guilin rice noodles

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    top ten famous snacks in china (guangxi)

guilin rice noodles is a traditional snack with a long history in guilin, guangxi. known for its unique flavor. the workmanship is exquisite, firstly, the good early glutinous rice is ground into a pulp, bagged and filtered, and then smashed into a powder dough to be cooked and pressed into a round root or a sheet. round rice noodles, sliced ​​called cut powder, commonly known as rice noodles, which is characterized by white, tender, soft, smooth and refreshing. its eating methods are diverse. the most elaborate production of brine is different in craftsmanship. it is roughly cooked with pork, beef bone, mangosteen and various seasonings. the content and practice of the brine are different, and the flavor of the rice flour is also different. there are roughly lettuce powder, burdock powder, three fresh powder, original soup powder, stewed vegetable powder, hot and sour powder, horse meat rice noodles, and rice flour.