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minjiang chicken is one of the representative projects of chongqing's intangible cultural heritage. the smell of chicken is heavy, and it is fried with pepper, pickled pepper and onion ginger garlic. hot vegetable oil is used to cook red and bright pepper, pink and tender radish, which can remove the smell of chicken and make the vegetables crisp and fresh. incense and spicy people have a great appetite.

spicy chicken is a classic sichuan-style special dish, the earliest originated in the three kingdoms period. spicy chicken is made from chicken, mainly with onion, dried chili, pepper, salt, pepper and other materials. it is rich in nutrients and delicious. although it is the same dish, it is also made in various places, but it is deep. loved by people everywhere. chongqing spicy chicken is the most famous in the geleshan area.

pickled fish is a classic sichuan cuisine from the mountain city of chongqing. it is famous for its unique seasoning and unique cooking techniques. it is also known as “sour soup fish”. it is mainly made up of fresh grass fish and cooked with sichuan kimchi. made, the taste is sour and delicious.

the name of steamed pork has been around for a long time. in the qianlong period, yuan mei (1716-1798), a famous big-selling food in the qianlong period, has a "powdered pork" in his "suiyuan food list". the content is very short, record the full text: steamed pork, mixed with minced meat, fried rice noodles yellow, steamed noodles sauce, under the cabbage as a mat, cooked not only meat, but also beautiful. in order to not see the water, the taste is unique. jiangxi cuisine is also. after the steamed pork entered sichuan, from the “water bowl” of the tianbaba banquet to the various steamed dishes of wanzhou gege, the steamed pork not only stood out from the crowd but also occupied the highland of the food in minutes! soft and fragrant, crisp and refreshing, fat and thin, red and white, tender and not sturdy, rice flour oily, five flavors rich.

wanzhou roast fish originated from the three gorges of the yangtze river. it combines various cooking techniques such as pickling and roasting. it draws on the characteristics of traditional sichuan cuisine and chongqing jianghu cuisine. it is crispy and tender, fresh and mellow, and it is spicy and full of color. the mouth-watering and index finger movements are the typical wanzhou specialties.

the pork is a traditional dish of chinese sichuan cuisine, which is also known as the shabu-shabu. the word "returned meat" appeared at the latest in the "chengdu overview" of xuantong during the qing dynasty. in addition to steamed pork, white, and a few beans, the sichuanese, which is older than the pork, is basically not found. every household in chongqing, sichuan can produce. the characteristics of the pork back is that the taste is unique, the color is red and bright, and the fat is not greasy. the so-called return to the pot is the meaning of cooking again. as a traditional sichuan cuisine, the status of pork in the sichuan cuisine is very important. the sichuan cuisine is often used as the preferred dish. the pork back is always considered to be the first of sichuan cuisine. the incarnation of sichuan cuisine, it is inevitable that sichuan cuisine will be thought of.

chongqing hot pot, also known as maodu hot pot or spicy hot pot, is a traditional chinese way of eating. it originated from the extensive catering method of the shipyards of chongqing jialing river and chaotianmen in the late ming and early qing dynasties. the raw materials are mainly cattle hairy belly and pig yellow throat. , duck intestines, cattle blood wang and so on.

old chongqing people like to eat beancurd. in many memories of the old chongqing, a bowl of fresh and fragrant beans, will continue to warm the stomach of chongqing people throughout the next day. the bean curd in chongqing and sichuan is basically the same. they are mixed with salt oil or green pepper and seasoned with salt. the taste is salty and spicy. the fragrance of the bean flower is in the darkness of the clear. the scent and spicy of the dry oil dish is the bright autumn sun. once the bean flower is wrapped in these bright chili noodles, what kind of beauty will bloom on the tip of the tongue?

maoxuewang is mainly composed of duck blood. it originated from the ciqikou of shapingba district in chongqing and is popular in chongqing and southwest china. it is a famous traditional dish. the blood will be eaten hot and eaten, and the hairy belly is the main ingredient. the blood is strong and the taste is heavy. it is also a strong spicy taste in sichuan cuisine. but chongqing people love this spicy taste! the bloody ducks are fresh and tender, and the more they cook, the more tender they are.

the boiled fish is a hot pot fish. it is a favorite of the rivers and lakes that the drivers love. it is made from raw materials. only the big fish is selected. the pieces are made into a large piece of fish fillet. a circle of people is surrounded by a pot of red soup, and the wine is fished. order a small dish of tofu, so dripping. rolling oil, live fish, strong aroma, spicy taste, crispy and tender fish, and mellow taste are the characteristics of boiled fish. "hemp on the head, spicy and enjoyable" is the best evaluation of boiled fish!

stupid face features: smooth sliding teeth, spicy back to sweet, spicy and harmonious, fresh taste. featured products: signature beef noodles, home pork noodles, miso noodles, glutinous noodles, spicy noodles.

"jiuyuan baozi" originated in the 1931 period of the republic of china in chongqing. it enjoys the "jiuyuan buns" with the honor of chinese famous snacks, chongqing old name, chongqing intangible cultural heritage, china's top ten steamed buns and chinese special buns. brand building and product appeal.

chongqing ma yuan. large, crisp, golden color, a layer of sesame is tightly set on the leather surface, the taste is sweet and soft, sticky and not sticky.

it is one of the favorite snacks of chongqing people to mention the dandan noodles. its production skills have been passed down for more than 170 years. the reason why the dandan noodles was called the dan dan was because the earliest period was to pick up the burden and walk around the street to sell. these dandan noodles merchants stuffed the items needed to open the noodle restaurant into a special burden: one side is a pot, a stove, and coal; on the other side, noodles, seasonings, tableware, and other miscellaneous the rope cover, go away, stop and stop, it is very convenient.

the chicken noodle is a classic sichuan dish, the chicken is a chicken leg pork, with a refreshing cucumber silk, multi-flavored, fresh and refreshing.

tofu brain is a famous chinese traditional snack. it is tofu flower and bean flower. according to different local tastes, there are also regions like sichuan and other spicy flavors.

the dragon's hand-skin is thin and tender, smooth and delicious, and the soup is white and white. it is the leader of rongcheng snacks.

the so-called "good fortune" is one of the "three good and the best". according to reports, "three good and good" is divided into "yishan tang", "huishanbao" and "yangshan noodles". it was founded in 1940 by the patriotic industrialist lu zuofu. the restaurant is also used by meng zuo. then the name of the world is good. the good package is a sauce, a hand-made and a noodle. the fillings are sauce, horseshoe and ham. the noodles are traditional water, ham and chicken soup; the ingredients of the soup are seafood, eggs, vinegar and pepper.

chicken sauce pot stickers are famous for chongqing cuisine. because the stuffing is made with chicken sauce, it is named. this snack is made of hot dough and made of pork stuffed with chicken sauce. it is made into dumplings and cooked in a pot. the main feature is crispy and tender, and the taste is delicious. moreover, it has the functions of nourishing the heart and tonifying the kidney, strengthening the spleen and thickening the intestines

chicken sauce is a famous sichuan cuisine. unlike many dishes in sichuan cuisine, chicken sauce has no spicy taste, but it is delicious. the chewy and golden crispy dough, delicious meat fillings, and mellow chicken juice, this unique taste is naturally loved by sichuan and chongqing people. wu chuang's chicken sauce pot stick is as famous as his family's copying hand! every time i go to his home, it is a pottery sticker, standard! their home will be sold after 2 pm! the pot is branded golden and golden, and it is very hot after being fried. the bite of soup is overflowing!

fengjie navel orange, bright orange red and large fruit, smooth and delicate skin reveals golden luster, crisp and fleshy entrance and slag, called the king of navel orange. it has long sunshine in the three gorges valley, close to the slope inversion layer under the snow line, moderate air relative humidity that is difficult to buy, and land with potassium and selenium. it benefits from the unique natural climatic conditions. the shape of the fruit shape is correct, the color is orange and red, and the unique flavor of “nutrition rich, moderate sweet and sour, crisp and tender slag, and orange scent” is well-known in china and abroad and is loved by the world.