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sweet and sour platoon, the most familiar home cooking in shanghai. every time i go to the restaurant to eat the dishes, there will be a cold dish called sweet and sour platter on the table. it is sour and sweet and tastes great.

this dish is one of the three flavors of jiangnan. the fish body is silvery white, fat and delicious, refreshing and not greasy. the fish is simmered in zhenjiang vinegar and ginger, and the taste is better.

the fried crab powder is a traditional name in shanghai. it is made from mashed potatoes, bamboo shoots, carrots, mushrooms and other ingredients. after cooking, the crab is overflowing and tastes comparable to real crab powder.

the savory casserole big fish head is a food made from net carp head, bamboo shoots and other ingredients. the head of the fish head is fat and rich, and the smell is fragrant.

the oil-exploding shrimp is a famous shanghai famous dish. the shrimp after burning is crispy and tender inside. the crispy flesh of the shrimp shell is sweet and sweet, and even the shrimp shell can be eaten together.

the folks have such a saying: don't eat squid, i don't know the taste of fish. this refers to the famous "red-burning squid" in shanghai. the squid is rich in collagen, soft and soft, with sweet and salty taste, and the taste is extremely delicious.

the burnt red hoof is good, the skin oil is smooth and bright, and the stick is tight. the practical chopsticks will poke in a poke, pick a little skin, connect the oily skin below, and then add some fat and thin. meat, the entrance is instant, not too greasy.

crystal shrimp, once rated as "shanghai's first dish." the shrimp is crystal clear and the match is like a pearl. the main ingredients are shrimp and eggs. stir-fried shrimp without any ingredients, full of a plate of shrimp, bright and translucent, soft and crisp.

babao duck is a famous traditional dish in shanghai. it is best cooked in shanghai old town hotel, so it is well-known both at home and abroad. the babao duck is opened with a boned duck, filled with ingredients, buckled in a large bowl, steamed with cellophane, full of duck-shaped, full of raw juice, and then poured with shrimp and steamed duck. green beans are full of incense.

pork ribs is a kind of affordable and unique snack in shanghai, which has a history of more than 50 years. the large row is served with small and thin rice cakes, which are cooked by oil and cooked. they have both the aroma of ribs and the soft, crispy and crispy rice cakes. the ribs are golden in color, the surface is crisp and the meat is tender. the mouth is fragrant, slightly sweet and spicy, fresh and palatable. the two main ingredients of ribs rice cake - ribs and rice cakes have high nutritional value, can provide calcium for young children and the elderly, with the effect of nourishing yin and moistening, benefiting essence and blood.

the vegetable bag is made of white flour and the heart is made of green vegetables, gluten, mushrooms, winter bamboo shoots, dried tofu, and sautéed with sesame oil and sugar. after the packaged vegetarian dish is steamed, the skin is white and soft, and the filling heart is green and green, bright and pleasing to the eye. when the cage is opened, the room is full of fragrance, the taste of the food is delicious and refreshing, and it is not too greasy to eat.

the two sides of yellow originated in suzhou, once known as the "emperor in the noodles", the price is high. the two-faced yellow method is also very particular. remember to turn over before eating, so that you can eat the best condition of “outer crispy and tender”. a bowl of noodles with a bowl of egg soup, a dish of oil, come up, drink soup, then fish noodles, will definitely make you feel good.


qingtuan is a traditional snack in the jiangnan area. it is cyan, mixed with wormwood juice into glutinous rice flour, and then wrapped into bean paste or lotus root. it is not sweet or greasy, with a light but long grassy aroma.

shanghai people must eat eight treasure rice for the new year. the recipes in different places are similar. shanghai comes standard with glutinous rice, sweet-scented osmanthus, red dates, glutinous rice, lotus seeds, longan and other fruit. it is seasoned with sugar and oil. after steaming, it is topped with sugar marinade. the taste is sweet and the meaning is perfect.

in 1994, founder yang lipeng opened a fried restaurant on wujiang road - xiao yang sheng jian, because the word-of-mouth spread quickly became popular. as a speciality shop in shanghai, it has developed several chain stores. the main characteristic of xiao yang sheng jian is that it is big, the skin is like baked, crispy and crispy, and with a slightly sweet meat filling, you can make a good snack to enjoy. however, because it does not have the traditional shanghai fried, the soup is moderate, the meat is firm and delicious, the outer skin is soft and elastic, and the bottom is crispy. it is ridiculed by diners who have been insisting on the pursuit of the traditional taste of shanghai. the speed of serving is very fast, so it won't wait a long time. many tourists coming to shanghai will come and taste it. (shanghai says the steamed buns are steamed buns. therefore, the raw fried steamed buns are actually fried buns.)

the pot stick is a han chinese pastry, belonging to the su-style snacks. i am afraid that the pot sticker is a fried cousin, although the shape is completely different, but the production process is similar. if the fried fish is fried meat taro, then the pot is the fried version of the dumplings. in the north, people often fry the leftover dumplings, one is to save, and the other is to eat the different flavors of dumplings. the bottom of the pot should be slightly thinner than the raw frying, the mouth of the dough is more tough, the stuffing inside is not meaty, but the juice is beautiful.

the pot stick is a kind of fried stuffing small food, which is exquisitely made and tastes delicious. most of the pork stuffing is regular, and different fresh vegetables are used according to the season. the shapes of the pot stickers vary from place to place and are generally the shape of dumplings. i am afraid that the pot is a fried cousin, although the shape is completely different, but the production process is similar. if the fried fish is fried meat taro, then the pot is the fried version of the dumplings. the snacks in shanghai can be described as very rich, too numerous, especially in the chenghuang temple. after entering, it is simply dizzying. occupy such a place of interest, the old town 隍 temple fresh meat pot paste is not allowed to be liked by foreign tourists.

crab shell yellow is named for its shape-shaped yellow-colored crab shell. someone used such a verse to praise it. "there is no smell of the cake first, and the entrance merings are coming down." the stuffing of crab shell yellow is salty and sweet. the cake is made of the oily noodles and the yeast noodles are made into a flat round cake, and the cake surface is adhered with a layer of sesame, which is baked on the wall of the furnace and baked. the fillings are salty and sweet, salty with onion oil, fresh meat, crab powder, shrimp, etc., sweet white sugar, rose, bean paste, jujube and so on. because the shape of the cake resembles a crab shell, the color after ripening is as deep as the back of the crab shell, so it is called "crab shell yellow".

open onion noodles is a famous traditional snack in shanghai. it is also one of the famous snacks of the chenghuang temple. at the end of the qing dynasty, it was first created by chen youzhi, a pastry chef at shanghai chenghuang temple. this snack is made with open noodles (ie larger shrimp) and scallion with seasoning. the scallions are delicious and delicious. it is very popular with diners. known as the "scallion and fragrant floating nine-curve bridge", it is characterized by opening onion oil, mixed with noodles, and the mouth is smooth, fresh and fragrant. it is a deep red and yellow onion oil from the hometown of subei, and it is specially made to open the ocean. it is an appetizing and delicious food. it is a snack for all seasons.

nanhui peach, peach, chunhua and xiaguo. its fruit, a view, fine fluff, white red; a sniff, fruity overflowing, sorrowful; a touch, blow bomb can be broken, the peel is falling; summer heat, bite a bit, tender and juicy, the entrance is sweet, refreshing , run into the lungs. nanhui peach and the peaches all over the world are deeply rooted in the world.

chongming laobai liquor is famous for its unique flavor of “full body, rich aroma, sweet entrance and moderate alcoholicity”. it is known as “the famous jiangbei sanqian, the first of the jiangnan”. in 2007, chongming laobai liquor, which has more than 700 years of rich cultural heritage, was officially recognized as a geographical indication protection product by the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine.

chongming old hairy crab, also known as chinese mitten crab, is commonly known as the "old hairy crab" because its two large stalks are full of fine fluff, and the shape has the characteristics of "green back, white belly, golden claws, yellow hair". it is one of the most famous local products in chongming district, shanghai.

fengxian yellow peach fruit is huge, color is golden, attractive and attractive; fruit shape is round, fruit top is flat, meat is soft, sweet and sour, and rich in flavor, fresh flavor is excellent, it is wonderful in peach, fruit in treasures. the main performance is "sweet, large, round, yellow, fragrant", and is suitable for processing cans.