hunan stinky tofu

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    changsha food group changsha fire palace co., ltd.
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    top ten famous snacks in china (hunan)

hunan stinky tofu is a famous name for changsha, and local people in changsha are also known as stinky. the color is black, the outside is tender and tender, fresh and spicy. crisp and not sticky, delicate and not greasy, the first smell of odor, scent and scent.

on april 12, 1958, chairman mao inspected the fire palace and tasted the hunan cuisine and snacks of the fire palace. when eating the stinky tofu of the fire palace, chairman mao said: the stinky tofu of the fire palace smells stinky and eats incense... ... the fire palace stinky tofu is famous for its "smelling smell and eating incense". up to the national leaders, down to the people of limin, all the stinky tofu of the fire palace is praised, thus blowing up a hundred years of "fire palace stinky tofu" food style. it became a unique cultural phenomenon of stinky tofu in changsha fire palace. tracing back to the source, since the qing dynasty, the fire palace stinky tofu has been rooted in changsha for nearly 200 years. its stinky tofu brine formula and strict process flow still follow the ancestral tradition of jiang, passed down from generation to generation, and always keep the fire palace stinky tofu. the original color of the juice. on april 12th, 1958, chairman mao visited huogogndian and tasted hunan dishes and snacks here. when he tasted stinky tofu, he said: “stinky tofu in huogongdian smells stinky but tastes delicious.” that is exactly why stinky tofu in huogongdian is so well -known throughout the country. it has acquired great compliment from nation leaders to common people, becoming a unique culture in huogongdian. early in tongzhi period of qing dynasty, stinky tofu in huogongdian has been rooted in changsha for nearly 200years. carrying on its jiang family's ancestral formula of brine and making processes, stinky tofu in huogongdian has been keeping its authentic taste and flavour.