being boiled in boiling water, yeast is fermented, and the celery pulp water is top grade. the pulp water is light white, slightly acidic, and if you add a little sugar when you drink it directly, it will be sweet and sour, one can cool off, and the other can be hangover. if you use the pepper and onion with oil, add ramen or handmade noodles, it will become a bowl of authentic water surface. although these snacks are not as famous as beef noodles, they are as unforgettable as lanzhou and lanzhou. the oriental palace lanzhou beef noodle has a history of more than 100 years. its predecessor was the wanshou palace restaurant founded by mr. ma shizhai in the late qing dynasty. it mainly specializes in beef noodles, buns and camellia. after the founding of the people's republic of china in 1953, under the policy of the government's public-private partnership, ma jiezi, the heir to ma baozi beef noodles, jointly opened the "old majia" restaurant, and his apprentice ma shangwen used the fresh goat liver to feed the soup and pure beef soup. the technology of separate processing of cooked meat and beef broth will make the first technological innovation of beef noodles, and the beef noodles have the basis of batch processing. its beef noodles are characterized by tang qing, strong flavor, mellow taste, noodles, elasticity, smooth entrance, bright color, aroma, reasonable nutrition, and meet the needs of the human body.