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    dog ignoring group co., ltd.
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    top ten famous snacks in china (tianjin)

the origin of the dog ignores the buns: a young man named "dog", the skill of making buns is superb, and the business thief is good. because there are a lot of people eating his buns, the dog is too busy to talk to the customer, so that people who eat buns are nicknamed "dogs sell buns, ignore people." over time, people shouted and slammed their mouths, calling him "the dog did not care" and called the buns he operated as "dogs don't care about buns." when yuan shikai was appointed as the governor of the new army in tianjin, he once devoted the "dog no matter" buns as a tribute to beijing to the empress dowager cixi. after the empress dowager cixi tasted da yue, he said: "the wild goose in the mountains and the wild goose, the land and the cattle and sheep are fresh, not as good as the dog, and the longevity of the food." since then, the dog has changed its reputation and gradually opened up in many places.

the dog ignores the buns and is one of the "three best" in tianjin. it is one of the old chinese brands and has a history of more than 150 years. the dog ignores the noodle's noodles, the filling material is fine, the production process is strict, and the appearance is beautiful, especially the bun pleats are well-proportioned, and each bun is 18 pleats. the buns just out of the cage, the meat is loose, fresh but not greasy, and the fragrance is palatable. nowadays, in addition to traditional pork bags, three fresh bags, and meat bags, there are also six series of more than 100 varieties including seafood bags, wild vegetables bags and whole crab bags. in the materials: the meat of the dog's buns is unique. choose the fresh pork with 70% thin and three fat, find the soy sauce, put the sesame oil, monosodium glutamate, onion ginger and other seasonings, stir while stirring. stuffed with meat and diced water. the bun has a semi-fermented surface. workmanship: the dog ignores the buns from the noodles, tinctures, suede, stuffing, satchels, upper drawers, and large stoves. all have clear specifications. the buns are symmetrical, and the pleats of each bun are not less than fifteen six. the buns that have just come out of the drawer look like the misty autumn chrysanthemums in the mist. they are refreshing and comfortable, biting, oily, fragrant and not greasy.